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Madrid security and notable fixes

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Madrid security and notable fixes

The Madrid Early Availability release contains important problem fixes.

Madrid was released on January 24, 2019.
Build date: 01-17-2019_1433
Build tag: glide-madrid-12-18-2018__patch0-01-08-2019
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Madrid.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Madrid fixed problems, see KB0721455.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP. The following products are not approved for FedRAMP in Madrid: Document Viewer, and ServiceNow mobile.

Security-related fixes

Madrid includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Madrid, refer to KB0713586.

Important fixes in Madrid

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Usage Analytics



Table statistics collection from usageanalytics_count_cfg is not working The problem is usually discovered when the instance stops reporting usage counts and can take a while. Symptoms include:
  • The number of entries in the usageanalytics_count_cfg table is too low - less than 100.
  • The number of entries in the usageanalytics_count_cfg table does not match the number of corresponding entries in the parent sys_metadata table.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

List v2



In List v2, related list and embedded list personalizations are not working, and the related list layout is cached against the user role instead of individual user On related lists in List v2, if person A personalizes the related list, person B can see the change. However, if person B tries to reset to default, it does not allow this. In addition, forms and related lists are cached per user role. When user A personalizes the related list on a form, all other users with user A role can see the personalized form.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Instance Automation


The clone reEncryption operation fails After a clone, Safenet is unable to re-encrypt when the table is sys_encryption_context, the column is encryption_key, and the name is "Encrypted Export Attachment" because the field has a read-only sys_policy.

Condition Builder



On translated instances, condition operators in the UI16 report designer are displayed in the incorrect language If multiple languages are enabled, condition operators in report new UI designer are displayed for all users in the incorrect language, regardless of their language settings. The condition operators are displayed in the language used by the first user who logged in and accessed the report designer after an instance restart.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Outbound Messaging



Instance threads can get blocked while sleeping, and schedulers can get overloaded due to RESTMessageV2 and SOAPMessageV2 API issues

While waiting for a result, the APIs will actually sleep() a precious instance thread, blocking that thread from being used by anything else during the waiting time. This blockage causes backlogs and even thread exhaustion in scheduler workers, event processing, and semaphores.

For information on best practices for RESTMessageV2 and SOAPMessageV2, refer to KB0716391.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Clone Issues



Confusing error messages on successful clones Even when a clone is successful, confusing error messages appear on the instance's clone history: "Clone engine from backup has ownership of the clone request" / "Node in charge of the clone is Offline."

This error is not always reproducible but occurs occasionally when a clone is generated.

Forms and Fields



Slushbuckets can get populated with unwanted sys_id's The 'Add/Remove multiple' option does not work for any glide_list field on a form, which populates the field with sys_id's.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



Problems when trying to recreate tables that were deleted via the UI Tables can be deleted through the UI, scripts, and update sets. When a table is deleted through the UI, issues occur (especially for TPP).

Authentication - SSO



The relay state URL encoding causes failures if the query string contains a JavaScript function When using the Multi SSO plugin, if an unauthenticated user makes a request to a URL that contains a JavaScript function as part of the query string, it will not be encoded correctly in the relay state parameter for the subsequent request, which causes an incorrect redirection. The message "Security constraints prevent access to requested page" is displayed.
  1. Set up your instance with the Multi SSO plugin.
  2. Log in using SSO (at least once to allow a cache of the glide_sso_id cookie on your browser).
  3. Log out of the instance.
  4. Open the URL https://<instance_name> @javascript:gs.beginningOfToday()@javascript:gs.endOfToday()

In some cases, you will note the redirection to /, instead of the IdP login page.

Activity Stream



Turning off live forms glide.ui16.live_forms.enabled in Jakarta hides journal fields associated to the activity formatter and activities (filtered) If users turn off live forms and set glide.ui16.live_forms.enabled to false, the comment fields associated to a form's activity formatter are hidden.
  1. In UI16, navigate to Incident > Open.

    Confirm there are journal fields and Work Notes displayed above the Activity Formatter.

  2. Set glide.ui16.live_forms.enabled to false.
  3. Return to the incident form.

    The journal fields do not display.

If you inspect the element, the journal field is set to display: none.

UI Action



Inactive UI actions (i.e. Resolve Incident) with duplicate action name values cause their active counterpart to fail An inactive (active false) UI action with a duplicate Action Name will break the Active UI action. For example, if a user has an inactive UI action with the action name 'resolve_incident', the active Resolve Incident UI action will no longer work.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Catalog


Catalog UI Policy's 'Applies on Requested Items' option doesn't work when setting the variable to 'Not Mandatory'

Audit History



Audit history of CI relationships is only available to admin users Users without the admin role are unable to view CI relationship information in History Sets.
  1. Log in as a user with the admin role.
  2. Access / and create a new record named TestComputer1.
  3. Access / and create a new record named TestComputer2.
  4. In the TestComputer 2 record, click + on the Related Items widget and add a CI Relationship.
  5. In the Suggested relationship types section, select Connects (Child).
  6. In the Configuration Items section, locate and check TestComputer1.
  7. In the Relationships section, click + to add the relationship.
  8. Click Save and Exit to return to the TestComputer2 record.
  9. Access History > List and sort descending by Update number.

    As an admin user, the relationship record is displayed in the History Set.

  10. Repeat these steps as a non-admin user.

The relationship record is not displayed.

The list may contain a message that one or more rows were removed due to security constraints.

MID Server



The MID Server Exclude/Preserve Clone settings are incomplete Since the MID Server-related Exclude/Preserve Clone settings are incomplete, missing and orphaned records are created after a clone. For example, users may see multiple errors: *** Script: [ecc_agent_status] table record missing for MID Server XXXXX

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Condition Builder



If using a dot-walking field of an extended table, the Condition Builder v3 results in 'empty' conditions The new report designer's condition builder shows empty conditions if the report uses dot-walking of an extended table. Fields are shown in the filter and breadcrumb, but not in the listed conditions. Since this has to do with extended tables, first change the property glide.ui.list.allow_extended_fields to true.
  1. Create a report of any type in the new Report Designer.
  2. Set the table to task.
  3. Add a new filter with the change task > close code.
  4. Save the report.
  5. Refresh the page.
  6. Expand the filter.
The filter is empty.

Incident Management



ITIL users with write access to incident fields cannot select them in the template editor The template creation application is only available to users with the admin role. Users with template-specific roles have access to the template-creating forms but have limited access to fields. Roles limited include:
  • template_scheduler
  • template_editor_group
  • template_editor_global
  • template_editor
  1. Log in to your instance with an account that has one of the following roles and not admin:
    • template_scheduler
    • template_editor_group
    • template_editor_global
    • template_editor
  2. Navigate to System Definition > Templates.
  3. Click New.
  4. Fill in the fields and configure table field to [incident].

All the fields on the form are not available.




Unable to see all the incident form fields in the Field Values list in the Set Field Values step Users with the itil and atf_test_admin roles who create an incident via ATF cannot see all the incident form fields in the Field Values list in the Set Field Values step.
  1. Log in as an admin.
  2. If required, activate the Automated Test Framework plugin (com.glide.automated_testing_framework).
  3. Add the itil and atf_test_admin roles to Abel Tuter.
  4. Impersonate Abel Tuter.
  5. Open any incident and check that you can see all the fields.
  6. Navigate to Automated Test Framework > Tests and click New.
  7. Enter the following values:
    • Create a test with the test name as Test1 and save it.
    • Select Add Test Step.
    • Select Form > Open a New Form and select the table name as "incident".
  8. Save the record.
  9. Click Add Test Step and go to Form > Set Field Values.
  10. Open the list for Field Values.

It shows only three or four field names. Users with the itil role expect to see all the fields in the incident form.

Core Platform



Choice lookups for sys_metadata extended tables unnecessarily retrieves entire table hierarchy choices instead of just retrieving the current table's hierarchy

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

HTML Editor


Videos are not uploading as an attachment - TinyMCE upgrade issue

Event Management



The Event Management dashboard and the Service Mapping map are redirected to the home page

When the Chrome browser is upgraded to version 61.0.3163, the Event Management dashboard and the Service Mapping map are redirected to the home page.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Application Navigator & Banner Frame



List v2 on UI16: After using list pagination to navigate past the first page and view a record, using the back button returns to the first page of the list After navigating to a list of records from a module in the application navigator and paginating to any page other than the first page, using the back button from a form after viewing a record from a list will always direct you to the first page of the list instead of any page you had previously paginated to.
  1. Enable UI16.
  2. Use List v2.
  3. Use a list of records module in the application.
  4. Navigate to a list of records, such as Incidents > Open > System & Security > Users and GroupsUsers.
  5. Use the pagination controls to navigate to a page other than the first page of results.
  6. Click a record to open it.
  7. Click the platform back button to return to the list.

Observe it returns to the first page of the original list results.

Usage Analytics



UA App Persistor, UA license download jobs (via the UA App Manager) consume all semaphores causing node to not be accessible When the license downloader and app persistor jobs run at the same time trying to access UI objects, this can possibly result in a deadlock.




When clicking a record in a related or embedded list, the user receives a blank screen if the generated URL is too long

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Activity Stream



When clicking 'Show email details' in an email Activity, the content of the email is opened in a new page rather than in the same activity stream When clicking 'Show email details' in an Email Activity, the email content is opened in the same Activity. If 'Sent/Received Emails' is unchecked and re-checked, when clicking 'Show email details' again, the email content is opened in a new page.
  1. Log in an early Kingston or London instance.
  2. Configure the email and create an Activity in an Incident with Email content.
  3. Open an Incident that contains an Email Activity.
  4. Click Show email details.

    Observe the content is opened within the same Activity.

  5. Uncheck Sent/Received Emails on the Filter.
  6. Check Sent/Received Emails again on the Filter.
  7. Click Show email details.

Observe the content of the email is opened in a new page instead.




Nested reference fields used as display values will display as sys_id's when used as the sort field in a list If a table uses a reference field as a display value, and that referenced field also uses a reference field as a display value, these values will display as sys_ids in a list view when the list is sorted by that field.
  1. Create a table called testtable1.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Create a table.

  2. Create a reference field to cmn_location on testtable1 and set it as the table's display value.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Add a reference field.

  3. Create a few records on testtable1.
  4. Create a table called testtable2.
  5. Create a reference field to testtable1 and set this as the table's display value.
  6. Create a few records on testtable2.
  7. Open a list of testtable2 records and sort by the reference field created on testtable1.

The values display as sys_ids in list view.

Other notable Madrid fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Activity Stream


Discrepancy in display of the checkbox to toggle/switch journal fields (WorkNotes/Comments) "Show All Journal fields" element works correctly. However, the checkbox to toggle the work note/additional comments is not displayed.

Activity Stream



Putting multiple activity streams on the same form causes 'Show Email Details' to break Using the OOB Approval Summarizer for a custom table (or OOB rm_enhancement table) does not allow a user to 'Show email details' in the Activity stream.
  1. Navigate to System Definitions > Tables > sysapproval_approver.
  2. Add the attribute 'email_client=true' and save.
  3. Create a table called Work Order(u_work_order) and make sure it extends the Task table.
  4. Go to
  5. Configure form layout and add the fields 'Number' and 'Approval'.
  6. Configure related lists and add the list 'Approvers'.
  7. Submit the new Work Order.
  8. Go to the work order record and change the approval field to 'Requested'.
  9. In the 'Approvers' related list add 'admin' as an approver.
  10. Click into the admin's approval record.
  11. Click in the 'More options (...)' menu in the form header.
  12. Create and send an email.
  13. Navigate to sys_email and order the emails z to a by 'Created'.
  14. Click into the email record you created.
  15. Change the email type to 'sent' and save.
  16. Go back to the 'sysapproval_approver' record.
  17. Click Show email details for the email in the activity feed.

Expected behavior: Window expands to show email details.

Actual behavior: Nothing happens, no errors in console either If you then configure form layout and remove the 'Approval summarizer' formatter then the 'Show email details' works.

Activity Stream



Reply/Reply All functionality available with the glide.ui16.emailStreamResponseActions property creates an email that does not appear in the activity stream of the source record The omission of sysparm_sys_id appears to cause the instance value in the resultant sys_email record to be missing. This appears to prevent the email from being captured in the record history of the source incident or RITM.
  1. Create the glide.ui16.emailStreamResponseActions system property with type true/false and set it to true.
  2. Import the attached UI macro.
  3. Expand the activity stream entry for email in the incident.

    You might have to send an email to create one.

  4. Click Reply.

Rather than sysparm_sys_id being set to the sys_id of the source record, it is empty.

Activity Stream



The Additional Comments field is populated (if it is mandatory) with the previous comment when the 'Post' button is used
  1. Create a UI Policy with the following data:
    • Table = Incident
    • Application = Global
    • Conditions: State is Resolved
    • UI Policy Actions
      • Field name = comments
      • Mandatory = True
      • Visible = Leave alone
      • Read-only = Leave alone
  2. Open any incident record whose state is not resolved.
  3. Update the field Additional comments (Customer visible) with any string value.
  4. Click Post.

    The activity log will get updated.

  5. Change the State to Resolved and navigate to the Additional comments (Customer visible) field.

The previous value is in the field.

Activity Stream


In UI16, the journal field hint does not appear when hovering over field In UI16, the Hint popup doesn't appear when hovering over Additional comments and Work notes after the record has been saved. Also, right-clicking after saving the record doesn't give the context menu for those labels but rather the normal browser menu. This behavior works as expected in UI15.




URIs with un-encoded non-ASCII characters rejected with 400 response code in London Any URI that contains un-encoded non-ACII characters rejected with 400 response code in London. Some browsers, like non-ENU Windows 10 running non-ENU Internet Explorer 11, do not auto-encode URI's, and users on this configuration can be impacted.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




Loading a sysapproval_approval form generates the JavaScript console error "Uncaught SyntaxError" due to "&&" in element_date_time.js The 'Uncaught SyntaxError' occurs when loading sysapproval_approver records due to "&&" in a static platform. The .js file is being converted to "&&" in the browser.
  1. Clear the browser cache.
  2. Clear the instance cache.
  3. Open the browser's console.
  4. Navigate to sysapproval_approver.list.
  5. Open any existing record.

Observe the following error in the browser console: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token;

Asset Management


Fix the run_as user issue for PA jobs The PA jobs fail to run and an error 'Run_as user does not exist' is displayed.

Asset Management


Problems with cmdb_model_category All model categories are missing.

Asynchronous Message Bus


Unable to connect to instances with AMB when the 'Web service access only' flag is set for user When a MID Server tries to connect as a user with the 'Web service access only' flag set, AMB fails to connect with the error message, "Unable to subscribe to AMB channel: /mid/server/". The node log shows "User mid.rrj is not allowed to access the given processor: no thrown error".
  1. Create a MID Server pointed at an instance.
  2. Configure a user on the instance with the Web service access only flag set.
The MID Server agent log gets an error: 'Unable to subscribe to AMB channel: /mid/server/'



High memory usage for SAML guest sessions One instance of org.apache.catalina.session. StandardSession occupies more memory, causing semaphore exhaustion.
  1. Set up the SAML authentication.
  2. Try to log in in a loop with and without using the same JSession ID.
  3. Create around 3000 guest sessions, or reuse the same session ID and try to log in a few thousand times without entering credentials.

On a few instances, the memory usage was high.



Issue with SSO authentication post-Istanbul upgrade for MultiSSO update sets

Change Management


The CAB Workbench displays incorrect date/time values for planned start and end dates When setting the timezone for a CAB meeting to Eastern, the planned start and end date for the change requests differ from the change request record and the CAB workbench meeting's listed dates.

Change Management



Cannot create Standard Changes via the catalog on Service Portal Standard changes cannot be created through the Service Portal. The catalog on Service Portal does not treat standard changes in the same way the catalog handles those in the normal UI.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




api/now/connect/conversations/ {conversation_id} will do an incorrect query for chat_queue_entry where group=null if a member is inactive This can cause performance issues for customers who came from legacy chat and have a high number of chat_queue_entry records without a group.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




On domain-separated instances, live profile records are created with the sys_id in the name field Instead of user names, sys IDs are shown on Connect chat and mini windows.
  1. Ensure that the Domain Separation and Connect plugins are active.
  2. Go to sys_user.list and include the Domain column in the list.
  3. Set a domain of two users to different sub-domain.

    For example, using the demo data, set ITIL user to TOP/MSP and set Fred Luddy to TOP/ACME.

  4. Pick a record which was created by user 'ITIL User', for example, INC0000052.
  5. Impersonate Fred Luddy.
  6. Try to view INC0000052 from the Service Portal. You can modify this link to see the incident: https://<instance name><sys id of incident INC0000052>&view=sp&id=ticket&table=incident
  7. Check the live_profile record for the recently created records.

The live profile record for 'ITIL user' is correctly created with the domain TOP/ACME but the name field shows the sys_id of the user record rather than the user name.

Because the sys_id in the name field of live_profile record, when that user participates in a Chat conversation, the sys_id is displayed instead of the user's name.




Desktop notifications are not getting triggered when you do not click to minimize the browser and work in a different application

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




In Connect Support, if an end user closes a chat by closing the window, the session never times out In Connect Chat, if an end user initiates a chat but closes the chat window, the chat will remain in the agent queue until an agent picks it up. Because the agent will pick up the chat even though the end user has already closed out the window, inaccurate data on reports show chats that were abandoned by the end user.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




Connect Support chat sessions which continue after incident creation result in emails sent for each subsequent connect message If you create an incident from Connect Support but continue the chat activity with the end user, an email will be generated for each chat update. These emails are not needed, since the user is already aware of the chat content.
  1. Initiate a Connect Support chat queue session with a user.
  2. Create an incident from the Connect chat session.
  3. Continue chatting back and forth within the Connect session.
  4. Review the email log.

Each message creates an incident.commented email. Connect chat should allow for decoupling of those messages. This could, for example, be handled by submitting a different event instead of incident.commented to allow email messages to be excluded for continued chat activity.




Chat queue records no longer have an Assignment Group on record In versions prior to Geneva, Chat used to generate an entry for the Assignment Group on the table chat_queue_entry while using the Service Desk Chat. However, Chat does not generate the Assignment Group entry.
  1. Install the following plugins:
    • Connect V1.0.0
    • Connect Support V1.0.0
    • Chat V1.3.0
  2. In a Chrome or IE browser window, go to the following link:

    <instance name>/$

  3. In the Service Desk Chat, type something like 'Need Help'.
  4. On a different browser (Firefox), impersonate David Loo, a member of the Service Desk Chat.
  5. Click Accept to accept the Chat.
  6. On Chrome, go to the following table:

    <instance name>/

  7. Add the column Assignment group.

This field is not populated.

Condition Builder



In the new reporting UI and List v3, there is a time format discrepancy on the Report filter condition builder The time format for the Filter breadcrumbs and the time selected on the filter condition builder is shown in 24h format, while the applied filter shows the time in 12h format.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Condition Builder



List v2 filters with time operands appear in the correct language in the filter breadcrumb but not in the condition builder drop-down

Filters used on v2 lists and filters made on reports work and show the expected result only within the same language used to create or to edit that filter.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Condition Builder


Unable to save risk conditions When saving a risk condition with a relative operator, after the record is saved, the UI context menu is unavailable for this record. Using the UI action update will also fail to save the record.

Condition Builder



If there are multiple filters from the same table added to a homepage or dashboard, the record count in all the filter reports is the same as the report added to the top of the page Incorrect record counts are shown in all but the filter at the top. Additionally, if you try to sort any column on any filter but the first one, the sorting gets applied to the one at the top. The focus also jumps up on the first report.
  1. Navigate to a homepage and click Add Content.
  2. Add a Filter from any table, Incident, for example.
  3. Add another filter with different conditions from the same table on the homepage.

    Notice that the record count on both the filters shows up to be the same as the report on top of the page.

  4. Try to sort any column on the filter at the bottom.

The screen control jumps up to the first filter and that is sorted. Similar behavior can be noticed when using dashboards.

Condition Builder



No records are displayed in lists or reports when the filter contains multiple Keywords operands
  1. Access
  2. Perform the search: Keywords are software.

    Approximately 12 records are returned.

  3. Perform the search: Keywords are hardware.

    Approximately 14 records are returned.

  4. Perform the search: Keywords are software OR Keywords are hardware.

    No records are returned.

  5. Group the empty result by the number field.

No records are displayed, but there are 26 matches.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Semaphore exhaustion can occur during a large import of CI data

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Affected CI notification business rule causes low memory on the instance Affected CI notification business rule jobs take a long time to execute. Memory is low on 2 nodes of the instance, making the instance unavailable to users.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The CMDB Baseline Diff formatter has no limit on how many changes are displayed on the form, causing the CI form to either fail to load or be too long

The CMDB Baseline Diff formatter has no maximum limit for the number of changes that will be listed, causing the rendering of the form to time out, or if it loads then the form is unusable due to the size.

Once you upgrade to a release version with the fix for this PRB, the new default for the number of changes to be displayed on any CI form is limited to 10 (max). To modify this value, create the system property com.cmdb.baseline.max_changes.

Core Platform



The Document Viewer plugin is not working

The Document Viewer plugin was published in the Kingston release notes as a new feature, and there is public documentation on how to get it to work. However, the plugin is in the development stage, and customers don't have access to activate it.

Starting in the Madrid release, the Document Viewer plugin will be available for customers to use and install.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Core Platform



Field normalization 'Coalesce to normal' jobs stuck in 'Running' state after logging error: "Error while processing job: java.lang.RuntimeException: Current thread is already running rollback tracking" Starting from Kingston Patch 4+ and Jakarta Patch 9+, coalesce jobs are getting stuck in Running. Field Normalization configuration fails to coalesce to a single reference.
  1. Create five records in location table as follows (with name as Location1, Location2, Location3, Location4, Location5).
  2. Create one more record with name as LocationCentral in location table.

    Note that there are six records on location table.

  3. Go to Normalization and create a normalization called Location Name Normalization.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Normalization Data Services.

  4. Set the following properties:
    • Table: cmn_location
    • Field: Name
    • Coalesce each normal: Checked
  5. Save the records. Do not click Collect Pending Values in related links.
  6. To create a new entry, navigate to Normalized Value > New. Provide the following values for it, and save it.
    • Value: Test
    • Coalesce to: LocationCentral
  7. In the Alias tab on the form that appears, click Aliases under related links and add all the values created earlier (Location1 through Location5).
  8. Go back to Normalization. Activate and run the jobs.
  9. After a while, check the locations.

Note that location1 through location5 are normalized to LocationCentral, but you see all six records. The expectation is to have one single record because Coalesce was selected. If you go to the data jobs, note that all of these records are stuck in Running.

Core Platform


When attaching Microsoft files, 'Too many open files' errors occur (file descriptor leak) Attaching Microsoft documents (doc, docx, ppt, pptx, etc.) results in a file descriptor leak and 'Too many open files' exceptions.

Core Platform



Attachment file extension names are truncated if they exceed the max length of the attachment name field

The attachment file extension is removed from the file name if the attachment file name is longer than what is defined for the sys_attachment > column name 'file_name' attribute: Max length.

In addition, on the Manage attachment screen, the attachment icon may not display the file type correctly (for example, Outlook file type). This makes it hard to identify the type of attachment when the file extension is also removed due to the length of the file name.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




Saving a form with a currency field results in the currency field getting multiplied by 100 Even if a user doesn't make changes to a currency field on a form, saving the record results in the currency value getting multiplied by 100. This issue occurs when a user's language is set to English and their country is set to US.
  1. Create a Currency field on the incident table called Test Currency.
  2. Open two browser sessions (for example, Chrome and Chrome incognito).
  3. In session 1 log in as System Administrator user and be sure his System Settings have the language set to English.
  4. In session 1, open INC0000015.
  5. In session 2 log in as the ITIL user and make sure the user's System Settings have the language set to Spanish.
  6. In session 2, open the same incident (INC0000015).
  7. In session 1, set the Test Currency field value to a number between 1 and 999 and save the form.

    Notice in session 2 that the Test Currency field is marked as updated.

  8. In session 2, update the title and save the record.

    Notice in session 2 that the Test Currency field is updated and multiplied by 100.

    Notice in session 1 that the Test Currency field is updated and multiplied by 100.

  9. In session 2 Set the Test Currency field value to a number between 1 and 999 and save the form.

    Notice in session 1 that the Test Currency field is updated.

  10. In session 1, update the title and save the record.

Notice in session 2 that the Test Currency field is updated and multiplied by 100.

Notice in session 1 that the Test Currency field is updated and multiplied by 100.

Dashboards and Home Pages



Report errors occur when the URL length reaches the max value An error occurs when you try to access Reports through the Add Content button on the homepage.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Dashboards and Home Pages


Dashboards and homepages do not refresh reports automatically when the interactive filter value is changed When a report and interactive filter exist in a scoped application and glide.cms.enable.responsive_grid_layout is set to false, the interactive filter only refreshes the report in edit mode. However, the interactive filter does not work when viewing the dashboard.

Dashboards and Home Pages



Tags not appearing on homepage The Labels content block on a homepage does not pull in the label.
  1. Create a list report with the field sys_tags added to the report as the third column.
  2. Save the report and title it My report.
  3. Navigate to Homepages > Add Content.
  4. Go to Reports, find your report, and add it to the Homepage.

Note that the Tag column is missing.

Dependency Views (BSM Map)



Dependency View Map (BSM Map) hides relationships with Active CIs if the CI is set discovery_source=Duplicate, and no relationships are shown if the map is for that CI

Even if a CI is active and in use as a key part of the map, the Dependency View Map (BSM Map) hides relationships where the parent/child CI is set discovery_source=Duplicate.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



Workflows can fail immediately Long running commands run for a long time, polling every 30 seconds. Currently, if any one of these polling commands fails, the failure is reflected to the workflow which kills it, and the long runner sensor has no say in the matter as the probe response gets routed straight to the regular sensor processor.



Shazzam's final sensor job can run a node out of memory by holding all results in an array Shazzam's final sensor job can run a node out of memory by holding all results from the discovery schedule in memory at once. The sensor has no limit check for how many results it will end up adding to an array in the instance node memory.




NetApp provider does not support querying SVMs Users are unable to discover NetApp servers after an upgrade to Kingston.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




Discovery creates duplicate models after enabling the Normalization Data Services plugin After activating the Normalization Data Services plugin, the models are duplicated because Discovery keeps creating models in each run instead of updating the existing one.
  1. Activate the Normalization Data Services plugin.
  2. Make sure that the properties are set to true.
    • glide.cmdb.canonical.discovery.enabled is supposed to allow discovery to make use of MakeAndModel normalization.
    • glide.cmdb.canonical.always_run runs at the business rule level and is intended to allow imports to be normalized.
  3. Run discovery on any device.

After completing the discovery, duplicate models are created in the cmdb_model table.



Duplicate Discovery jobs running after an upgrade to London Duplicate Discovery schedules are triggered and schedulers are overloaded.



Issues with wildcard masks Dest_ip_network in the exit router interface table are parsed incorrectly, causing invalid Layer 3 relationships.



Horizontal discovery sensor - Parallel payload processing should be provided after split The parallel payload processing should be provided in case there are multiple payload discoveries.



Probe cache_results causes Windows - Installed Software to not update software installations for a CI if they have been manually changed or deleted The probe cache_results is enabled OOB for Windows - Installed Software probe. When enabled for a probe, the instance processes the results from a probe and then create a key-value record in discovery_probe_results_cache table. What this does is if the payload has not changed from the last time Discovery has run, the MID Server will not send the payload and will only send 'processed' and then not run the sensor. This causes discovery to not populate software installations for a CI unless a new software is installed on the CI, in which case the probe will bring back the payload and the hash key updated.




Quick Messages are not applied to email clients if the body field is defined as a type String
  1. On the Quick Message table (sys_email_canned_message), modify the dictionary record for the field Body to be the type String.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Quick messages.

  2. Create a quick message with some text in the body.
  3. Navigate to an incident and open the Email client.
  4. Apply the newly created quick message.

Note that the quick message selected is not being applied to the Email client body.




TinyMCE Insert Image functionality is unusable to non-admin users within the email client

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



Attachments received by an inbound email of type .msg or .eml are automatically renamed to "message.msg" or "message.eml"

Event Management



During upgrades from Kingston to London, if the Event Management Plugin is activated, there can be skipped errors related to sys_hub_action_type_definition files.

Run upgrade from Kingston to London with the Event Management plugin activated.



Business rule condition does not evaluate catalog item variables correctly When one condition is always true, the business rule evaluates to 'true', even when the condition is ANDed with another condition. In addition, if the condition only includes a reference to a variable, then it always evaluates to 'false', as if it can't read the actual value of the variable.

Financial Management



Receiving a blank screen after clicking the Demand Budget UI action Receiving a blank screen after clicking the Demand Budget UI action. The same behaviour occurs with the UI actions Portfolio Target in Portfolio and Project Budget in Project.
  1. Activate the Project Portfolio with Financials plugin.
  2. Navigate to a Demand record.
  3. Click the Demand Budget UI Action on the Demand form.
  4. Fill in the requested information on the budget pop-up dialog and submit it.

Expected behavior: The Demand form reloads with the updated budget values.

Actual behavior: After submitting the budget pop-up info, the screen is blanked and the demand budget is not updated.

Forms and Fields



Update Selected/Update All does not work if a formatter named 'Checklist' is present in default form view
  1. Open any one of the sc_task records and make sure that the Checklist formatter is not on the form.
  2. Go to the list view of sc_task records and select multiple records to be updated.
  3. Right-click the column name and select Update Selected from the context menu.
  4. Try selecting a value for the reference fields like Assignment group.

    Note that the lookup icon to select works correctly.

  5. Open one of the sc_task records. Right-click in the former header and choose Configure > Form Layout.
  6. Add the Checklist formatter to the form.
  7. Repeat the previous process and try updating multiple records.

Note that none of the reference lookups work and an error appears in the logs. You are not able to select a value for the reference field to update the records.

Forms and Fields


The error message that informs users that a field value is mandatory displays repeatedly on the form instead of just once In Jakarta, validation errors are displayed for mandatory fields as an information message on the form. In previous releases, these messages were displayed as popup errors. However, these messages are shown repeatedly each time the form is submitted without the mandatory field data being entered. Instead, the system should display the same message only once - when the user submits the form without entering the mandatory field data.
  1. Open up any Incident record.
  2. Clear the Short description.
  3. Click Update repeatedly.

Forms and Fields



Activity formatter on Knowledge article is not displaying correctly If you add 'Activities (filtered)' to a new section within the Knowledge form, the Activity Journal information is not aligned correctly in the UI, and the Activity Formatter button is obscured.
  1. Go to a Knowledge Article record.
  2. Configure Form.
  3. Create a section and add Activities (filtered).

The Activity Formatter button is half obscured by the journal field.

Forms and Fields



'Maximum emails exceeded' messages are shown after navigating away from the relevant record If a record contains more emails than the max_entries limit set to the Activity Formatter, users will see a 'Maximum emails exceeded' message. If users stay on the record for a period of time, and navigate away, they will see a duplicate 'Maximum emails exceeded' message.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Forms and Fields



Read-only reference fields containing '&' in their display value show as &amp when glide.ui.escape_text is false When the system property glide.ui.escape_text is set to false, reference fields with & in their display value show as &amp for read-only fields made through sys_dictionary or ACL.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Forms and Fields


The task_time_worked table is no longer updated when a read-only UI policy is applied to the time_worked field on a form

Forms and Fields



Document ID type fields still support on hover functionality on reference icon and flickers continuously The ability to hover to view reference pop-up text is not available beginning with Kingston, but document ID type fields still show the text. Additionally, they flicker continuously and call the pop-up function in the backend multiple times.
  1. Navigate to System Definition > Tables and go to the sysapproval_approver table.
  2. Open any record.
  3. Hover over the info icon on the Approving field.

Forms and Fields



In IE11, read-only choice lists contain a selectable downward arrow
  1. Open an incident form in Internet Explorer 11.
  2. Make one of the choice fields read only, for example, the Impact field.
  3. Run g_form.setReadOnly('impact','true'); on your browser console on

Note that there is a drop-down downward arrow, as shown in the following screenshot.

Forms and Fields



Multiple attachments are created when you drag and drop files to any forms after clicking click through popup ('i' icon for reference records) The attachment creation seems proportional to the number of times you have clicked the popup icon.
  1. Make sure List V2 is active and the system property glide.ui.clickthrough.popup is set to true.
  2. Go to any form where you can attach documents (for example, the incident form).
  3. Click on the 'I' icon (clickthrough popup) to open the reference item in a new window and close the window.
  4. Drag and drop any file from the local machine to the form to attach the file.

Note that multiple copies of the attachment are created. The number of attachments is directly proportional to the number of times you clicked the Clickthrough Popup icon.

Forms and Fields



Clickthrough popup ('I' icon) is inconsistent with standard reference icon behavior
  1. Ensure that List v3 is not enabled.
  2. Set the glide.ui.clickthrough.popup system property to true.
  3. Go to a record with a reference field, for example, a problem form.
  4. Hover over the 'I' icon.

Although nothing should happen unless you click the icon, the preview pop-up window is triggered on hover and sometimes stays open even after the cursor is moved.

Forms and Fields



Scripted UI policies no longer work on Service Portal or mobile in London if 'Isolate Script' is true or for scoped apps
  1. Create a scripted UI policy for any table. Ensure it will run on mobile or Service Portal.
  2. Open the form for that table in Service Portal.

Notice that there are JavaScript errors, and the script was not properly escaped.

Forms and Fields



Reference field in CMS after Kingston upgrade does not display the popup preview when hovering over the 'i' info icon In the CMS/ESS portal, when clicking any reference icon in the form, the pop-up displays for a brief moment and disappears immediately.
  1. As an admin, navigate to /ess/
  2. Open INC0000005.
  3. To view the referenced user record, click the reference icon for Caller or any other reference field.

The popup for the reference icon displays very briefly, then it disappears.

Forms and Fields



During an upgrade to London, forms can be broken The fix for this PRB adds a new table, added in London, to an upgrade script, which allows the upgrade to take place without errors around the new table.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Forms and Fields



Reference fields set as dependent do not limit results if the field they depend on is not present in the form layout

When a reference field is dependent on another field, results are not being limited as expected when populating the field. This issue occurs if the field it is dependent on is not present in the form layout.

Results work as expected when editing a dependent reference field in a list, but not when editing the field on the form.

  1. Log in as an admin on any instance.
  2. Open any incident record and make sure Company is on the form.
  3. Right click Watchlist > Configure Dictionary > Check [Use dependent field] > Select Company as dependent field > Save.
  4. Navigate back to incident form in Default view and make sure Company field is populated with a value.
  5. Click the Watchlist field and do a lookup.

    You can only see users under the specified company.

  6. Right click the incident form > Configure > Form layout > Remove Company from the view.
  7. Navigate back to incident form in Default view and click the Watchlist field and do a lookup.

    You can see all the users.

  8. Navigate back to incident form in Default view and change the view to Self-service.
  9. Click the Watchlist field and perform a lookup.

    You can see all the users.

  10. Right click the incident form > Configure > Form layout > Add Company to the Self service view.
  11. Navigate back to incident form in Self service view, click the Watchlist field and perform a lookup.

You can only see users under the specified company.

Forms and Fields



Japanese text becomes corrupted in the approval page On translated instances using Japanese, there is a GlidePopUp issue that affects the reference fields preview popup. For example, consider a user who writes a knowledge article in Japanese and submits the article for approval. In the approval page, Japanese text that was written in the article body appears as corrupted characters, and they do not show up properly.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Forms and Fields



The UI property glide.ui.scroll_to_message_field does not work properly with void showFieldMsg (input, message, type, [scrollForm]) The scroll down feature is expected to work with the error message. The glide.ui.scroll_to_message_field property determines whether the form scrolls down to a field when an error message is displayed below it. Journal fields associated with the activity stream are a little different than most other fields because there can be multiple fields but only one displayed at a time, with a toggle available to switch between the different fields. The property does not work for these fields.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Forms and Fields


Using the Form Layout tool and changing the view after saving causes form sections to be deleted

Forms and Fields


Images cannot be replaced, previewed, resized, or updated properly The Insert/Modify dialog is used by TinyMCE and wiki text fields. The dialog does not replace, preview, resize, or update images properly; and console errors are generated when updating an existing image from TinyMCE.

Google Maps



Location Map error - "This page can't load Google Maps correctly" An error appears when loading the Location Map (/ "This page can't load Google Maps correctly."

Open a form that displays Google maps, for example, Critical Incidents.

Notice the error is shown.

Guided Tours



Trying to create guided tours on the Service Portal fails with the error message "gtd_portal_title should ends with delimiter ;"

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

HTML Editor



In the Edge browser, users cannot paste text from Microsoft Office products into the TinyMCE HTML editor
  1. Using the Edge browser on Windows 10, navigate to /
  2. Copy any text from OneNote (any MS Office product will produce the same result).
  3. Paste the copied text into the TinyMCE field.

The text is not pasted into the field.

Knowledge Management



The knowledge advanced search defaulting to the incorrect knowledge base After an upgrade to London, the knowledge search feature on incidents defaults to a particular knowledge base, which used to default to "all".

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




Suggestion field [] drops filter conditions when sorting by Label, and all choice fields are returned

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




The system property glide.ui.list_edit.show_calendar_only is ignored in Jakarta Setting glide.ui.list_edit.show_calendar_only to true or false should alter the Date Picker format accordingly. However, this does not work in Jakarta.
  1. Navigate to a list or form that has a date field on it. Invoke the Date Picker to see what it looks like.
  2. Change the setting of the glide.ui.list_edit.show_calendar_only to the opposite setting.
  3. Clear the cache by going to /, and then log out and log in again.
  4. Go back to the list/form and check the date picker on the same field.

Note that the it has not changed and the default format displays regardless of the system property setting.




On touchscreen laptops, double scrollbar appear on the form In Windows 10 touchscreen laptops on Chrome, a double vertical scrollbar appears on forms.
  1. On a Windows 10 touchscreen laptop, use the Chrome browser to navigate to any list, for example, navigate to Incident > All .
  2. Open any record.

Note that the screen shows double vertical scrollbars.




Dot-walked extended fields do not show in a list report on Task tables Any dot-walked fields from extended task tables do not display in a list report after a Jakarta upgrade. Columns, such as Requested For on sc_request, and their field content, do not show on the List report.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




Translated fields on the sc_cat_item list are displayed in English when the sort is changed in the previous language When viewing a list of sc_cat_item records after changing your language, some of the translated fields are not translated. Editing the field or resorting the list shows the correct language.
  1. Install a language plugin (such as French), and activate the Internationalization I18N plugin.
  2. Navigate to sc_req_item.list.
  3. Personalize the columns so the Name, Short description, and Description fields are shown.
  4. Change your language to French, which should refresh the page.

    Note that the short descriptions and descriptions in everything but the top row are still in English.

  5. If they are not in English, change back to English and sort the columns by name and then by name again.
  6. Change back to French again and see whether the Description and Short Description are not translated.

MID Server



MID Server installation ZIP files can be corrupted when downloading via the instance In a new London instance, or an upgraded instance that has had the property set to true, the MID Server Install and Upgrade ZIP files are downloaded through the instance. Sometimes, that attachment can be corrupted.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



If no Mobile homepage is active, the Mobile browser will not load the Mobile UI The issue does not exist in the native mobile apps, and the Favorites page will be the main landing page if there are no active Mobile homepages.



Twilio/Notify time delay of 5 seconds when using the activity 'Say' Issues occur when users use the Notify plugin to start conference calls and put the "Say" activity on the first position in their workflow. When the user answers the call, it takes 4 - 6 seconds until the text from the "Say" activity is read out.
  1. Connect a Twilio account to your instance.
  2. Place a 'Say'-activity on the first position of the workflow.
  3. Start a conference call.
  4. Pick up the call and wait until the text from the 'Say'-activity is read out.

On-call Scheduling


A user with appropriate access is not able to view or search their own schedules in the 'On-call Schedules' module The On-Call Schedules tile does not populate any data as all the schedules need to be loaded in the "All on-call schedules" tab. In addition, the All On-Call Schedules tile does not show any groups or schedules when a name is typed into the filter.

Outbound Messaging


Outbound REST method is returning "The request failed: handshake alert: unrecognized_name" after Kingston upgrade The outbound REST method also sends server_name in requests, whereas in Jakarta, there is no server_name in requests.



If cmdb_ci is not extending cmdb, Discovery should get the child and extension tables from 'cmdb_ci' and not 'cmdb' When the 'create relationship/reference step' is leveraged in a pattern, the product checks if the parent and child tables satisfy certain conditions. One of the conditions is whether the tables are part of list returned from calling getCITypes(). For some users, the root is 'cmdb_ci' and not 'cmdb'. However, 'cmdb' is queried for the child and extension tables, which causes patterns to fail.

Performance Analytics


An unexpected alter is triggered during the upgrade on the pa_scores table An unexpected alter is triggered on the pa_scores table during the upgrade to Kingston or Jakarta due to the table size.




Source control operations fail when an application had rows in a table extending sys_metadata that was subsequently deleted If a scoped application contains a record in a table extending sys_metadata, and that table is deleted, source control operations will fail for that app until the corrupt sys_metadata record(s) for the former table is removed. Even then, the local repository will be left in a bad state.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



Changing the column type with an update set commit does not change the column type in the database when there is no data in the related table When committing an update set which includes a column type change (for example, Integer to Decimal or Integer to String or Reference to String or Date/Time to Date), the change is recorded at the sys_dictionary level. However, the type in the database is not changed even though there is no data in the related table.




Importing a scoped app deletes/changes a task table field If an update set is committed with a 'delete' update for a field on the child table and the field on the target instance is defined on the parent table, it is dropped from the parent table.
  1. Create a scoped application.
  2. Create a standalone scoped table with a column named 'number'.

    Scoped fields do not get a 'u_' prefix, so on the database/dictionary/storage alias level, the field name can match an OOB field name.

  3. Delete the standalone scoped table.
  4. Create the same table again, and extends tasks.
  5. Open the application record and publish it to an update set.

    The update set contains delete updates for the table and the number field.

  6. Import the update set on the target instance and preview it.

    The update set contains an insert and delete updates for the same table (which will be created in a task hierarchy) and a delete update for the number field.

  7. Commit the update set.
  8. Open the task.number dictionary record.

    The record is broken and no label is shown.

Confirm there is no task.number field on lists and forms of task tables.




Transaction logger throws a Unique Key violation for REST requests that delete from tables where deletes are audited LogTransactionMonitor will attempt to log REST transactions (even though they have already been logged) if the transaction deletes a record in a table where deletes are audited.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



Reglomming isn't allowing unique indexes to be created on shared columns In TPP (CMDB) or TPH (TASK), it can often be impossible for customers to create unique indexes on their custom elements, because those elements are stored on columns used by other elements. The new Reglomming feature is supposed to allow this by moving the element to a new column where a unique index can be safely applied. That does not appear to be working.



Too many events causing email processing delay

There is a property change (or something else) that triggers a cache flush. While the cache is synchronised across all the primary and secondary nodes at the same time, the database is not able to handle all the connections from few/more secondary nodes because they on the far side (secondary side).



StackOverflowError can cause the database connection corruption



Reglomming on column type (currency) during the London upgrade causes a column on child (pm_project) and parent(planned_task) pointing to same storage alias
  1. Activate the plugin Project Portfolio Suite with Financials (com.snc.financial_planning_pmo).
  2. Create a decimal column on table pm_project (with max length 15). For examole, u_column_1.

    The column will use the storage_alias which is of type decimal(15,2).

  3. Change the column type of the column created in step 2 to Currency.

    The storage alias will still be pointing to the same column type. For example, decimal(15,2).

  4. Upgrade to London.

    The storage alias for pm_project.u_column1 and planned_task.opex_cost is pointing to same storage alias.

  5. Try to insert the record in pm_project.

The insert fails with message 'Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database.'




Trend reports show duplicate second-level group by values (on the chart and the legend) When grouping by related records that have identical names, Trend and Column reports show duplicate results.
  1. Create a new Trend or Column report with the table asmt_metric_result.
  2. Configure the report with the following values:
    • Grouped by: Metric Definition
    • Trend by: Created
    • Per: Month
    • Aggregation: Count

Note the duplicated values in the columns and in the legend as well. If you click duplicate elements, they point to the same list.




Bar/pie charts show the value instead of the label or the sys_ID When a column's group by field name is over 30 characters, bar and pie charts show the actual value instead of the display value.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




Creating a List Report or Database View on a table with a long name fails throwing a Java SQL exception When trying to create a List Report or a Database View on a table that has a long name, the instance gives errors and does not create the list view.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Resource Management


Resource Allocation Report doesn't show the requested hours for the group resource with specific users When creating a resource report for a resource plan with the resource type as 'Group Resource', the report does not show any allocation which is 'Requested'.

Resource Management


After upgrading to London, the resource grid does not load The message "Resource Management upgrade is in progress. Please check after sometime" is displayed.

Resource Management


When the system date format is set to dd-MM-yyyy, the Requested Allocations date are getting changed to some random dates When system date format is set to dd-MM-yyyy under Resource Plan when Planned Hours are changed after Allocation, the Requested Allocations date are getting changed to some random dates.

Security Access Control Lists



Checklist templates restricted to specific groups are not available to non-admin group members The checklist template should be available to only members of the selected group and the user who created the checklist. However, checklists are no longer available for group members.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Server Side Scripting


NPE error when attempting to retrieve a record with an uppercase letter in the sys_id field Using gr.get() on a sys_id that does not exist will return false. However, if you do a subsequent gr.update() to this object, it will perform an insert with the invalid sys_id. When a sys_id has an uppercase letter in it, errors are thrown when viewing the record in the UI.

Server Side Scripting



After a restart, the default value for the glide.servlet.uri property overrides the sys_property value

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Server Side Scripting



When high security plugin is inactive, clicking the 'New' UI action for the columns embedded list on the sys_db_object throws an error: "RP is not defined" On a pre-high security instance:
  1. Navigate to sys_db_object, and select the Incident record.
  2. In the Columns embedded list, click New.

The form reloads and an error is thrown.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets



Catalog item count in SC Category page is not accurate when user criteria is used
  1. Add 12 catalog items under a category.
  2. In one of the items, add a user criteria for it to be shown only to admin users.
  3. Set the Number of items per page option in the SC Category Page widget to a low number, such as 2 or 3. The issue can't be seen when the items load all at once, or when a single click on 'Show More' is enough to show all items.
  4. Impersonate a non-admin user.
  5. Navigate to the category (/sc_category page).
  6. Verify the initial count of items will display all regardless of the user criteria applied.

After you click 'show more' a couple of times, the count will update to the correct one.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets



Labels are not displayed for the checkbox on Service Portal
  1. Navigate to a catalog item on platform (such as Apple iPhone 5).
  2. Create a Label type variable with order 100.
  3. Create two Checkbox variables with order 101 and 102.
  4. Navigate to the catalog item on Service Portal.

The newly created label is not displayed for checkbox variables.

Service Catalog


Self Service - When hovering over an icon, a pop up displays with information and UI action Open record, but users cannot click it Users cannot click the Open record UI action because the pop up disappears immediately on hovering off the icon.

Service Catalog



A setValue client script causes the catalog item to have a changed form After upgrading to Kingston, while navigating from the catalog form to the previous screen, a popup 'Are you sure you want to leave this page' is displayed even though no changes are done on the form.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Catalog


In the RITM form, the 'requested_for' field is not set to the user who's requesting the item

Service Catalog



The entire User Criteria cache gets flushed on a sys_user update for one user

Every time a single sys_user is updated, the whole user_criteria_cache is flushed. When the user_criteria_cache is flushed, it must be rebuilt for every user who performs an operation that is controlled with user criteria. Depending on how slow it is to evaluate the scripts of all user criteria records, this has varying degrees of impact on system performance ranging from mild slowness to extreme degradation.

The fix for this PRB makes the following changes:
  • The user criteria cache is not flushed unless these fields in sys_user record are changed: active, company, location, department.
  • If there are other fields on whose change the cache needs to be flushed, those fields need to be added, comma separated, in the property glide.cache.flush.user_criteria_cache.sys_user.
  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Home.
  2. Try to view a Knowledge base record.
  3. Open /

    Notice the value of the entries attribute in <user_criteria_cache>.

  4. Open /
  5. Double click the 'Active' field on any user and set it to 'false'.
  6. Look at / again and notice that the entry in <user_criteria_cache> has been set to 0.
  7. Try to view the KB article again.

The scripts of all the User Criteria records will be run.

Service Catalog


Issue with the macro function in record producers and the service catalog

Service Catalog


Variables not cascading in Service Portal

Service Level Agreement (SLA)



When SLA Definitions are in a domain other than global, the calculations on the Task SLA records can be incorrect and/or the workflow will not attach or be updated

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Mapping



Service Model's blob reaper causes high load on instance, affects performance Service Model's blob reaper job is not executed very often - once a week - but once it does, performance issues occur. For example, there is high memory consumption, the job takes hours to run, and it causes a high load on the node on which it runs.

Execute 'Service Model's Blob Reaper' from sys_trigger.

Service Mapping


MID Server SystemCommand CitChanged introduces slowness and HTTP 429 errors The default semaphore is exhausted, leaving the instance completely unresponsive for several minutes. This PRB is related to PRB1201839.

Service Mapping



The Application Services module redirects users to the home page

Service Portal



The List and Form widget (id = lf) should create the CSS exception for panels embedded by all formatters (i.e. variable editor) On the Service Portal, the activity log section overlaps the variables section after an upgrade.

On a Kingston instance an example of a mis-styled formatter can be seen at the following URL:/sp?id=lf&table=sc_req_item&sys_id=c422fbd80a0a0b1200a293da219a72df&spa=1

Service Portal


Knowledge articles created using article templates are not displayed correctly in Service Portal When creating knowledge articles with legacy Knowledge widgets and article templates, the KB articles do not display correctly in Service Portal.

Service Portal



The Service Catalog Service Portal plugin must not be activated before the core Service Portal plugin Installing Service Portal plugins in different orders can cause missing pages/widgets, dependencies and route maps.
  1. Upgrade an instance from Helsinki to Kingston so it does not have the com.glide.service-portal plugin active.
  2. Activate the Service Portal - Service Catalog V2 plugin, which will automatically activate the Service Portal - Service Catalog plugin.

    The Service Portal for Enterprise Service Management plugin that depends on the Service Portal - Core plugin has not been activated.

  3. Activate the Service Portal for Enterprise Service Management plugin.
  4. Check the sp_page.list for catalog-specific pages such as sc_category, sc_home, sc_landing, sc_wishlist. They are missing. (e.g., the sp_page record with id=sc_category and sys_id=07261a2147132100ba13a5554ee49092 has not been loaded).

Check sp_page_route_map.list and note that catalog-specific route maps are missing (Catalog Landing and Order Status).

Service Portal



In Kingston, using catalog client scripts to set the value of a choice variable to boolean true or false does not work Catalog client scripts which set the value on a checkbox variable does not work on Service Portal. However, the string 'true' or 'false' works.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Portal


Unable to edit fields with sp-editable-field (e.g. on user profile) in Service Portal due to REST error if mandatory fields are on the form When editing the User Profile via Service Portal, if a user edits any field and clicks Save, nothing happens and a 500 Internal Server Error is displayed. This issue only affects the Service Portal user profile editing, not the basic UI editing functionality.

Service Portal


Search page id=search doesn't refresh results while searching for a different term Search results don't return the newly searched term, and the results remain the same.

Service Portal


Date validation client script conflicts with built-in validation in Service Portal When a Data or Data/Time variable value is validated using a catalog client script which uses the 'showFieldMsg' function, it will conflict with the validation built-in to the "sp.datePicker.js" directive.

Service Portal


Translations of Service Portal translated_text fields are not captured in update sets (e.g., sp_instance.title) - missing Dictionary attribute Internationalization of Service Portal pages, such as an instance record (sp_instance), cannot be transferred with update sets. As a consequence, creation or customization of Service Portal pages that includes translations, cannot be transferred via update sets.

Service Portal



TinyMCE attached images are stored with the table name kb_social_qa_question in sys_attachment_list Attachments are stored in kb_social_qa_question table for Service Portal widgets.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Portal



Setting for the date picker for the first day of the week is not working in Service Portal The setting for the date picker for the first day of the week (the glide.ui.date_picker.first_day_of_week system property) is not applied correctly in Service Portal.
  1. Set Monday as the first day of the week in the calendar picker.
    1. Go to
    2. Click New.
    3. Add a property with the name glide.ui.date_picker.first_day_of_week and set the value to 2.
    4. Click Submit.
  2. Navigate to Self Service > Service Catalog, and click Can We Help You?.
  3. Choose Report Outage.
  4. Click the calendar icon for the field At what time did you notice the outage began?.

    The first day of the week in the calendar is Monday.

  5. Navigate to Service Portal > Service Portal Home and click Order Something.
  6. Under Categories, click Can We Help You? and then click Report Outage.
  7. Click the calendar icon for the field At what time did you notice the outage began?.

The first day of the week in the calendar is Sunday rather than the Monday setting for the glide.ui.date_picker.first_day_of_week property.

Service Portfolio Management



In the Task-Outage Relationship plugin, changing the system date format to anything other than the default yyyy-MM-dd format results in the error "End date must be after begin date"

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

System Applications



Changing the prefix in a table can cause exact match to fail for older records

For example, changing the incident or task number prefix causes exact match search results to fail.

The fix for this PRB provides the following options.
  • To enable pessimistic search behavior, add the property glide.ui.text_search.enable_fallback_number_search and set it to true. This falls back to searching "task" and "kb_knowledge" when doing exact match searches.
  • To search a specific list of tables, create the property glide.ui.text_search.fallback_table_list and set its value to a comma-separated list of tables to search. This overrides the default of 'task' and 'kb_knowledge.' For example, setting this to 'change_request,sc_task,sys_product_help' would search those 4 tables if no exact match was found originally.
  • To search all tables that have a Number prefix, set glide.ui.text_search.fallback_table_list to the value all.
The same steps listed below produce different results and behavior in Jakarta or in Istanbul instances.
  1. Go to an Incident list and pick any existing incident.
  2. Go to the Global Search and search this selected incident.

    An exact match is returned.

  3. Go to the [sys_number] table and change the prefix from INC to INT or some other prefix.
  4. Create an incident. It will be created by this new prefix.
  5. Search for the same incident which was picked in step 1.

    Notice that the exact search does not work anymore.

  6. Search for the incident created in step 5.

Notice that an exact match is returned.

Tables and Dictionary



Adding elements to a TPP grandparent and grandchild table in an update set can cause the alias corruption When adding an element to a particular table in the CMDB hierarchy, and another element to a grandchild (or lower) of that table, within the same update set, the storage aliases can be corrupted so that the elements are stored in the same column. This can cause functional problems and data loss.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Tables and Dictionary


StackOverflowError can be caused by queries in v_customer_uploads or enabling DB Trace



Cannot apply a date field while using a template if the date format system property is altered When using a template to create a knowledge article, the field 'Valid to' is not populated by the value added to the template.




Unable to add items with a comma in the display value to a template for a glide list field

When creating a template with 'Watch List' (glide_list) as a template variable, if there is a comma-separated item chosen, it will splice the display name and display an error: "Please enter a valid email address or User."

This limits user ability to set template values for Watch List, especially when they have the 'Last Name, First Name' display name format, as it doesn't allow the users to select those comma-separated items.

Based on a baseline instance, where the User Name field is calculated based on the values of First name and Last name in the user record. If the display value for the user name is different in the instance working with, the goal is to get a comma to appear in the display value of the user record. Other data may need to be modified if the display column is not the same as baseline.

  1. Bring up the sys_user record for Abel Tuter.
  2. Change the first name to Ab,el.
  3. Bring up any existing incident.
  4. If the template bar is not displayed at the bottom of the form, press the three dots in the header and select Toggle Template Bar.
  5. In the template bar, press the + sign to add a new template.
  6. In the list of template fields, change one of them to Watch List, in the left column.
  7. In the template value field for the watch list, in the right column, either:
    • Use the magnifying glass to select Ab,el Tuter from the list, click out of the value field, back into the field, and out of the field again.
    • Type ab into the field to start autocompleter, then select Ab,el Tuter from the list, then click out of the value field.

Instead of Abel Tuter being saved as a valid entry in the watch list template field, an error about invalid email, user (Please enter a valid email address or User) and username is partially truncated.



Template stores date/times with user's format instead of a system-wide or internal format, causing conflict when another user accesses that date
The template_value field types store date/time values in the user's format instead of the system's format. This causes issues when:
  • Trying to apply a template that has a date in a different format (even if it's the same as the current user's format)
  • Sharing values across users with different formats

Transaction and Session Management


Large number of HTTP requests with malformed x-forwarded-host header yields memory exhaustion Requests with an invalid x-forwarded-host value raise IllegalArgumentException exception which can cause leaked Request and Response objects, eventually causing excessive garbage collection, memory exhaustion, and HTTP-500 error messages.

UI Components


The WYSIWYG editor in the KB article doesn't work for URLs or the local video library

When a user clicks Insert/update video to embed a local .mov file to a KB article, the error "This plugin is not supported" is displayed using Chrome/Firefox.

When a user clicks Insert/update video to choose a URL and put a URL, the video will be rendered as blank.

UI Pages/Macros


'Show Other Active tasks' gives an error in the frame max_allowed_packet exceeded (and uses high memory while executing the transaction)
When a user clicks the 'Show Other Active tasks' icon beside the Configuration Item field on a TASK (Incident/Change Request) form, the request
  • Times out with an error "Could not send query: max_allowed_packet exceeded"
  • Utilizes huge amount of memory on the application node where this transaction runs

Update Sets



Retrieved batched update sets are missing a parent value when the property glide.invalid_query.returns_no_rows is set to true If the system property glide.invalid_query.returns_no_rows is set to true, the query will return no results and the hierarchy will not be built.
  1. Create a True | False system property called glide.invalid_query.returns_no_rows and set its value to true.
  2. Set up another instance as an update set source.
  3. On the source instance, create a parent and child update set and complete them.
  4. On the target instance, retrieve the completed update sets.
  5. Observe the parent-child relationship is not maintained.
  6. Repeat the process with glide.invalid_query.returns_no_rows set to false to see the intended results.

Update Sets


Committing a batch update set with an update that is missing an action can lead to unintended results

Upgrade Engine Issues


Exporting and then importing XML on a sys_dictionary record generates an 'empty' sys_db_object record Unloading (as opposed to updating) sys_dictionary generates 'empty' sys_db_object records. This can occur during upgrades, plugin and application installs, and XML import.
  1. Export any sys_dictionary record, such as task.short_description.
  2. Import that same sys_dictionary record.

Usage Analytics


The usage data of the last month should not be uploaded if the job context is empty OOM exceptions are thrown due to many records being uploaded in the past month payload.

Usage Analytics


When downloading licenses, there are many 'INSERT INTO ua_app_family 'errors

Usage Analytics



Loading a dashboard causes hundreds of error messages in logs

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Virtual Agent Platform



London instances with Oracle databases throw exceptions and errors when a topic is opened in the Virtual Agent Designer When a topic is opened in the Virtual Agent Designer, London instances with Oracle databases throw java.lang.NullPointerExceptions and other exceptions and errors.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Visual Task Boards


Changing sys_user.user_name of VTB user breaks the freeform card activity stream
The VTB activity stream can be broken when:
  • Increasing the max length of sys_user, for example from 40 to 100
  • Increasing the user ID to more than 40 characters while sys_updated_by or sys_created_by remain the same (max length of 40 characters)




Inconsistency of stage in list view for Catalog Task execution for the main flow and subflows with the 'Workflow-Driven' stage renderer The list view sometimes shows the stage as the following: "Fulfillment Waiting for Catalog Task: Task 1" Other times, the "Waiting for Catalog Task" stage does not show.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




Active flag is not set to false after the RITM's workflow stage switches to Completed because the 'Set Active Flag' business rule condition does not run After Jakarta, when the workflow on a requested item only contains Set Value or Run Script activities, the requested item's active flag stays set to True even when the stage field is Complete.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



'current' can be replaced during the workflow processing, and this can affect the processing of all subsequent business rules under certain circumstances

During the business rule processing, if a script updates a record in a different table and the updated record has multiple active workflows, the first workflow updated results in one of the other active workflows being completed or canceled.

When the workflow context that was completed or canceled is then processed, 'current' will be set to the record for that workflow. However, it will not be restored to the original record when the workflow processing completes.




When launching a wizard record generator, a global record is created which will trigger any business rules and workflows running off of the global table

When launching a wizard record generator (e.g. out of box on call generator), a global record is created. The global record will trigger any business rules and workflows running off of the global table.

Many on-demand workflows target the global table so that they do not run when a record is generated (i.e. incident, cmdb_ci), but they are available to be run on-demand. Creating this global record will trigger each global workflow which can cause serious performance degradation.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




Workflow Canvas performance is seriously degraded and slow when a large number of transitions are on the canvas A large number of transitions in a workflow may cause performance issues when editing in the workflow editor.
  1. Open the workflow editor and create a new workflow.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Workflow editor.

  2. Add workflow activities and create about 30 activities attached via various transitions.
  3. Check in and check out.

Note the slow load times and the slowness of drawing transition lines.

Project Management


Unable to change project start date after creating a project When creating a project (and project tasks), users are unable to change the project's 'Planned Start Date'. If a user attempts to do so, it reverts back to the date it showed originally when the project was created.
  1. Navigate to Project > All > Create New.
  2. Create a Project Task. Do not manipulate any fields.
  3. Go back to the project form and attempt to change the Planned Start Date to an earlier date.
  4. Attempt to save.

Notice the date will revert back to the original Planned Start Date. The behavior sometimes occurs after the page is refreshed several times.

Forms and Fields



When a script uses the showFieldMsg method to render an error type message in the Service Portal view of the service catalog item, the error blocks the user from submitting the item request This issue occurs when using showFieldMsg (of type 'Error', or 'Info' as well if the variable is set to mandatory) in a catalog item. During submission, the variables get reset to mandatory which prevents the items from getting submitted.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Import / Export



After upgrading from Jakarta to London, the Netcool Integration with JDBC and MID Server throws an error

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



When users export a PDF with a two-level group by or trend with group by the secondary tables and display grid enabled, the display grid is displaying JSON object rather than plain strings
  1. Create report, and trend by with group by and display grid enabled.
  2. Save.
  3. Export the PDF.
  4. Look at the display grid in the PDF export.

JSON objects are serialized in the sub-tables column.



Many corrupted images identified in Oracle This issue affects images and attachment chunks larger than 4k.



Timeout issues for some users on HI

All Other Fixes

To view a list of all other PRBs fixed in Madrid, refer to All other Madrid fixes.