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Integration capabilities

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Integration capabilities

The Integration Capabilities framework provides a consistent architecture to support interoperability with third-party integrations. This abstracted interface and data model insulates integrations from changes to the core application and ensures a consistent experience for similar types of integrations.

Each integration capability persists in the Integration Capability table (sn_sec_cmn_integration_capability). Integration capability workflows cannot be executed alone, and require the launch of an implementation workflow. Any plugin that provides an implementation of the capability adds their implementation to the child table: Integration Capability Implementation (sn_sec_cmn_integration_capability_implementation).

The implementation specifies the workflow to be executed, the related integration (plugin id), and the capability it implements. These workflows can be executed in parallel using the parallel workflow launcher; however, sequential execution is the default in the base system. You can change the order of execution, if needed.

Note: If no implementations are available, capability actions are not displayed in product menus.

The base system includes the following capabilities: