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All other Madrid fixes

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All other Madrid fixes

The Madrid release contains fixes to these problems.

Madrid was released on January 24, 2019.
Build date: 01-17-2019_1433
Build tag: glide-madrid-12-18-2018__patch0-01-08-2019

For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Madrid.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Madrid fixed problems, see KB0721455.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP. The following products are not approved for FedRAMP in Madrid: Antivirus Scanning, Document Viewer, and ServiceNow mobile.

All other Madrid fixes

Problem category Number Short description
Activity Stream PRB1259814 When an email is received, the activity log displays the wrong value
Activity Stream PRB1271869 Property com.glide.attachment.max_get_size not working as expected
Activity Stream PRB1292488 After upgrade from Istanbul to Kingston, the approval summarizer section does not show the work notes from Enhancement record
Activity Stream PRB1304776 Activity formatter strips out the newline "\n" from fields
Activity Stream PRB1272370 Hebrew - Live Forms do not display text correctly in Activities Filter
Activity Stream PRB1294854 User record activity feed (history) Issue: Email Address field changes from a Sys ID to 'Empty' after a notification is triggered from the user table
Activity Stream PRB1295781 When there are more than two Journal input fields, the selector shows fields that are not available on the form for that view
Activity Stream PRB1295380 Journal Fields displayed on the form are based on the order configured within the Activities Formatter
Activity Stream PRB1298929 On an incident record, changing the incident state (New -> Closed -> New) caused the journal field checkbox value to change
Activity Stream PRB1301408 Activity Stream displays "Field Changes" instead of "Email Sent" or "Email Received" when the user checks or unchecks "Sent/Received Emails" in Configure available fields
Activity Stream PRB1303119 In some cases the 'was' string changes to italics, causing changes in translations when using French
Activity Stream PRB1310069 Posting comments to incidents moves them to the default domain
Activity Stream PRB1312033 Navigating from global search exact match, to incident, to calendar history, then back to incident, causes invalid update to incidents using global Save UI Action
Activity Stream PRB1312770 Journal field selector missing from the Activity Stream flyout when the user passes contextual ACLs
Activity Stream PRB1315444 If an HTML field added to the activity stream changes, its content shows on the activity stream including HTML tags with High Security not active
Agent Workspace PRB1294758 Long text in choice drop down field does not reformat correctly in the form UI if the browser window is made smaller or bigger
Agent Workspace PRB1296744 Performance - Loading a chat in the workspace takes from 5 - 16 seconds for 100 user load
Agent Workspace PRB1298889 When the property glide.invalid_query.returns_no_rows is set to true, Agent Assist is not showing any results based on the Table Configuration field
Agent Workspace PRB1301589 When an incident is created via interaction, the opened_at field is populated with GMT time
Agent Workspace PRB1306291 Agent Workspace - The list does not load or keeps spinning when an extended field is added to columns
Agent Workspace PRB1308013 Agent Workspace ribbon for customer360 component will not load when the primary fields contain extended or dot-walked fields
Agent Workspace PRB1309866 Reference Auto Completer Column values are concatenated in Workspace type-ahead
Agent Workspace PRB1311921 Dot-walked fields in case tables (e.g. sn_customerservice_task) are not visible by non-admin users
Agent Workspace PRB1313290 [Agent Workspace] A field cannot be made writable using a client script if it was first made read only using a client script
Agent Workspace PRB1308206 When clicking the 'View Details' button after ordering an item, the user is taken to a page that displays 'No List Selected' and is no longer able to navigate in the UI
Agent Workspace PRB1318302 Unable to filter out or show matching of (empty) date time
Agile Development PRB1308640 Reference qualifier for Epics in the Story form does not work when upgrading from Jakarta to London
Agile Development PRB1292802 Agile Development 2.0 - Date Time Picker does not apply the system time format
Agile Development PRB1292508 Story form doesn't open fully when on the task_planning_board
Agile Development PRB1317378 Missing images in the Agile Development Guided Setup page
Agile Development PRB1300228 Velocity graph is reopened when back button is clicked
Agile Development PRB1304743 Clicking on "Add/Remove multiple" action navigates back to Agile Board
Agile Development PRB1309629 Clicking the Release Backlog module, and then clicking a record in the Release column navigates to rm_release_scrum record but with a view (release_backlog view) inherited from rm_story
Agile Development PRB1311515 Views for rm_release_scrum form are missing form section reference,s and the views like SDLC and Release are not selectable from the form
Application Navigator & Banner Frame PRB1255721 System setting "Compact User Interface" produces opposite effect of option selected
Application Navigator & Banner Frame PRB1198384 Searching for a module in the navigator filter, the first module it finds is selected, even after selecting the preferred module
Application Navigator & Banner Frame PRB668311 UI16 nav header buttons disappear when overlapped by the Product Description
Application Navigator & Banner Frame PRB691066 Back button is not visible after personalizing list v2
Application Navigator & Banner Frame PRB1263590 Slow response in the impersonate-user picker
Application Navigator & Banner Frame PRB1195406 No mouseover tooltip information for folders in the minimized Navigation panel
Application Navigator & Banner Frame PRB1242042 Under Windows High Contrast, all radio buttons appear to be selected
Application Navigator & Banner Frame PRB1273528 It is possible to impersonate an inactive and locked out user in UI15
Application Navigator & Banner Frame PRB1294029 The Application Navigator in UI15 does not remember its collapsed state and is always open after refresh
Application Navigator & Banner Frame PRB703032 Three tabs of the navigator have inadequate focus states, so it is hard to tell when the keyboard focus is on them
Application Navigator & Banner Frame PRB1261447 Global search - Frame title is not descriptive - impacts the following 508 standards: 22(i)
Application Navigator & Banner Frame PRB1262095 Two unique scripted elements are named "Incident."
Application Navigator & Banner Frame PRB1275075 Large product description disrupts the user menu
Application Navigator & Banner Frame PRB1278350 Issue with user impersonation when the user has an apostrophe in their username (email)
Application Navigator & Banner Frame PRB1293582 Timezone choices are not displayed in the selected Language. Choices are displayed in the language specified in glide.sys.language
Application Navigator & Banner Frame PRB1300960 In IE11, clicking the Home banner icon does not remove focus from the banner.
Application Navigator & Banner Frame PRB1305256 Form 'back' button doesn't work after 'previous record' or 'next record' button is clicked if the record is opened from the parent list
Application Navigator & Banner Frame PRB1313474 IE11 - Instance throws "Page not found" error when accessing a module where filter condition has Non-English characters like Japanese or German
Application Navigator & Banner Frame PRB1313608 Cannot create favorite to Studio since link contains "javascript:" and that is now being sanitized
Application Portfolio Management (APM) PRB1293962 'Technology Lifecycles' module date format issue
Application Portfolio Management (APM) PRB1296758 APM Indicator doesn't generate any score
Application Portfolio Management (APM) PRB1307541 APM: Having multiple scoring profiles generates duplicate indicator scores
Application Portfolio Management (APM) PRB1298724 Project Management roles (it_project_manager ) do not grant access to Business Capabilities Table
Application Portfolio Management (APM) PRB1279135 Cannot create a dictionary override or flow formatter for the Business Application [cmdb_ci_business_app] table
Application Portfolio Management (APM) PRB1320009 APM_admin is unable to use APM Guided Setup
Approvals PRB1263478 The stage "Waiting for approval" not translated to French
Archiving PRB1171985 Archiver thread can cause OOM and stackoverflow error
Assessments PRB1298237 An assessment warning error is displayed in the log 'org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: 'primary' is not defined'
Assessments PRB1301353 After adding a parent question to a survey, assessment_take2 UI page can no longer render survey responses taken prior to this change
Assessments PRB1310187 A non-login user taking a public survey bypasses "scheduled period" restriction
Assessments PRB1317885 Vendor Risk Tiering Questionnaire Template Designer issue with reference
Assessments PRB1317892 Client error for correct answer - Likert scale data type
Asset Management PRB888774 Unable to add an Asset CI Install status mapping when there is an existing Asset State & Asset Substate, or CI Status
Asset Management PRB1250631 An asset attribute is still being updated after a related CI's attribute is prevented from update due to a reconciliation definition
Asset Management PRB1300291 ILMT - The name field is updated with the serial number when ILMT server sends a null value
Asset Management PRB1296230 SCCM Integration 2016 - Incremental Import (SAM enabled) 2016 Import throws Invalid Dateformat error
Asset Management PRB1297836 StockRuleTransfer.transferOrderAvailability() function does not exclude delivered & canceled alm_transfer_order_line
Asset Management PRB1302999 ILMT - The request times out at 300 seconds on the ECC record
Asset Management PRB1310591 Unique Key Violation error occurs when updating cmdb_ci_win_server records with "null" model_id value
Asset Management PRB1313798 The counter on 'Capture asset tags' can disappear
Asynchronous Message Bus PRB1244290 AMB thread idles during logout, blocking the connection and preventing other connections from sending messages
Asynchronous Message Bus PRB1290070 NullPointerExceptions in logs
Asynchronous Message Bus PRB1180643 After restart / failover, is not able to 'resume' the session
Asynchronous Message Bus PRB1167602 AMB stops sending messages on disconnect/reconnect
Audit History PRB1249729 The activity stream does not display changes for fields whose column name is longer than 40 characters
Audit History PRB1288620 Audit issues with record created with 'Insert and Stay' UI action
Audit History PRB1296391 ACLs which matches the group of the user with the current record's assignment group, fails to evaluate properly first time, renders Activity Stream as empty
Authentication PRB1204631 The "Login" installation exit's "max inactive interval" value is overridden by the "glide.ui.session_timeout" value
Authentication PRB1270132 Confusing log "Type pkcs12_key_store is NOT supported!" message can lead admins to believe that the certificate they are trying to use is invalid.
Authentication PRB1116483 HTTPAuthProcessor and HTTPAuthSessionSetup do not verify that a user id returned from the "Remember me" cookie is valid when the "glide.ui.forgetme" property is set
Authentication PRB606979 SAML requests sent by the instance are missing the NameQualifier, preventing SAML based logouts
Authentication PRB1250674 QR code is not generated in Multifactor google_auth_setup_page UI page for snc_external users
Authentication PRB1266283 GlideExpressionWrapper.escapeJS(String s) method is replacing character '%2F' with '/' even if there is no script tag (<script></script>) present in it.
Authentication PRB1307896 SAMLResponse is not processed when custom URL is defined with a service portal URL
Authentication PRB1292144 User is redirected to regular login page instead of oauth login page when he has MFA enabled and Web Service Access Only checked
Authentication - SSO PRB1277955 When a web service access only user logs in using SSO, after successful login, the system goes into a loop of logout_redirect transactions which can cause semaphore exhaustion
Authentication - SSO PRB1305482 When the property is set to true, password protected .docx files cannot be attached
Authentication - SSO PRB1240802 Instance running on Oracle DB, 401 Request failed error thrown on mobile app when user tries to re-authenticate
Authentication - SSO PRB1281697 Signing signature is embedded in the SAML logout request, which is against SAML compliance for redirect binding.
Automated Test Framework PRB1300874 The Set Field Values test step in the Automated Test Framework cannot set values of dotwalked fields
Automated Test Framework PRB1264788 Automated Test Framework Test Step 'Click a UI Action' fails when clicking 'Implement' on the Change Request form.
Automated Test Framework PRB1301952 snc_read_only role causes Service Catalog tests to fail.
Automated Test Framework PRB1266216 Race condition occurs when an Automated Test Framework 'Click Modal Button' test step clicks a button that redirects to another page
Automated Test Framework PRB1292992 The record query step fails if the table has a column named 'query' or 'next'
Automated Test Framework PRB1272093 Client Test Runners opened through the Pick A Browser modal are added to the navigation stack, which can cause a JavaScript error
Automated Test Framework PRB1304238 Automated Test Framework Test Suite email results include other test suites that were previously executed for the same sys_number_counter.
Automated Test Framework PRB1307428 Missing sys_atf_step_config record can cause a NullPointerException when a scheduled test or suite executes.
Automated Test Framework PRB1309390 Instances run on an Oracle database can truncate the test script in the "Run Server Script" test step to 512 characters, even though the field has a 2000 character max value
Benchmarks Application PRB1292376 When cloning a production instance from any other instance, Benchmarks client configuration properties are missing
Benchmarks Application PRB1295945 Downloaded Benchmark Dashboard report is missing the latest month in x-axis. Tabular report shows the missing month.
Benchmarks Application PRB1298122 Performance Analytics scores are uploaded when date format is not YYYY-MM-DD.
Benchmarks Central Application PRB1291982 IA scores are not pulled for few customer instances
Caching PRB1294868 When domain separation in active, caching inconsistency prevents UI Actions from appearing as expected
Change Management PRB1293113 Change Conflict Calendar view is not displaying Blackout schedules in month view
Change Management PRB1315487 When the 'Applies to' field in a blackout schedule is empty, users receive an error when viewing the Change Schedule List
Change Management PRB1264021 'Revert to New' UI action repeatedly triggers the same sub-workflow, causing the transaction to time out
Change Management PRB1307320 change_request_calendar_view page does not honor the read-only attribute made at the dictionary level or ACLs
Change Management PRB1314015 CAB Workbench - While using the French language, JavaScript shows up instead of the agenda on the form
Change Management PRB1316405 Excluded Schedule entries - In certain date/time formats, the 'excluded' schedule span can display an incorrect date
Change Management PRB1317090 When adding an associated CIs to a change request for 'Affected CIs' and 'Impacted Services/CIs', confusing errors occur
Change Management PRB1289022 When trying to access the Kingston CAB Workbench, the console receives an error ("Cannot override options")
Change Management PRB1294379 Change Task Template [std_change_proposal_task] mandatory fields do not hold entered data while clicking save
Change Management PRB1295637 UI issues for the standard change catalog and change requests
Change Management PRB1297213 'Change Properties' does not include the new feature to have discovery automatically launched when a Change Request is fulfilled
Change Management PRB1302374 When the Encrypted Workflow Scratchpad is enabled, approvals are not canceled when a change request is put on 'Hold'
Change Management PRB1303752 CAB Workbench Calendar Open button not working as expected in month view
Change Management PRB1305144 Change Request Values (date fields) are editable when read-only on Standard Change Proposal
Change Management PRB1306682 When a change template is modified to enter a new value for 'Template description', the new value is not applied
Change Management PRB1307886 The 'Revert back to New' UI action on change request table changes the 'on hold' approval behavior
Change Management PRB1311009 CAB Workbench Meeting Notes timestamp issue
Change Management PRB1312933 Request Approval in Standard Change Proposal form does not generate approvals when ITIL user proposes to retire a standard change template
Change Management PRB1317320 Change Request Planned start/end time shows UTC values in the CAB Workbench CAB meeting > Calendar widget > Month View > Change request span pop-over window
Change Management Conflict Detector PRB1305653 Check Conflicts: After clicking 'Close', the modal does not close
Change Management Conflict Detector PRB1303127 Conflicts are detected on an inactive change request
Change Management Conflict Detector PRB1313295 Users cannot cancel the conflict detection job
Change Management Conflict Detector PRB1313296 Conflict detection can produce unexpected results when extensions of Change Request are being used
Change Management Risk Assessment PRB1309059 When editing an existing Risk Assessment, previously selected choices are lost when a user selects more than one choice in a multiple selection questions
Change Management Risk Assessment PRB1291925 When a user closes a Risk Assessment before submitting it, and then opens a new record by using the related list's 'New' UI action, a blank page with an error appears
Change Management Risk Assessment PRB1318359 Risk Calculation appears to override Risk Assessment even though it has a lower risk value, when glide.ui.risk_calculate_rule property set to 'Business rule'
Change Management Risk Assessment PRB1320210 Change Risk Assessment questions that are not marked as mandatory and are left unanswered and then submitted by users return a value of: -1 (resulting in incorrect calculation of risk)
Chat PRB1288792 After Hours (Not available) Message for Chat Queue does not show on French Translations
Chat PRB1253523 Agent name and avatar do not show up in Anonymous Chat the first time the chat is opened
Chat PRB713827 Chat actions can show up on the chat action menu, even if the action is configured to only display in specific conditions
Chat PRB1163954 A user is able to click 'Rejoin session' outside of the chat schedule
Chat PRB1236927 After a chat session is initiated, the Connect Chat support window displays a popup message for a few seconds: 'Arguments required'
Chat PRB1253529 Links to non-image attachments do not work in Connect
Chat PRB1286081 Connect Support: The 'Position in queue' browser title text displays the same number for multiple users waiting in the queue
Chat PRB1297473 On hovering over a URL in the Connect Chat, the URL embeds ""
Chat PRB1303411 Chat - When transferring a chat session, a small piece of code displays in the message box: $[SP]
Chat PRB1244519 508 compliance: The Connect Support UI needs better contrast
Chat PRB1297488 Connect chat: When a chat is transferred to another queue, the 'Closed(closed_at)' field has null values for the 'Closed Escalated' status
Chat PRB1297513 Clicking on @mentions in the Connect Support widget will show a 'Send a direct message' button that does not work
Chat PRB1304501 An unnecessary sound notification is played to the end user when submitting the first chat message
Chat PRB955111 Upon activating the plugin, the 'task closer' business rule is incorrectly updated, which can affect task states and other issues
Chat PRB1240762 connect_support_session_expired - An incorrect UI macro message is displayed when a chat session is disconnected after being idle
Chat PRB1294444 In the full Chat window, the hover text for 'Upload Attachments' is incorrect
Chat PRB1296666 System messages in the Chat Queue are logged as the user's activities log in incidents created by Chat
Chat PRB1305294 The Chat module shows the user's city and country in the Profile, but the module does not appear to honor the user's language selection
Chat PRB1313828 Even if users themselves close a chat (i.e. the chat is not closed by the agent), the users see 'The agent has closed the support session.'
Chat PRB1316100 The Chat notification counter has limit of 99
Chat PRB1296923 "Send a direct message" is still visible under user profiles to users who are restricted to use connect chat via the connect.roles property
Chat PRB1317698 Console errors on Connect chat in Service Portal
Cloud Management Application PRB1303312 "Reconcile CI" issues: Excessive memory usage and events backup as workers are busy
Cloud Management Application PRB1310951 Azure Billing: Even though billing probes are not processed (no import set rows in import set) for Cloud Management, the billing job is marked as successfully finished
Cloud Management Application PRB1293457 Global UI actions are overridden when the Cloud Management plugin is activated
Cloud Management Application PRB1290565 KP7: An empty resource block shows up in the stack with conditions on provision steps
Cloud Management Application PRB1294669 Certain errors are buried in trails which makes it impossible to find the actual cause of ARM provisioning failures
Cloud Management Application PRB1294842 Intermittent issues during Resource Block import and export
Cloud Management Application PRB1251716 A VMware VM provision creates an empty resource in the stack, even though the VM provision failed in CAPI
Cloud Management Application PRB1283549 Policy to deregister an IP asset is skipped when the deprovision operation is performed on a resource level
Cloud Management Application PRB1304042 VMware "Create_vSphere_NIC_VM_Response_Processor" is not using IPs attached to NICs when creating NIC configuration items
Cloud Management Application PRB1316331 The Logical Datacenter values are not being populated in "sn_cmp_stack_item" table
Cloud Management Application PRB1271902 Azure Security group provision: need support for associating security group with a subnet/NIC
Cloud Management Application PRB1284173 CMPv2 - Views Mine/My Groups/All don't show consistent numbers
Cloud Management Application PRB1286376 Discover datacenter for Azure errors out when MID Server cannot communicate with Azure
Cloud Management Application PRB1295564 AWS: Deprovisioning a stack that is attached to an elastic IP address does not release the IP address
Cloud Management Application PRB1297975 Installing the Cloud Management Core plugin activates the "Price Discovery" module that is exposed to ITIL Users
Cloud Management Application PRB1298182 Config Discovery does not mark the entities which were deleted on Ansible Tower as terminated
Cloud Management Application PRB1298768 Cloud User Portal: Search functionality does not find resources that are not owned by the user even if the user is an admin
Cloud Management Application PRB1298773 License and Compliance: Script producing license data is incorrect and needs to be replaced
Cloud Management Application PRB1298838 CMP Widgets: Poor use of record watchers causes slow performance on the "Stack" page
Cloud Management Application PRB1302579 Azure Alert Basic Error occurs in logs
Cloud Management Application PRB1302796 Blueprint rules are not created for customer on Oracle database
Cloud Management Application PRB1308033 Unable to append tags to the resource group and NIC resources in Azure Portal
Cloud Management Application PRB1308039 Not able to create resource group through a catalog item called 'VM with Additional Storage Volume'
Cloud Management Application PRB1308371 Azure Microsoft resources/deployments resources are using an API version header which is too outdated
Cloud Management Application PRB1309151 ARM: VM state not updated when provisioning VM using arm
Cloud Management Application PRB1311026 The resource mapping for "Cloud Event" is not catering to the difference in the mapping for "AWS::ElasticLoadBalancing::LoadBalancer"
Cloud Management Application PRB1312101 Data from forms should be read before making the prefill form
Cloud Management Application PRB1312175 Policy creation experiencing multiple issues from the original INT description
Cloud Management Application PRB1313008 Issues creating a new resource group
Cloud Management Application PRB1313476 Deleting an input parameter from Resource Block Operation Input Parameter does not remove the input from the Blueprint Catalog items
Cloud Management Application PRB1316239 CMPv1: AWS Web Service discovery is not associating EC2 instances to AWS account ID
Cloud Management Application PRB1302088 Cloud Management plugin updates ACL for 'read' on sc_task records, causing ACL to fail on script check for itil users with the role 'sn_cmp.cloud_service_user'
Cloud Management Application PRB1310893 When deprovisioning an AWS stack for VM, the VM is deprovisioned in AWS, but the state isn't updated in the CMDB
Cloud Management Application PRB1311977 Incorrect licensing data getting reported for Discovery-only customers
Cloud Management Application PRB1315852 CMPV1 'sn_azure' Cloud Discovery does not populate vm_inst_id for Azure Virtual Machines, which leads to missing relationships between the CI's and their VM instances
Coaching Loops PRB1319837 Coaching assessments are not generated when trainee field value is 'dot walk' field
Condition Builder PRB1292542 Can't use dynamic filters for watchlists in new reporting UI
Condition Builder PRB1303010 The filter builder expands with an error message
Condition Builder PRB1297926 On the homepage, multiple gauges that reference the same table cause issues with the breadcrumb filter
Condition Builder PRB1246973 Unable to set relative date filter for VTB board
Condition Builder PRB1290621 New UI does not specify AM/PM times under the Condition filter
Condition Builder PRB1284738 Report does not show Service Catalog variable filter conditions for variables that are part of a variable set
Condition Builder PRB1260503 New condition builder shows different condition operators for report source than previous versions when the table extends from cmdb
Condition Builder PRB1295166 OR condition in filter builder is not working as expected for keywords
Condition Builder PRB1302883 'New UI' Filter Condition Builder: Missing translation for 'OR' and 'AND' when creating a filter
Condition Builder PRB1251171 In new report UI, the From Date/time picker in the v3 condition builder overlaps with TO date picker when "BETWEEN" filter is chosen
Condition Builder PRB1287259 The time_worked field in condition builder v3 is not showing options to enter time in Day:Hour:Minute:Second format
Condition Builder PRB1290940 Breadcrumbs filter for dot-walking to variables is dropped when a query is executed
Condition Builder PRB1294168 Condition builder allows --None-- to be selected when using the "is one of" conditions, but does not work
Condition Builder PRB1302731 New UI: If a currency column has a value of 0, and another condition is changed, the subsequent select statement translates the 0 to null
Condition Builder PRB1305066 Condition builder removes condition after changing the field type
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1267732 Health inclusion rule is not working on few classes like 'cmdb_ci_vcenter_datacenter', 'cmdb_ci_vmware_template', 'cmdb_ci_vmware_instance', 'cmdb_ci_esx_server', '
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1269069 Netscaler load balancer with a long pool member name using patterns fails with identification errors
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1293903 Generated SQL in Oracle DB report has an error
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1294776 Orphan rule is not calculated correctly for relationships in the CI Dashboard
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1300174 A null pointer exception is thrown on the Duplicate Resolver if any CI reference fields is marked inactive in the system dictionary
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1302767 When we have a reconciliation definition with some fields not selected for "Update with null". Then the expected behavior is this data source should not update those fields with null/empty values
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1313589 Criterion attributes for related entries within identification rules should be indexed
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1314872 Query results incomplete if any node has special characters in the name
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1272594 Lookup Based Identification: IRE does not have a specific order for matching lookup records when there are multiple lookup records with the same criterion attribute, pointing to different CIs
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1287261 Group View of Type 'Health' does not use the 'dynamic' filter when configured to create the dashboard view
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1293571 CPU spikes on the DB server related to the OOB query
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1293941 Event rule binding - identification engine failed to work on reverse direction
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1297781 Relation Dashboard: Missing ACL on relation_health_result to show only current domain results
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1302945 "Omit if no records" is not honored for scheduled reports
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1307408 Ci Class Manager shows incorrect columns for classes after upgrade with TPP turned off
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1310921 Last and first discovered should not get updated by batched update if IRE payload itself provides this value
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1312870 Affected CI Notifications - Recipients receive multiple emails for the same notification and the jobs can take a very long time generating the emails
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1313637 Unable to save changes when deleting relationships with no relationship type in the relationship editor
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1312321 CMDB Dashboard does not refresh the scores for new run when it is reloaded
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1316377 On the NG-Relationship editor, the title for 'Relationship editor' has changed to 'Discard Changes'
Content Management System (CMS) PRB1262260 Remove content from "CMS Admin Sitemap" content block
Contextual Search PRB1243153 Issues with the Contextual Search results on the ESS/CMS (scrolls the page up - to the top)
Contextual Search PRB1277502 Can't preview video content from Contextual Search in Service Portal
Contextual Search PRB1304511 Contextual search on record producer does not work for users without the 'snc_internal' role
Contextual Search PRB1287311 [CXS] Some OOB catalog items are not working in Portal CXS and Agent Assist CXS
Contextual Search PRB1293548 SAP order guide is attached as Item instead of an order guide
Contract Management PRB1312872 OOB scripts for non-task tables should use document_id, not sysapproval
Core Platform PRB1100531 gs.dateGenerate return value causes filters based on variable date fields is off by a day
Core Platform PRB1288753 HR - Users with protected roles (sn_hr_core.xx) and impersonating another user (having protected roles) do not have access to some modules
Core Platform PRB1268988 Clone copies records from the Memorable Items [snc_monitorable_item] table
Core Platform PRB632740 Wrong field name used when multiple tables have identical field names
Core Platform PRB1262298 Translated Fields/Translated Text elements do not return translated value in Database view
Core Platform PRB1263318 GlideRecord does not escape carets consistently
Core Platform PRB1291544 Scripted ACL is altering the "current" value when evaluating styles on a form
Core Platform PRB1302011 When system property is deleted using update sets, it still returns a value from background script
Core Platform PRB1302606 Notifications conditions are not being honored for the 'Changes from' and 'Changes to' operators
Core Platform PRB1180971 If a role is added or removed from a group with a large number of users, the role change does not apply to all users in the group
Core Platform PRB1244806 Not able to add "Sent/Received Emails" to the Activities filtered field on sn_hr_core_case records (glide.ui.sn_hr_core_case_activity.fields error)
Core Platform PRB1270242 Choices not saved in choice field with more than 80 characters (when using Studio)
Core Platform PRB1282042 Glide Record uses session domain for sys_choice fields, but not for the domain of the record
Core Platform PRB1292806 Table names greater than 40 characters in length are truncated in the document field on the sys_trigger table
Core Platform PRB1068252 The domain_path glide datatype is not located in the base system
Core Platform PRB1250293 Dot walking to translated text field with the same name as a translated text column on the current record will causes the incorrect value to be displayed
Core Platform PRB1260734 PDF export changes "<" to "&lt"
Core Platform PRB1261823 When the function definition is provided, improper syntax throws "Record not found" for the corresponding table
Core Platform PRB1263453 Diagnostic Events on Servicenow Performance Dashboard display time in GMT rather than the user timezone
Core Platform PRB1264845 Currency Exchange is not honored in the platform when having Users with a different Country code.
Core Platform PRB1267957 "Multiple update complete after updating X records" shows even after failed update
Core Platform PRB1272825 The 'Accessible from' field on sys_db_object is read-only for ServiceNow application tables, but appears editable
Core Platform PRB1281598 The db_video table should not extend the sys_metadata table
Core Platform PRB1284354 When compressed content exceeds field length, compressed value becomes corrupted, and causes an uncaught NPE on decompress.
Core Platform PRB1284788 Errors committing update set for new tables with function fields. Version loading was stopped by DictionaryUpdateLoader for sys_dictionary_<table_name>_null
Core Platform PRB1288715 Changing property glide.i18n.single_currency from false to true changes how a currency field with a blank value is saved on a scoped app table field
Core Platform PRB1290189 Record count incorrect when user navigates to list view from a column chart
Core Platform PRB1290358 The 'more than' value for reference fields is not translated
Core Platform PRB1295481 Trying to use the condition builder to call the custom script include returns NULL.
Core Platform PRB1296587 A different number of ACLs are returned for Configure->Security Rules and Configure->All context menu options
Core Platform PRB1298292 Record Cache holding stale references
Core Platform PRB1300391 The parseInt function in a scoped application using ES5 Standards mode changes after upgrading to Jakarta or later
Core Platform PRB1302479 Attachment is downloaded when a user attempts to rename it
Core Platform PRB1305327 State field in State Transition records(sys_state_transition) for State model is showing the choices with incorrect language in multi-language environments.
Core Platform PRB1305654 Multi-byte languages does not display property on pop up dialog windows
Core Platform PRB1314374 Translated Fields/Translated Text elements do not return translated value in Database view
Core Platform PRB1266297 GlideRecordSecure insert creates a record with NULL value in a field, if the field has ACL condition that depends on the default value of another field
Core Platform PRB1271680 GlideAggregate groupBy on a reference field with a text indexed query does not return expected values for getValue / getDisplayValue
CSM Communities PRB1302845 Social Q&A question, answer, comment posting in Knowledge sometimes fails, if the communities plugin is not installed
CSM Communities PRB1298473 Community portal widget URLs are broken if the portal name is changed
CSM Communities PRB1314596 The user unable to Edit the Community Profile when the user in French Canada language
Currency PRB1303161 The ECBDownloader URL cannot be changed and the downloader cannot parse the response payload if the site redirects
Currency PRB1275638 Currency update notification triggered when new work note is posted
Currency PRB1302702 Issue with the currency field in the database view
Currency PRB1307771 Currency toggle does not work on price fields in the new report UI but does work in the "Classic UI".
Customer Service PRB1318027 On the sn_customerservice_case form, the German translation for the 'Additional comments' label (SICHTBAR FÜR KUNDEN) is repeated 2 times
Customer Service Management PRB1310399 Time Card for CSM is logged into the wrong date if the system timezone is not set to US/Pacific
Customer Service Management PRB1317436 Recipient List: Type account should not be shown while creating a recipient list from publication
Customer Service Management PRB1317280 Customer_account styles defined in wrong scope
Customer Service Management PRB1295561 After activating the plugin 'Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Customer Service (New)' -, there are many errors in the logs and files are loaded properly.
Customer Service Management PRB1298160 HTML field in the Publication page widget doesn't present the font size as defined
Customer Service Management PRB1302159 Cursor gets stuck on Openframe Header and moves the window
Customer Service Management PRB1302551 Reference list gets stuck in Loading state when one of the values contain a "<" character
Customer Service Management PRB1305339 With "CSM Default" theme, "CSM Header Menu" doesn't render notification bell icon (menu item)
Customer Service Management PRB1313481 The Updated and Updated By fields on the sn_customerservice_case table display incorrect dates after completing the data migration task
Customer Service Management PRB1314968 Create New Application module is deactivated during activation/upgrade
Customer Service Management PRB1315227 Research performance issues with dynamic recipient lists for publications
Customer Service Management PRB1304647 Case Slush Bucket on Contact Form: Unable to add the cases with the Add button from the Cases slush bucket, i.e. on the Contact form
Customer Service Management PRB1318960 URL in Team Calendar which includes '%2B' (a plus sign) cannot be decoded successfully
Customer Service Management PRB1319432 Recipient list count - The recipient list dynamic condition is evaluated when the selected method is upload
Dashboards and Home Pages PRB1264889 Widgets don't load if an applied breakdown is deleted
Dashboards and Home Pages PRB1303845 Dashboard order is not evaluated in London
Dashboards and Home Pages PRB1297965 Role names containing special characters break dashboards
Dashboards and Home Pages PRB1302972 Issues with duplication encountered when creating a dashboard version on a homepage
Dashboards and Home Pages PRB1306941 The user does not have option to create a dashboard or see other dashboards if the last visited dashboard is not shared with the user anymore
Dashboards and Home Pages PRB1316356 Interactive filter records do not display related lists
Dashboards and Home Pages PRB1272292 The Edit Homepage UI action from sys_portal_page redirects to the wrong homepage
Dashboards and Home Pages PRB1285517 Focus is taken away from navigator to the homepage on load/reload
Dashboards and Home Pages PRB1301451 Widget Tooltip / help text hover can go out of bounds on the left of a dashboard
Dashboards and Home Pages PRB1301595 Report title format issues when report is named "ASSIGNED TO ME"
Dashboards and Home Pages PRB1302168 Dashboards: Renaming a dashboard tab that contains special characters can display HTML code
Dashboards and Home Pages PRB1311311 Interactive filter group doesn't allow user to add same choice from different interactive filter
Dashboards and Home Pages PRB1303766 IE11 - In the 'Share' panel, the message section doesn't fit the screen
Data Certification PRB1286931 Certification users do not see images attached to the schedule definitions, as these are only visible for the certification admin
Delegated Development PRB1300876 Successful cds_client_schedule jobs were not pulling complete data from sncdataservices repository
Delegated Development PRB1296334 Error message appears in Approvals due to Designated Development roles
Demand Management PRB1312319 Certain demand assessments have empty trigger ID
Demand Management PRB1294507 On Demand (dmn_demand) creates assessment Instances for stakeholders but no notification is sent.
Demand Management PRB1296267 Demand workbench - Performance issue in loading the demands list
Demand Management PRB1305679 After installing Application Portfolio Management, issues occur with Insert and Stay for an idea record
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB1306284 CMDB Dependency View - CI Type filter shows the table name instead of the display name for non-English languages
Discovery PRB1296757 Deadlock at DiscoverySensor (line 345) causes scheduler to overload or stick
Discovery PRB1266263 Duplicate entries occur in the dscy_router_interface table
Discovery PRB1291922 When classifying Unix\Linux machines with unsupported shell - classification fails as F5, ESX and ZOS are reporting errors
Discovery PRB1297922 Parsing parameters from ECC queue records with text nodes in a parameter fail
Discovery PRB1239489 SNMP - Routing sensor failed with oversized payload attachment
Discovery PRB1261379 ZOS - OS probe introduced in Kingston throws error and causes classification to fail
Discovery PRB1265978 'UNIX-OS Uptime' probe fails to parse date when MID Server's locale is Italian, German, or Japanese
Discovery PRB1268722 Split payload mechanism should cover related tables
Discovery PRB1270477 "Windows - Azure" probe executes against the MID Server instead of the remote target
Discovery PRB1309396 Event queue performance issues due to slow discovery.device.complete events
Discovery PRB1312056 Discovery is not populating First Discovered and Last Discovered on Windows Cluster CIs
Discovery PRB1284564 Hitachi SMI-S server returns duplicate serial numbers
Discovery PRB1303015 Network Switch and Network Router HD Pattern fails on step 33.14 (SNMP - Switch - Vlan Library) with JAVASCRIPT_CODE_FAILURE
Discovery PRB1304580 Discovery external credentials: Performance and credential affinity issues
Discovery PRB1293504 Invalid MID Servers in a schedule cause multiple 'discovery.canceled' events from each Discovery Status, triggering the powered waterfall
Discovery PRB1298079 Custom choices for 'cmdb_ci.discovery_source' are not available after an upgrade
Discovery PRB1302033 Cloud Management Discovery. The AWS Server - EC2 relationship does not get built
Discovery PRB1305798 Discovery not populating First Discovered and Last Discovered on Hyper V servers causing CI's to be marked as stalled on CMDB Dashboard
Discovery PRB1307318 CI Schedule Manager - Dates showing Incorrect when date format property is customized
Discovery PRB1310922 NetApp discovery fails on metrocluster from node to disk relations
Discovery PRB1255432 CI IP updated unexpectedly if Identity probe failed at retrieving adapter information
Discovery PRB1258913 Malformed in namespace com.snc.discovery.SnmpSensor
Discovery PRB1263374 PowerShellProbe does not work with WinRM using HTTPS
Discovery PRB1276780 Router discovery reconciles router interfaces twice, resulting in duplicate and absent records
Discovery PRB1284563 Hitachi and Pure SMI-S servers return HTTP 200 with error code for invalid credential
Discovery PRB1292098 Linux Identity exception when adapter list contains ""
Discovery PRB1292267 ADM: Synthetic process is erroneously classified and explored if port matches an IP Service
Discovery PRB1293143 MID Server does not log if more than one vCenter Event Collector is in use
Discovery PRB1295311 Websphere Instances not being created correctly via ServiceNow Discovery
Discovery PRB1300539 Software Installations related list missing from some CI forms, including AIX, Solaris, HP-UX
Discovery PRB1300804 The discovery of UCS fails
Discovery PRB1302717 Error return is suppressed for Linux probes that use dmidecode command
Discovery PRB1304056 Shazzam fails HTTPS scan when the target server allows only TLS 1.2
Discovery PRB1306731 SNMP Routing Reconcilers cannot reconcile records based on the State change (e.g. Installed --> Absent)
Discovery PRB1311082 New generation EC2 instance classes fail to create a relationship between Linux Server CI and AWS EC2 Instance CI
Discovery PRB1313156 Serverless execution patterns are not executed with different URL parameters provided
Discovery PRB1313767 Network Discovery doesn't discover all subnets when using patterns as main routers discovery
Discovery PRB1191524 Discovery for Solaris Zones is not using the unique "Zone ID" value
Discovery PRB1264260 Discovery Pattern log: on Oracle, the unique index definition does not allow more than one log entry to enter DB
Discovery PRB1268924 Generic server records won't get reclassified as ESX servers
Discovery PRB1273600 Running Tomcat pattern for discovery pollutes MID Server logs
Discovery PRB1276440 Chassis type (SCCM Computer Identity transforms) needs to reflect latest spec
Discovery PRB1279292 Entry in the IP affinity table not removed after removing the CI containing the IP address
Discovery PRB1281985 Credential-less discovery creates CIs with FQDN as the hostname in error
Discovery PRB1283734 The credentialless discovery appears to classify the network device (Cisco IOS) as a computer (Apple iOS) instead of a switch/router
Discovery PRB1284233 Credentialless discovery does not classify the host correctly
Discovery PRB1289907 The Debug session auto-reconnect does not sync on the events/parsing strategy
Discovery PRB1290920 Discovery should not delete install records created by other data sources
Discovery PRB1291261 Issues with install date/time for Windows-installed software
Discovery PRB1292237 vCenter's Name is not updated
Discovery PRB1293425 GenericJDBCDatabase: MID Server memory leak issue due to the H2 database connection leak
Discovery PRB1293496 Multiple 'discovery.canceled' events from each Discovery Status trigger powered waterfall
Discovery PRB1293943 Netscaler issue svcGrpMemberGroupName does not display the name properly if more than 32 characters are in the list of members
Discovery PRB1294064 SCCM - Removed software transform map doesn't delete software install
Discovery PRB1294316 Device classification issue with router and switch
Discovery PRB1295346 Solaris - Identity sensor only uses inserts/updates one serial number even if more are available in payload
Discovery PRB1296372 DiscoveryJSONIDSensor and DiscoveryIDSensor can create a blank model record for CI if adding real model records fails
Discovery PRB1296818 Process 'grep db2sysc' passes DB2 server process classification and ends up in creating invalid DB2 instance
Discovery PRB1296822 Cant debug pattern when multiple main CIs are discovered
Discovery PRB1298183 Windows storage discovery is not populating the correct mount point in Windows 2012 and 2008
Discovery PRB1298452 Bug report: AIX - CPU probe doesn't calculate cpu count properly
Discovery PRB1298824 DiscoveryLinuxStorageSensor does not set install status of undiscovered storage HBAs to absent
Discovery PRB1300442 Pattern: A load balancer discovery does not populate all the Virtual Services
Discovery PRB1300968 CI relationship table is missing
Discovery PRB1301760 Null pointer exception error running WIndows cluster identification probe on a Windows server
Discovery PRB1301835 CI updated multiple times if device has multiple IPs used in a single discovery
Discovery PRB1302599 During NetScaler device discovery, some data gets corrupted
Discovery PRB1303578 MSSql DB - On Windows, patterns do not create choice list entries for Engine Edition
Discovery PRB1303791 Performance issues performing a query for serverless discovery pattern
Discovery PRB1306286 Ace load balancer VIPs aren't getting discovered when using context switching
Discovery PRB1310115 Issue using two SNMPv3 credentials with the same username
Discovery PRB1310512 SNMP walk commands are not built correctly when generating them for querying a table using a filter that matches more than 1 row
Discovery PRB1310862 Linux total disk size calculated incorrectly when fdisk uses mapped device names
Discovery PRB1311779 Discovery of SNMP Network devices creates unnecessary Network Adapter and IP Address records
Discovery PRB1313425 vCenterDatacentersSensor may delete its vCenter record
Discovery PRB1313944 Remove 'Migrate to pattern' modules from the navigation bar
Discovery PRB1315212 Migration of VM between vCenters is mis-identified, leading to duplicate CIs
Discovery PRB1262429 The Shazzam sensor should handle input record error messages differently
Discovery PRB1309154 When running a pattern using the new mechanism of running 2 patterns, one after the other we are getting error for the second pattern.
Discovery PRB1310553 Discovery Status Cleanup runs when the Discovery plugin is not active, which causes errors
Discovery PRB1314743 SNMP alternate port discovery is not working as expected
Discovery PRB1315398 The Shazzam port probe for winrm_ssl requires a shorter timeout
Discovery PRB1319337 NetApp provider doesn't provide enough information when testing credentials
Domain Support PRB1068318 Activating Domain Support - Domain Extensions Installer automatically loads demo data with no warning or documentation
Domain Support PRB1291757 Possible memory leak in Domains caching
Domain Support PRB1210103 Domain picker is set to empty after processing a session_change event
Domain Support PRB1243830 After activating Domain Separation, when editing a related list on a record, the URL does not update
Domain Support PRB1254526 Adding a sysparm_query in the URL does not change the session to the record's domain
Domain Support PRB1272450 Domain hierarchy validation jobs bypass GlideRecord API and generate database queries that cannot be rerouted to a read replica
Domain Support PRB1274827 The domain reference picker does not correctly reference the domain after the session timeout
Domain Support PRB1304073 Glide List field on incident form shows users from a different domain
Domain Support PRB1315459 getMyGroups returning inconsistent results in domain-separated instance
Edge Encryption PRB1305924 Edge Encryption proxy alert reports Edge Encryption Proxy status as "Unresponsive" but the proxy is actually "Online"
Edge Encryption PRB1296276 Links on Edge proxy download page do not work if there are restrictive ACLs on sys_attachment
Edge Encryption PRB1273328 Edge Encryption SOAP rule incorrectly assumes the content is XML
Edge Encryption PRB1284394 Encrypted value is shown when a change is copied from the Change Request form
Edge Encryption PRB1292115 Email attachments are attached to records unencrypted even though attachments on the table are marked to be encrypted
Edge Encryption PRB1296370 Edge encryption rules should be compiled once per update, not once per thread
Edge Encryption PRB1299048 Edge Encryption proxies are not optimizing responses for compressible responses
Edge Encryption PRB717452 The Edge proxy uses deprecated GzipFilter and StAXDialectDetector
Edge Encryption PRB1270146 Auto AHA transfers leave four edge proxies in an unresponsive state
Edge Encryption PRB1272479 Edge proxy continuously receives "Missing body in JSON response" error messages
Edge Encryption PRB1296201 Values inserted from embedded list on form do not get encrypted
Edge Encryption PRB1298233 Unable to deactivate Edge Encryption settings even if the table.column it is created on is deleted
Edge Encryption PRB1298264 Encryption context displayed as many times as the number of Encryption context roles the user has
Edge Encryption PRB1304991 Edge Encryption attachments: unexpected UI behavior
Edge Encryption PRB1299086 The download all attachment doesn't set static header for Edge
Email PRB1240675 Email diagnostics reports false negatives when the number of email accounts exceeds the number of available progress workers
Email PRB1275864 ServiceNow processing CSV or other text attachment as inline text, or losing the attachment
Email PRB1264040 Scheduled List Reports to CSV always append the Users timezone to the end of any date/time field
Email PRB1245551 Delegates are included as recipients even when the original recipient failed by personal notification subscription filters
Email PRB1268184 Inbound email action of Action type: "Reply Email" is not checking the condition picker or condition script
Email PRB1313785 The Preview Notification renders as text instead of HTML when glide.ui.escape_text is set to false
Email PRB1238319 IEAs executed as normal the first time an email is processed
Email PRB1261260 When using the ${description} variable in Quick Messages Templates, all new line entries are removed from the description
Email PRB1261330 Attachments copied to an email client record are not removed when removed from the attachments modal
Email PRB1265348 Watermark written in the body of an email message
Email PRB1267980 TLS email account does not respect certificate
Email PRB1277839 Watermark still visible when is false
Email PRB1294964 Content is escaped inside "< >" character created with Japanese half-width katakana if the mail is in the text format
Email PRB1297888 Email client fields To and CC do not recognize the value when it is pasted into the fields
Email PRB1264762 From and ReplyTo field values are in different format in outbound email
Email PRB1266647 Using &nbsp; in an email notification causes emails to display all HTML code
Email PRB1274837 Notification preferences restricted by ACL or domain visibility can cause Consolidated Preferences UI to loop indefinitely
Email PRB1280034 No way to hide or not allow "Allow Notifications" option from the Notification Preferences for Non-Admin users
Email PRB1284374 Calendar notifications do not have correct dates
Email PRB1289173 Property is ignored
Email PRB1289565 Reply and Forward buttons distort originating emails HTML and escape CSS tags
Email PRB1295353 Inbound Action 'BP - Create Incident With Watchlist' causes Rules (Assignment) to fail
Email PRB878576 Push notifications stopped working after certificate was changed
Email PRB1237586 Email content not correctly generated according to HTML in template
Email PRB1280419 Email client can still send email to an active user even if the notification device is disabled
Email PRB1284009 The recipient fields in the Compose Email popup no longer allow users to press <Enter>
Email PRB1292245 A non-admin user cannot see attachments in the Email client on tables that are not extensible
Email PRB1294986 Missing email attachments when sent via email client and recipients exceeds
Email PRB1295386 Users with an apostrophe in their first or last name causes the notification preview to be blank
Email PRB1296792 Changing the reply or forward prefixes property sometimes does not work
Email PRB1297783 Mandatory notifications are not delivered if user has disabled the primary email channel
Email PRB1298378 Response to iCal from Outlook returns to ServiceNow in the Junk mailbox
Email PRB1302106 Non-ASCII language characters in "User Label" field appear garbled in the Email client "Reply to" field
Email PRB1303758 Ignore duplicate business rule does not work when emails contain text "Ref:MSGXXXX" in the body
Email PRB1310634 Mail Script is called from "Message Text" field when the notification is set for Content Type - HTML Only
Email PRB1311352 Notification subscription condition is case-sensitive
Email PRB1246760 Subscription notification logging references the wrong table
Embedded Help PRB1319589 When the EH trigger process the queue, large number of rows get selected from sys_embedded_help_queue table
Event Management PRB1290174 Alert Console: An error message appears when clicking on an alert: "Tear off called for a non existent reference field"
Event Management PRB1254568 "/" transaction related to Get Impact Tree may cause OOM condition
Event Management PRB1291875 Incoming event maintenance flags blank out all alerts glide_date_time fields through the impact calculator
Event Management PRB1280849 New line characters are removed from 'Description' for events coming from the MID Server
Event Management PRB762618 Out-of-memory and performance issues processing events
Event Management PRB1296215 Recurring excessive memory usage by Maintenance Calculation job
Event Management PRB1296648 Selecting and opening an alert from the Dashboard alert panel causes an exception
Event Management PRB1251027 The status of 'resolved' in the vRealize Operations alert is never updated
Event Management PRB1289536 CMDB CI lookups should not perform a query if there are no conditions
Event Management PRB1292160 Zabbix and Nagios connector stores Japanese characters in event/alert description field as html character code
Event Management PRB1303944 Excessive logging from class
Event Management PRB1272323 Issues occur when building the impact tree for a business service with many CIs
Event Management PRB1294952 Users cannot see the Event Management dashboard on mobile devices
Event Management PRB1296084 "Alert Impact" is not retrieved by vRealize connector out of box
Event Management PRB1298111 NagiosXI connector - NagioIX version 5.5.2 response API does not contain 'statehistory' on the JSON
Event Management PRB1310469 SCOM: Timing issue causing duplicate events
Event Management PRB1313159 Errors occur when running RCA leaner jobs calculation on MID Server
Event Management PRB1317844 SNMP v3 Inform doesn't work then trap sent with engine ID
Event Management PRB1262408 An event threshold rule configured to process a huge amount of data can run the instance out of memory
Event Management PRB1272724 The same property is used in Event Management to control reading of the alert table and alert history
Event Management PRB1273669 Event processing is logging many errors
Event Management PRB1274189 The OOB SolarWinds regex pattern does not work
Event Management PRB1291229 Issue when the 'Additional info' on an event has a field containing 'incident'
Event Management PRB1291940 Event Management runs expensive table cleaner job against the em_alert_history table
Event Management PRB1295428 OMI Connector script doesn't support a date without milliseconds
Event Management PRB1296289 'Undefined' parameter in the close notes of incident closed by event management alert
Event Management PRB1296802 AI - Agent Assist missing "Actions" in Alert form
Event Management PRB1297700 Wrong comparison inside the vRealizeJS mid script for single event conversion
Event Management PRB1303515 The business rule 'Close Associated Incident' appears to be running unnecessarily
Event Management PRB1303941 Need to create an INT and log the issue when EvtMgmtCustomIncidentPopulator throws an exception
Event Management PRB1304681 Event Management - Node Count job causes high memory consumption
Event Management PRB1308479 In London, when the Remediation Workflow is launched via 'Quick Response', a remediation task is created without any references to configuration items
Event Management PRB1310345 Node count - need to add fix script to update Other type as non-licensable
Event Management PRB1311033 Issue with Self-Health Monitor Core Class EvtMgmtHealthMonitorCommon
Event Management PRB1311257 SCOM- Same event is fetched twice when the last fetch had more than one event
Event Management PRB1315853 Connected Services Cache - (ConnectedBSGraphCache) is working insufficiently
Event Management PRB1307967 Binding by additional info - binding should not include empty fields
Event Management PRB1312649 Alert form - Enable Audit on worknotes field only and add activity stream to Alert layout (classic and workspace)
Express PRB1297616 BR 'Set Approver No Longer Requested' does not update approvers if approval is 'Rejected'
Express to Enterprise PRB1298235 System property "glide.approval_engine.sc_request" value changes from "approval_engine" to '"off"
Facilities Service Management PRB1296296 UI policies do not work on the variable editor in facilities request
Facilities Service Management PRB1291638 Field service templates do not work when searching for assets in facilities
Facilities Service Management PRB1293520 Facilities Workbench - The Zoom (+/-) buttons block lower floors on the map on mobile apps
Facilities Service Management PRB1302851 "Assign to me" UI action is changing the assignment group
Facilities Service Management PRB1300846 Facilities module - Single User Move Task creates additional blank requests
Field Normalization PRB1281114 MakeAndModel script include does not check for field normalization, which can lead to duplicates on cmdb_model and core_company
Field Service Management PRB1280846 Auto-assignment performance issue with large number of cmn schedule spans (>40K)
Field Service Management PRB1316274 Questionnaire behavior is not worked as expected
Field Service Management PRB1295060 Weekday and Date picker translation are not available on Appointment Booking window
Field Service Management PRB1297914 Appointment Booking not displaying times as expected when (glide.sys.time_format) property is modified
Field Service Management PRB1297935 Appointment booking slot which is canceled should free-up for booking again
Field Service Management PRB1297942 The work order gets closed after the work task is closed incomplete with a follow-up task created
Field Service Management PRB1298626 The available appointments displayed in the appointment booking popup differ depending on the current timezone when setting a small appointment window
Field Service Management PRB1301867 On Task Ordering Rule form, changing any field value clears the connecting task field
Field Service Management PRB1303349 Admin gets logout while making the changes for event configuration
Field Service Management PRB1311018 Submitting an Appointment Booking request from portal redirects to a nonexistent page
Field Service Management PRB1296751 Page count is incorrect on Team calendar when the same Agent is member of two of more work groups
Filters PRB1298228 Updating a dynamic default record does not capture the resulting sys_dictionary change in an update set
Filters PRB1298356 Filter breadcrumb translation issue
Filters PRB1299104 Fields containing ampersand (&) in labels do not display correctly on condition builders
Financial Management PRB1284720 Project Actual Cost (pm_project.work_cost) is set to the user session currency
Financial Management PRB1297329 "Total actual cost" doesn't auto populate value on basis on cost plan breakdown after upgrade.
Financial Management PRB1298876 Contract rate card business rule "Update Contract" is using GlideAggregate and not honoring the users session currency
Financial Management PRB1301428 Validating Fiscal period throws error "The period from xxxx-xx-xx for fiscal unit Month is not valid"
Financial Management PRB1302487 Unit cost and Quantity of Cost plan is editable through list View
Financial Management PRB1308510 "Process Last Month CI Costs" schedule job is pointing to Legacy CICostProcessor. It should be FMCostProcessor SI
Financial Management PRB1308522 Fiscal admin should be able to generate when domain is global
Financial Management PRB1312185 "Project Cost Allocation per Fiscal Period" report throws error: "Cannot generate the report. Stack By field itcoa_segment_five does not exist"
Financial Management PRB1314815 task.short_description 'Display' Dictionary Value set to 'true' when activating 'com.snc.financial_planning' plugin
Financial Management PRB1316555 Insert and Save do not generate breakdowns for a Benefit Plan
Flow Designer PRB1294209 PFLogListener overflow DBLazyWriter causes the instance to become unresponsive
Flow Designer PRB1291705 Flow designer: "Ask for approval" action does not change the approval field as expected on the sn_vul_vulnerable_item table.
Flow Designer PRB1271176 When using the flow designer to update an HTML field on a form, data pills do not working correctly
Flow Designer PRB1292405 'Remove Condition' button on a flow trigger does not successfully delete the most recently deleted condition
Flow Designer PRB1307954 The flow execution causes excessive sys_compiled_choice cache to flush
Flow Designer PRB1316605 Script step in Flow designer does not show full code
Flow Designer PRB1284215 Condition used in a subflow does not go into the Else loop if the condition fails
Flow Designer PRB1293050 Error encountered when applying an update set that has a Flow Designer within it
Flow Designer PRB1297060 Boolean values cannot be saved in a flow designer as expected
Flow Designer PRB1298454 Ask for Approvals Action creates duplicate approvals for non-task tables
Flow Designer PRB1298578 Unable to use code tags to add a hyperlink to "Additional Comment" journal field
Flow Designer PRB1311326 Flow Designer: Cannot use "Name/Values" input type
Flow Designer PRB1315140 Flow Designer - From within an action, users are unable to add a third condition to the 'Wait for Condition' step
Flow Designer PRB1298746 Approval action is not firing approval events
Flow Designer PRB1314979 Flow Designer flows are triggering an hour earlier than the configured trigger time
Forms and Fields PRB1294562 Slowness in the item_option_new form when loading page
Forms and Fields PRB1299102 Add/Remove multiple icon for list type field does not work if it's added as a dot-walk field
Forms and Fields PRB1293898 The search bar when selecting users/groups to add to tags does not work
Forms and Fields PRB1032506 Item Designer - Question column doesn't always match section selection
Forms and Fields PRB1042731 Drop-down value is blank when read-only, instead of showing "--None--"
Forms and Fields PRB1292721 Multi-level bullets and numbered lists don't behave correctly in Wiki KB articles
Forms and Fields PRB1112736 Field type 'Name-Value Pairs' cannot be set to read-only on client or server
Forms and Fields PRB1286217 Encryption issues in live form
Forms and Fields PRB1293054 Read-only decimal fields are saved incorrectly when comma is used as the decimal separator
Forms and Fields PRB1295009 Selecting the button to expand timing details in the response time indicator sometimes causes the page to load a blank form
Forms and Fields PRB1264425 The reference variable on the record producer does not respond on the Mobile UI when there is a Hebrew value in it
Forms and Fields PRB1297913 A read-only multi-line text field on a form (incident) doesn't automatically resize for non-admin users
Forms and Fields PRB1307115 Chrome auto-fill data overlaps the auto-completion of reference field(Assigned To) on the form
Forms and Fields PRB1313472 Custom fields on sys_ref_list view when set at 0 position breaks the reference lookup in "Traditional Chinese" language
Forms and Fields PRB1283750 While form loads, read-only fields can be expanded and drop-down values can be viewed and selected
Forms and Fields PRB1288769 Multi-variable type "Look up select box": Lookup from table field appears 'read only' for admin, but is editable
Forms and Fields PRB1289754 In the mobile application for Kingston, text is not translated
Forms and Fields PRB1293315 Wiki field label is showing on HTML type articles
Forms and Fields PRB1293536 Date/times displayed on forms in 'Time Ago' format do not update on change
Forms and Fields PRB1295589 The character counter for long text fields is not accessible
Forms and Fields PRB1297959 Accessibility enabled increases the form loading time
Forms and Fields PRB1299088 Adding apostrophe or quote(s) in "Name" field breaks GlideModal's functionality. (Example: Run Fix Script UI action fails)
Forms and Fields PRB1305232 Token errors appear on the browser console when loading the approval form
Forms and Fields PRB1305989 Opening the link for a project created from a demand does not apply the view rule
Forms and Fields PRB1307477 The read-only values in a dropdown are visible if the user presses the up or down keys while the input has focus
Forms and Fields PRB709946 Annotations that denote sections of a form should use header tags
Forms and Fields PRB1317413 The currency code is reverted to "$" when currency field updated with a client script
Forms and Fields PRB1267232 Cannot get focus via keyboard in Tag Details if accessed via "Show related Lists" pop-up
Forms and Fields PRB1289882 Unable to rename the file on attachment popup attached with drag & drop.
Forms and Fields PRB1292014 Choice list fields are not sorted by value when dependent value is one of the choices
Forms and Fields PRB1294139 On-call roster member changes to null when moved in slush bucket
Forms and Fields PRB1294409 Clicking Advanced view of wizard UI policy changes the form layout and shows the system UI policy form
Forms and Fields PRB1294465 The 'field_decorations' dictionary attribute does not work on 'Phone Number' field
Forms and Fields PRB1294642 Modifying a check box from a list using client script does not save the checkbox
Forms and Fields PRB1294859 The date is set to where the cursor points, not to the highlighted date when you press Enter
Forms and Fields PRB1295374 g_form.getValue is giving different results between Mobile and Service Portal
Forms and Fields PRB1298155 Demand field only previews assessment data when viewed from Planning Console view of project record
Forms and Fields PRB1298372 Adding a tag to a cmdb_ci record and then adding a group or user in the 'viewable by' dialog doesn't save the groups/users
Forms and Fields PRB1300240 Business rule not saved correctly with glide.ui.syntax_editor.async_post
Forms and Fields PRB1300292 Date fields do not change to "Days ago" after updating the field
Forms and Fields PRB1302270 Correct currency values not auto-populated when user does not have write access to the currency field
Forms and Fields PRB1302446 Additional actions for incidents cannot be selected when context menu has scroll bar
Forms and Fields PRB1302678 'Settings' popup in Configuration Item - CI Relation view is cut when the language is set to Hebrew
Forms and Fields PRB1302775 Edit Tag Audience dialog does not show full group names when searching for groups to add
Forms and Fields PRB1303847 Form header text "Engagement New Record is incorrect for non-admin users
Forms and Fields PRB1303868 iPad issues when clicking "i" icon in a list view
Forms and Fields PRB1304670 Issues with favorite/bookmark URLs after instance is cloned
Forms and Fields PRB1305460 The 'Viewable By' field on the 'Edit tag audience' dialog is not working on the HR case records.
Forms and Fields PRB1306200 Text color in Calendar History view
Forms and Fields PRB1306586 Sending email from incident form breaks when an updated field contains more than the browser max number of characters
Forms and Fields PRB1307810 Mandatory asterisk does not appear on form section when required field is a dot-walked List type
Forms and Fields PRB1309256 If LiveUpdate is interrupted, saving a workspace record can cause data loss
Forms and Fields PRB1310518 "Activity Properties" popup in Workflow Editor does not close when you click outside the popup
Forms and Fields PRB1310731 Multiple popups appear when hover on Reference field icon in form sections
Forms and Fields PRB1311044 Can't perform actions in form layout due to commented-out validation scripts
Forms and Fields PRB1311198 With custom-formatted locales, currency value saved incorrectly if updated via client script
Forms and Fields PRB1311216 On the task progress board, the popup and edit form modal windows overlap
Forms and Fields PRB1313755 Firefox: issue submitting a form with multi-line mandatory fields that aren't filled in
Forms and Fields PRB1314978 URL is overwritten when user does not have write privilege on ACL.
Forms and Fields PRB1306425 Date picker is not displaying next to date field
Forms and Fields PRB1317213 Cannot upload picture/screenshot in the KB Article in wiki format ([[Image: file name.png]] ) in London
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB1303162 After London upgrade, ACL from the GRC scoped app caused an issue on cmdb_ci_service table
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB1171658 Skipped error for "sys_dictionary_sn_risk_risk_number" when upgrading because it exists on parent table already
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB1270030 Delete UI action on the Citation record does not work
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB1297082 All controls default to non-compliant regardless of responses in attestation
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB1307997 Upgrade from Jakarta to Kingston sets flag on all profiles as true as if created manually
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB1292068 Warning logs are seen whenExecuting an Indicator with a failed indicator result
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB1292209 Creating new service in data certification task creates a new certification task instead of a new service
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB1292638 'Order' field on GRC Content table is is set to numeric not Integer, creating an issue with sorting in the list view
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB1300289 Slowness opening "item" reference qualifier list on Indicator form(GRC Indicator table)
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB1302139 Inactive profiles for active controls under policy statement
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB1305345 "Control attestation nightly run" scheduled job does not get controls frequency
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB1305649 Domain separation and GRC: records created in TOP domain instead of originating child domain
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB1314785 'Show incorrect and unscored responses' filter does not work for 'Choice' data type
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB1315809 Typo in "Assessment Detail" portal widget error message
Graph API PRB1301851 CuckooMap.values() function can return a NULL entry causing the GraphQL schema build to fail
Guided Tours PRB1291491 The Guided Tour Designer throws an error if the Openframe plugin is installed
Guided Tours PRB1293518 Guided tour rendering issues
Guided Tours PRB1310062 URL in the "Override tour Auto Launch preferences" UI action should be structured differently
Guided Tours PRB1315522 Callout created on a guided tour related list is saved on a different related list
Guided Tours PRB1238660 (USG Incident) - Guided Tours prevent from adding Callout due to Dictionary entry attribute no_attachment = true
Guided Tours PRB1294070 Create Guided Tour breaks and generates an error "Cannot read property 'getAttribute' of undefined" unless the Service Portal plugin is activated
Guided Tours PRB1297874 Callouts do not work on a custom tab in an incident
Guided Tours PRB1300586 Guided Tours issue - Cannot add callouts to dot-walked fields
HTML Editor PRB1249535 TinyMCE - PowerPaste pop-up needs to be translatable
HTML Editor PRB1271312 <br> and new lines in body field of email templates are converted to <div>&nbsp;</div> when rendered in TinyMCE
HTML Editor PRB1273142 Insert/Edit link in text editor replaces images with the text
HTML Editor PRB1307701 Tiny MCE editor doesn't display thumbnail when inserting image into KB articles
HTML Editor PRB1287625 Email client does not delete attachment when the clipboard content is deleted from TinyMCE editor
HTML Editor PRB1309893 "Find and replace" pop-up screen is showing "Add Me" Icon Instead of X
HTML Editor PRB1292351 Hint text on wiki field displays twice in IE (Kingston)
HTML Editor PRB1294500 Cursor placement is not maintained when content is pasted into text editor
Human Resources PRB1259107 The KB knowledge base is not entertaining the HR criteria
Human Resources PRB1274476 HR user cannot edit Assignment group field in HR Case list view after upgrade to Kingston P3
Human Resources PRB1295516 After installing the Knowledge Blocks plugin, bookmark/favorite icons are not shown properly
Human Resources PRB1294367 Service Portal (Upgrade Issue): "HRJ Completed Items" widget, if added to custom page, generates console errors if upgraded to Kingston
Human Resources PRB1315846 Inbound action created an HR case with the wrong priority
Human Resources PRB1303288 Role used in ACL for HR Core Scoped app plugin does not exist
Human Resources PRB1278942 Topic Detail and Topic Category should extend sys_metadata (Application file)
Human Resources PRB1294739 Scoped ACLs are active alongside global ACLs for global records
Human Resources PRB1319953 An error messages appears for some offboarding integration cases: 'Direct chat with HR must be requested trough HR Portal only!'
Human Resources Service Management PRB1279410 HR: Integration imports cause slow events
Human Resources Service Management PRB1292852 The HR case "Restrict Query" business rule is invoked multiple times for non-HR records
Human Resources Service Management PRB1310155 HR - HR PA roles (sn_hr_pa.admin and sn_hr_le_pa.admin) need to be handled correctly
Human Resources Service Management PRB1293872 HR Transfer Case modal breaks where there is an apostrophe in the HR Service or Topic Category with the system property 'glide.ui.escape_all_script' disabled
Human Resources Service Management PRB1302929 Upgrade issue with hr_AssignmentAPI script include
Human Resources Service Management PRB1292195 Orphaned reference to .jsx file on (accept_signature) UI Page
Human Resources Service Management PRB1297688 Additional comments in HR cases are saved in IE but not Chrome
Human Resources Service Management PRB1292280 Typo in sn_hr_integrations.HRIntegrationsOutboundHelper script include
Human Resources Service Management PRB1294045 Non admin/non HR profile_writer roles cannot see Notifications in system settings
Human Resources Service Management PRB1294160 Case Creation list view is 'default' instead of 'case_creation'
Human Resources Service Management PRB1295115 Issues creating an HR Case from a template with no template fields explicitly set
Human Resources Service Management PRB1295249 PDF generator - Cannot render a footer image across the page
Human Resources Service Management PRB1295480 Cannot view report drill-downs in HR applications
Human Resources Service Management PRB1297258 Duplicate RCA files in EDM causing db insert exceptions in log files
Human Resources Service Management PRB1300766 The business rule 'Auto Assign' of HR Task throws a message "No agents meet the auto-assignment criteria for HRT000****"
Human Resources Service Management PRB1302488 Missing translations for 'sn_hr_core_link' records
Human Resources Service Management PRB1305647 'End date can not be before start date' error message on sn_hr_core_link table if the date format is not the default yyyy-MM-dd
Human Resources Service Management PRB1306206 Transfer Case screen pop-up displays all the &'s as &amp
Human Resources Service Management PRB1314384 Disabled HR record producer is re-enabled after daily license download job
Human Resources Service Management PRB1315495 Sign Document does not add signature to HR PDF template for specific pdf files
Human Resources Service Management PRB1316868 Managed document permissions do not carry over to HR portal
Human Resources Service Management PRB1293147 HR auto-assign logic is not excluding inactive users who are in the assignment group
Human Resources Service Management PRB1293324 HR document template is not editable in the French language
Human Resources Service Management PRB1293402 Client script "Validate mobile number (submit)" does not validate valid phone numbers with non-US formats
Human Resources Service Management PRB1293981 Transfer case option copies the closed date if we transfer a reopened case
Human Resources Service Management PRB1294526 The SLA field on the HR Talent Management case does not get populated
Human Resources Service Management PRB1294611 Scoping messages are contradictory in the HR properties UI
Human Resources Service Management PRB1295228 Transfer Case does not populate certain fields from the service template
Human Resources Service Management PRB1295289 HR Integrations Scheme Mappings: constant value is not mapped correctly
Human Resources Service Management PRB1296649 HR Portal - The activity 'Complete' button do not function correctly
Human Resources Service Management PRB1296953 HR Case Management COE configuration throws error if user has both admin and sn_hr_core.admin roles
Human Resources Service Management PRB1297964 Double-byte character such as Japanese does not get merged to the fillable PDF
Human Resources Service Management PRB1298142 PDF files generated within HR module have no MIME type (pdf extension)
Human Resources Service Management PRB1298203 Module names where 'legacy' is applied are not translated
Human Resources Service Management PRB1298288 HR Service Portal header configuration not being set on HR Services
Human Resources Service Management PRB1298490 When an HR user requests an onboarding, the user record that is added does not have a user ID and password
Human Resources Service Management PRB1303276 Activity widgets on HR Portal refresh the entire page after posting a message
Human Resources Service Management PRB1304416 Users without HR roles can see question-answer records
Human Resources Service Management PRB1304924 'Suspend Dialog Box' client script shows an error in Print view for HR payroll case form
Human Resources Service Management PRB1308468 Clicking the "Show cases created" UI action redirects to the home page
Human Resources Service Management PRB1309343 Issues changing the state from Suspended to anything and then back to Suspended
Human Resources Service Management PRB1310063 HR Portal - Information widget does not display after upgrade
Human Resources Service Management PRB1311293 Templated snippets with the same name cause issues
Human Resources Service Management PRB1312797 HR Announcements might not display on the HR Portal if their start date is compared to the current date in GMT
Human Resources Service Management PRB1313293 Users unable to view dashboards created in HR Scope
Human Resources Service Management PRB1315193 Date variable does not follow any set format
Human Resources Service Management PRB1315999 Improve performance of case form loading with similar cases
Human Resources Service Management PRB1316128 'Mark Signature Blocks' UI page does not display the expected PDF in some cases
Human Resources Service Management PRB1305829 RCA error on HR Task form when form is read-only and email_template is not displayed
Human Resources Service Management PRB1316636 ACLs are not executed in scoped app
Human Resources Service Management PRB1294404 HR criteria is evaluated incorrectly in User Criteria Diagnostics and Preview Articles with blocks
Human Resources Service Management PRB1317356 HR-generated documents can have images removed from the PDF
Human Resources Service Management PRB1318903 'Subject Person' is not set as requestor when the 'Create a parent case' feature is selected
Human Resources Service Management PRB1318969 Disable code that disables COE's, services etc. based on UA&L entitlements
Human Resources Service Management PRB1319904 OOB business rules (Trigger Outbound Services) can create many unnecessary syslog entries, .even when HR Integration Outbound Services are set to 'Active = false'
Import / Export PRB1292084 ImportSetTransformer spins for a long time for mutex to be freed when coalescing on a null value
Import / Export PRB1248838 When a user clicks the Preview button on an export definition record, the list's filter options are not responsive and the preview list columns are not sortable
Import / Export PRB1251964 Easy Import is not exporting all columns
Import / Export PRB952946 LDAP Listener generates "LDAP exception validating object:Read timed out" errors
Import / Export PRB715483 Load all records in Datasource creates a field in the Global scope in a scoped import set table
Import / Export PRB1263518 Listener is inactive but it appears in the LDAP log as being updated every 5 minutes
Import / Export PRB1296361 When running a scheduled report in CSV format that includes variables as the columns, the column header does not show the variable name/header
Import / Export PRB1302277 Importing data using the load data functionality returns a blank page upon submit
Import / Export PRB1260233 Append timestamp does not match the export history with the filename that is exported to the MID Server
Import / Export PRB1262995 Setting property "glide.db.impex.json.max.file.size.mb" to a value above 2000 causes imports to fail
Import / Export PRB1266847 Imported records missing mandatory data are processed without error
Import / Export PRB1273065 FTPS is no longer supported but is still available as an option
Import / Export PRB1247425 Easy Import fails when the admin role is an elevated privilege
Import / Export PRB1249280 Easy Import maps to 'inactive' fields when the transform map is auto created upon the data load
Import / Export PRB1268382 When a scheduled export job is enabled for post-script but not enabled for pre-script, job outputs "Failure during scheduled run of job: java.lang.NullPointerException" even though export and scripts run fine
Import / Export PRB1290800 Transform Map:Coalesce on Glidelist field always inserts
Import / Export PRB1292477 Clicking the back button within the UI loads the data after choosing existing table and file
Import / Export PRB1317657 After upgrading to London, JDBC probe jobs no longer accept passing a function to the external RDBMS. IE: TO_TIMESTAMP
Incident Alert Management PRB1303271 domain path fix included in reparenting of incident_alert takes a very long time in a customer sub-prod with 172917 records
Incident Management PRB1300955 Error: Illegal access to package
Incident Management PRB1293805 Contact definitions are created with empty user/group values
Incident Management PRB1297358 Incident state not updated when state value changes on incident form
Incident Management PRB1295521 When multiple users are in the same record, the '<user> is typing' presence indicator is not working
Incident Management PRB1318253 OOTB "Create Incident" inbound action fails to set priority on incidents from high importance emails
Incident Management PRB1300390 Major Incident Workbench - chat button is visible to users who cannot access Connect
Incident Management PRB1301480 Activating Major Incident Management plugin can cause issues with collision detection
Incident Management PRB1303558 Order of the Major Incident Management workbench, Communications Section, does not follow the Flow Designer
Incident Management PRB1311051 Major Incident Plugin issue
IntegrationHub PRB1307289 API key length issues
IntegrationHub PRB1313195 Action Description field limitation to be increased
IntegrationHub PRB1293422 Multiline text allows only 40 characters in the flow
IntegrationHub PRB1312120 Response attachment handling does not honor correct target record
Integrations PRB1259353 Setting "Maximum retry" = 1 on an ECC Queue Retry Policy can cause an infinite number of retry attempts
IT Asset Management PRB1296985 Software entitlements are not reconciling
IT Asset Management PRB1288195 Per-device and per-user-license metrics are not available when the Microsoft Metric Group is selected
Knowledge Management PRB1304243 If user does not have role found in glide.knowman.show_user_feedback, user feedback is not created
Knowledge Management PRB1284491 User Criteria that is not used by any knowledge base is evaluated on the first article opened in the session
Knowledge Management PRB1276269 Date corruption in kb_knowledge causing unexpected behavior
Knowledge Management PRB1290357 SPUI: Knowledge Management Service Portal Home is slow due to missing indexes/slow SQL
Knowledge Management PRB1314501 Images in knowledge article tables are not displaying properly when published
Knowledge Management PRB1291783 "Attachment link" in article check box help text implies an attachment opens not downloads
Knowledge Management PRB1296051 KB search for duplicates cuts off at "&" or "#" characters
Knowledge Management PRB1296765 Text alignment issue while importing Knowledge article
Knowledge Management PRB1296870 Issue on right-click option in "Your Answer" field in Knowledge question form
Knowledge Management PRB1298476 KB article rating not being validated correctly
Knowledge Management PRB1306939 When clicking on 'An updated version of this article is available' message, the latest version of the article is opened in the /kb portal, regardless of the current portal
Knowledge Management PRB1308043 Updating attachments on KBs does not change "Updated" and "Updated by" fields
Knowledge Management PRB1311757 Not able to post a question if a knowledge base has many categories and sub-categories
Knowledge Management PRB1312330 Duplicate article search results while searching KB with order by view count
Knowledge Management PRB1314656 Attachment name in KB article widget does not adhere to box boundary
Knowledge Management PRB1312085 Labels on $ are not translated
Knowledge Management PRB1317417 In London, the kb_home UI page only shows items with no category
Language and Translations PRB1251397 Popup of a reference field (cmn_location table) is blank when using Russian language
Language and Translations PRB1302965 List edit incorrectly displays English value instead of system language for element type documentation field
Lists PRB1308349 loadRow failure java.lang.NullPointerException when a "table name" field type is added to a form
Lists PRB953283 Long column names cause formatting issues on the light personalization slushbucket in Microsoft Edge
Lists PRB1264831 Clicking Show choice list for extended CMDB table shows blank list
Lists PRB1247195 gs.addInfoMessage and gs.addErrorMessage outputs are displayed before redirection when triggered from a list action
Lists PRB1255338 Lists - list header menus should not appear for "other active tasks"
Lists PRB1290293 Column search does not work in Assignment Data Lookup table
Lists PRB1302216 Filter condition builder is breaking when date is included
Lists PRB1308904 IE browser. The mouse pointer jumps on the Category field when left clicking, and the user is not able to choose the subcategory
Lists PRB1115640 Unable to export query builder results
Lists PRB1283568 Issues with editing a list inline using JAWS screen reader
Lists PRB1290246 In IE, if a Reference popup is open to show a list of records and you right click on any record to Open in a New Window, the new window opened is empty
Lists PRB1296371 Read-only text field has formatting issues when creating new record
Lists PRB1300322 In a list view when hovering over the comments and work notes field. Line breaks are not taken into account for List V2
Lists PRB1304015 Date Field Hover-over Pop-up inconsistently switches between weeks, days and hours if repeatedly triggered
Lists PRB1304899 Firefox: Stage field labels are lined up below the stage symbols when expanded in sc_req_item if the associated workflow has Stage Rendering set to "Workflow Driven" or "Main Flow"
Lists PRB1306152 Adding large number of records on a List type field prevents the field from loading and shows 'This page isn't working' error
Lists PRB1308597 List condition in the expanded filter is different from the breadcrumb
Lists PRB1311214 Generated URL of the change task has the parameter "sysparm_record_target=conflict" when more than one embedded list is added to a form
Lists PRB1038749 Issue with checkboxes in Firefox
Lists PRB1245995 Dot-walked columns are not displayed in list view if one ACL on one dot-walked column fails
List v2 PRB603872 Related list record counts are incorrect after viewing a related record from a list with multiple pages of records
List v2 PRB1198029 Duplicate Approve and Reject list actions on List v2 in IE11
List v2 PRB1292255 State drop-down in filters on Approvals tab has unexpected values
List v2 PRB1318172 List V2: Dot-walked empty/null values have a hyperlink and redirects to a null record
Live Feed PRB1099808 Some comments are not viewable after adding a .png file
Live Feed PRB1295729 Adding a Journal Input field to the kb_knowledge table causes any comments added in the "Add a comment" field to not show
Live Feed PRB1297691 Avatar Initials are Incorrect if parenthesis is present
Live Feed PRB1291746 LiveFeedMessage API postMessage() does not correctly process the 'from_profile' in the activity feed
Managed Documents PRB1303097 Managed Document: Canceling a rollback is creating a new revision of the document
Memory: Heap Space PRB1293027 Frequent low memory occurrences after archiving the CMDB table
MID Server PRB1297648 SNCSSH: "Timed out while waiting for TCP to connect" occur when not caused by network or target delays
MID Server PRB1314105 During the MID upgrade, two-minute time-out for deleting old files is not enough for some customers
MID Server PRB1206641 Unable to assign the mid_server role to an integration user
MID Server PRB1274535 Large ECC Queue payloads created in the TEMP folder are not removed
MID Server PRB1292553 MID Server selection throws the "Unable to find default MID Server sys_id.." error even when other MID Servers are available
MID Server PRB1298495 MID Servers connect via parameter even if mid.proxy.use_proxy=false
MID Server PRB1274323 'Pending jobs' field in ECC Agent Status is calculated using input rather than output ECC queue records
MID Server PRB1298206 Issues with Discovery Schedules timing out
MID Server PRB1271381 MID script Include 'ArrayPolyfill' causes the MID Server to query / excessively
MID Server PRB1288426 MID Server auto-upgrade repeatedly fails if an incomplete ZIP file was downloaded, as the bad ZIP is not checked before continuing the upgrade, or redownloaded
MID Server PRB1305027 The custom operation pattern discovery in AWS does not support external credentials such as CyberArk
MID Server PRB1244307 HTTPS connections are being closed explicitly when initiating AMB connections
MID Server PRB1265192 Powershell probe has a very small chance of leaking two threads
MID Server PRB1294691 If mid.pinned.version configuration parameter is set as empty, the MID Server will remain pinned or will not auto-upgrade
MID Server PRB1250922 MID Server script file cannot handle Japanese characters
MID Server PRB1278645 Failures running SSHCommand probe with 'bash'
MID Server PRB1294837 MID Servers query ecc_mi table unnecessarily and agent logs are flooded with ACL errors
MID Server PRB1295941 The mid.ssh.session_timeout setting is always ignored
MID Server PRB1311418 Detect PowerShell v6 logs a MID Server issue that PowerShell v6 is currently not supported
Mobile PRB1281304 When there are Chinese characters on the form, the reference lookup function breaks
Mobile PRB1304198 setValue() is not working for the currency field on Mobile
Modals & Dialogs PRB1293202 "This helped" and navigation buttons are not working in incident related search results in the VM
NotifyNow PRB1303132 Notify call failing when the incident is added as a parameter(fifth) to NotifyAPI
NotifyNow PRB1281522 Notify-Twilio: Need to import the voice-enabled only and SMS-enabled only numbers from Twilio
NotifyNow PRB1296584 Notify conference call fails when the CalledVia parameter is not an E.164 compliant number
NotifyNow PRB1298854 UI actions "Send SMS" and "Start a Conference" not working correctly
NotifyNow PRB1302464 Send SMS workflow activity throws error when Notify number is a Short Code
NotifyNow PRB1319425 Twilio/Notify time delay of 5 seconds or more when using the activity 'Say'
On-call Scheduling PRB1293070 Schedule members are not filtering based on groups while creating on-call schedules
On-call Scheduling PRB1274521 The Schedule report takes a long time to calculate when a user is a member of several large groups
On-call Scheduling PRB1294137 Overlapping time-off creation should be allowed across groups
On-call Scheduling PRB1294491 The On-call Schedule Interceptor triggers global workflows
On-call Scheduling PRB1298269 On-Call Schedule entries have an incorrect 'end time' when they are created from schedules with dates in Daylight Savings Time
On-call Scheduling PRB1298517 Manage Rota provides incorrect shift end values when shift spans to a new month
On-call Scheduling PRB1301988 The "User Removed from Rostered Group" email notification has incorrectly formed URLs
On-call Scheduling PRB1308915 When trying to schedule primary coverage in the on-call calendar, the schedule button is disabled
On-call Scheduling PRB1310718 Large number of v_alternate_rotation records created when "My schedule report" is generated
On-call Scheduling PRB1316976 Inconsistent behavior when using 'Manage Rota' when time off and coverage overlap for a user
On-call Scheduling PRB1262006 Escalation plan is correct during scheduling, but the escalation report is incorrect
On-call Scheduling PRB1291736 Mismatch in behavior of the com.snc.on_call_rotation plugin after upgrading from Jakarta to Kingston
On-call Scheduling PRB1293987 Skipping/Missing Roster member issue on the On-Call calendar
On-call Scheduling PRB1296458 On-call JS API - invalid code
On-call Scheduling PRB1297670 The "deactivate" button on cmn_schedule_span records doesn't work as expected
On-call Scheduling PRB1304393 On-call calendar ($ allows users to type dates as "9999-01-02", which consumes the memory of the node and restarts it
On-call Scheduling PRB1304727 On-call Schedule report has duplicate schedule and date created columns
On-call Scheduling PRB1309484 Issues with replies to Twilio numbers
Orchestration PRB1273953 Skip errors seen in upgrade log when upgrading to Kingston
Orchestration PRB1276455 Domain separated instances don't have a default MID Server, causing orchestration activity error in resolving host name
Orchestration PRB1267529 "Resolve DNS Name" activity in orchestration fails to use available MID servers when no default is set
Orchestration PRB1273432 Manual creation of JSON object with string manipulation should be changed
Orchestration PRB1296231 When Activity Creator performs "Test Inputs" on Powershell activity, the "Test Inputs" window is stuck loading
Orchestration PRB1296652 When workday password contains '&' character, the SOAP request fails
Orchestration PRB1096926 GenericException script include has a syntax error which returns errors since 'this_cause' is not defined
Orchestration PRB1236357 A related list file is skipped during plugin activation
Orchestration PRB1291928 JDBC activity multiple Insert issue against Oracle DB
Orchestration PRB1296255 ASYNC: Automation - Sensor scheduled jobs are needlessly created, causing scheduler backlog and performance issues
Outbound Messaging PRB717409 RESTMessageV2 does not include mutual authentication info when endpoint returns 301
Outbound Messaging PRB1266129 When "Generate sample SOAP messages" is used, the messages have extra text in them
Outbound Messaging PRB1293144 Issue with the REST Message/Function when a record producer is submitted through the service catalog
Outbound Messaging PRB1295234 Unable to pass parameters to outbound REST message via Mid Server using probe files
Outbound Messaging PRB1297940 Outbound SOAP - Not able to overwrite Content-Type with setRequestHeader when using executeAsync
Password Reset Application PRB1292471 The Active directory activity 'Change AD user password' cannot handle all error codes returned from Active Directory
Password Reset Application PRB1294927 Enrolling from two different session simultaneously creates two duplicated answers to enrollment questions
Password Reset Application PRB1248994 Password reset/change does not correctly handle non-ASCII characters
Password Reset Application PRB1264803 Tooltip hover text not getting translated in Password Reset page
Password Reset Application PRB1269684 Possible issue with Jelly tags in password reset UI macros and pages
Password Reset Application PRB1280902 When domain separation is enabled, Password Reset doesn't create workflow contexts in correct domain
Password Reset Application PRB1283217 Incorrect enforcement of maxlength variable length on the Password Reset UI pages
Password Reset Application PRB1303760 Password Reset Process stuck on captcha because MID server is unavailable during upgrade process
Password Reset Application PRB1319719 When an account is locked and the user does a password reset, the password reset page hangs
Patterns PRB1298431 MSSQL database names with spaces are truncated when using the MSSQL database on the Windows pattern
Patterns PRB1291451 The Azure database pattern fails to discover MySQL database
Patterns PRB1308660 Assigned_To attribute is not getting populated by Discovery
Patterns PRB1282786 Issues occur with load balancers because the identification pattern continues to fail
Patterns PRB1291151 Conversion script to migrate from Probes to Pattern
Patterns PRB1293296 Unexpected behavior from WMB on the Unix Pattern
Patterns PRB1293297 Issues terminating Amazon AWS Route53 when hosted zone is empty
Patterns PRB1296826 Cisco interfaces and Cisco VIPs are not discovered properly due to version issues
Patterns PRB1307721 The pattern 'Network Switch' fails due to neighbor interface being down or neighbor not being discovered
Patterns PRB1293288 When discovering Hyper-V servers, they appear as class "windows server" with no virtual instances
Patterns PRB1297294 Issues with the pattern for JBoss on Linux and Windows
Patterns PRB1303326 AJP Endpoint Invalid URL
Patterns PRB1312929 Multiple CIs can appear with the same chassis serial number
Patterns PRB1317058 Azure Website pattern: retrieve list of websites with a single REST call
Patterns PRB1292301 DataPower Server pattern throws an error
Patterns PRB1293992 Linux server pattern fails to bring in the Object_ID for the newer EC2 instance
Patterns PRB1294812 The Oracle options table samp_oracle_options is filled with invalid data when Pattern commands fail
Patterns PRB1296032 Reconciliation issues on the networking device discovery
Patterns PRB1296637 The Cisco GSS create connection does not work correctly and the cluster is not created correctly
Patterns PRB1296990 HP-UX server discovery error - Pre sensor failed due to: TypeError: Cannot convert null to an object
Patterns PRB1300836 Netapp query doesn't run in debug mode
Patterns PRB1303547 MS SQL DB on Windows Pattern does not support multiple namespaces
Patterns PRB1303780 'Child' Service Account Discovery from an AWS Master Account is limited to the first 20 accounts
Patterns PRB1306631 UCS blade duplication issue
Patterns PRB1311020 Mongod DB pattern does not recognize the -f flag for configuration files
Patterns PRB1313294 Issue with pattern 'Oracle DB on Windows'
Patterns PRB1313306 The MS SQL Enrich Attribute Library is inactive by default in London instances, causing the MSSQL DB on Windows patterns to fail
Patterns PRB1314459 As downstream connections, the pattern 'F5 BigIP LTM' fails
Patterns PRB1314470 "MSSql DB On Windows Pattern" didn't make correct db connection
Performance Analytics PRB1263130 Issue with creating new dashboard tabs when using domain separation
Performance Analytics PRB1293827 A malformed JSON reply occurs in PA Indicator REST API if a duplicate indicator-breakdown mapping is inserted via XML (update set, script, business rule)
Performance Analytics PRB1286744 PA text analytics : Text analytic widget/dashboard loads slowly when there more than 50K records
Performance Analytics PRB1295079 Updating and saving some OOB PA Indicators (for example 'Number of CIs Installed') gives the error: "Indicator Source Facts table and Script Facts table must have the same value"
Performance Analytics PRB1300887 Performance Analytics: The breakdown relation does not work as expected
Performance Analytics PRB1261391 PA Data Collections job is slow when counting elements
Performance Analytics PRB1262244 When the $ page is opened outside of, the custom fav icon is not shown in the browser tab
Performance Analytics PRB1294467 Widget with follow element is not following if the user doesn't have pa_viewer role
Performance Analytics PRB1296034 In the performance dashboard's pie chart Data labels, & is shown as &amp;
Performance Analytics PRB1298000 Warning is thrown when adding or removing PA widgets on a homepage or dashboard
Performance Analytics PRB1304505 Mobile app - For all the indicators in the favorite list, the realtime value is queried, even though the indicator itself has the "Show real-time score" unchecked
Performance Analytics PRB1314074 Issue displaying PA dashboards on Instances with legacy domain separation configuration
Performance Analytics PRB678054 PA formula indicators with 'No Score' are not detected and cause issues with Averages / Percentages
Performance Analytics PRB1254895 Collecting from non-separated table with a domain configuration fails with a null pointer exception
Performance Analytics PRB1267941 PA_migration - If there are two or more invalid indicators, the invalid score numbers are not calculated correctly
Performance Analytics PRB1274298 [PA old code] Labels on "spider" type visualization widget are not shown
Performance Analytics PRB1274700 Manually running the PA Scores Migration in Kingston fails with an error
Performance Analytics PRB1274831 Breakdown elements are not captured if the breakdown mapping is on rotated table and field is dot-walked
Performance Analytics PRB1279962 Add ability to disable 'forecast per' indicators
Performance Analytics PRB1281084 PA collection jobs lead to replication lag
Performance Analytics PRB1283776 PA score migration fails due to records in the [pa_scores] table with NULL field values
Performance Analytics PRB1288251 The Share feature in the Interactive Analysis Filter Info Panel is not creating the URL with source filter
Performance Analytics PRB1292044 Speedometer settings: If scale is specified, the speedometer hand points to the incorrect value
Performance Analytics PRB1294486 Breakdown selector options are not translatable
Performance Analytics PRB1294512 Creating a time series widget based on an indicator, where the unit is 'time', no Y axis is displayed when added to a dashboard
Performance Analytics PRB1295355 Interactive filters display child table choices if the filter is on the parent table
Performance Analytics PRB1297157 Issue opening related records from "Word Cloud" widgets
Performance Analytics PRB1300419 Switching between dashboards that share the breakdown element filter triggers a reload that delays the switching
Performance Analytics PRB1303298 Issues with the Performance Analytics Data Collection Job failing to collect scores
Performance Analytics PRB1304790 In Chrome 69 and Firefox 62, labels are not visible on threshold lines in the Scorecard
Performance Analytics PRB1308843 Scorecards - Export to PDF converts "IS&T" to "IS&amp;T" in the exported PDF
Performance Analytics PRB1309476 "Reports.UpdatedBy" script returns "undefined" result
Performance Analytics PRB1311030 Workbench widget with a time widget indicator shows wrong display value when using non-Roman alphabet languages
Performance Analytics PRB1312378 Fields with type "Timer" should be handled the same way as fields with type "Duration"
Performance Analytics PRB1292785 The Text Analytics widget should take into account 'minimum word occurrence'
Performance Analytics PRB1305427 Unmatched element can return the wrong value (0) when shown in realtime
Performance Analytics Application PRB1267072 Widget layout is incorrect when the instance is switched to a RTL language
Performance Statistics and Graphs PRB1300256 Performance Dashboards - Replication lag reports "0" if the the first database pool record is inactive
Persistence PRB636410 Incorrect join on dot-walked query condition 3 levels deep when preceded by same dot-walk 2 levels deep
Persistence PRB1041283 Performance Analytic jobs fail when using an Indicator condition based on a field of the type 'Translated Text'
Persistence PRB1254469 BootstrapBatcher adds/modifies columns on the DB table if there is a discrepancy between dictionary metadata and the database column definition
Persistence PRB1285805 "*** ERROR *** Field: sys_domain ref='<<table_name>>' must be specified" may be in the logs when committing an update set
Persistence PRB1278292 No matching records are returned when searching for multiple tags using the AND condition
Persistence PRB1278421 Lists with 4 or more joins sometimes display values from the wrong record
Persistence PRB648343 Adding a new column from "Form Layout" does not check whether the field exists in a table that extends from the current table
Persistence PRB1280424 Disable in-app clone with properties
Persistence PRB1303474 Tables should not be audited upon delete to prevent delete recovery from kicking in
Persistence PRB1241317 Backup tables for reparenting in TPH cause spurious validation failures
Persistence PRB1263390 DBConnection held large buffer in memory for an extended period of time
Persistence PRB1294725 Adding a column to a TPP table in a scoped application packages bootstrap XML for all child tables
Persistence PRB1285665 Schema map shows empty table names and no columns for referenced tables
Persistence PRB1249660 TPP migration logging stops after reaching maximum transaction per logging limit
Persistence PRB1290798 When grouping by report results using a dot-walked field, the total records shown for each group do not match the total number of records returned overall
Persistence PRB1290879 Committing an update set can fail on Oracle instances if the ALTER has both ADD and DROP
Persistence PRB1297534 No results are returned by an inner join query if the condition builder has two or more empty dot-walked fields
Persistence PRB1297880 Using an update set to edit the field label on a parent table does not sync the updated field label on the child table
Persistence PRB683015 Oracle line chart of weekly averages that crosses the year boundary mid-week plots a final point incorrectly for the following year
Persistence PRB966602 Oracle Database - Updating multiple operations between groups ignores lower case
Persistence PRB1316897 Possible upgrade failure (IllegalArgumentException) when reglomming identically-named fields in TASK hierarchy
Persistence PRB1241657 Unable to change a field the type of 'List' to 'Reference' when the values in that field are less or equal to 32 characters long
Persistence PRB1281035 Performance issues when using INSTANCEOF to filter a table
Persistence PRB1281668 Decimal field gets truncated on upgrade if dictionary does not match database type
Persistence PRB1284507 Migrating two columns offrow that have the same element name in the same hierarchy overwrites the first storage alias
Persistence PRB1286626 After upgrading to Kingston, the order in which conditions are listed for reports returns a smaller query than the correct result
Persistence PRB1295271 Upgrade rollback failed due to failure to download War file
Persistence PRB1236286 Starting Jakarta, creating Field level ACLs on Tables created in scoped application extending from table 'Configuration item' do not show fields from Parent table
Persistence PRB1273768 Decimal data type is glommed incorrectly to decimal with smaller max length/scale
Persistence PRB1287636 Online alter causes replication lag
Persistence PRB1292123 Delete Recovery Tool: Restoring Change Request/task record with associated workflow, breaks the related approvals, workflow
Planned Maintenance Application PRB1297482 Creating a schedule template from within a maintenance schedule Inserts additional templates
Planned Maintenance Application PRB1306199 Duplicate Facilities Request is created intermittently from monthly maintenance plans
Platform Security PRB606404 Error message: "Insufficient permission to access reports" occurs on the ESS Reports page when user has no role
Platform Security PRB1297102 ASCII control characters (% followed by certain hex codes) are removed from HTML fields
Platform Security PRB1312932 SSO (SAML2) configuration breaks during upgrade to London with modification of Identity Provider URL
Platform Security PRB1252502 SysAttachment.changeEncryptionContext API is corrupting attachments when user doesn't have access to encryption context being changed to
Platform Security PRB1284799 incident.* - save_as_template ACL shipped in 'com.glide.acl.service' has admin_overrides null, should be true
Platform Security PRB1296088 Can't Remove sn_si.admin role from the admin role when using SSO
Platform Security PRB1311556 Using templates on Encrypted Text Field results in cipher text showing
Policy and Compliance PRB1315016 Users with "sn_compliance.user" role cannot access the Attestation metric results, but they can read the metric result
Policy and Compliance PRB1316685 Unable to save after the active field is unchecked or cleared in the Citation form
Problem category Number Short description
Problem Management PRB1295106 Issue with copying workaround text to a linked incident
Procurement PRB1306295 Purchase orders are consolidated in error when the vendor and destination are the same for the RITMs
Procurement PRB1307453 Unable to source a request and add to the purchase order
Profiles and Remediation PRB1105276 When associating one policy to the policy statement, the progress bar on the top becomes unresponsive
Project Management PRB1303251 The Planning Console loads slowly
Project Management PRB1247837 When closing all project tasks, the project state does not change to "Closed complete"
Project Management PRB1256753 Decision records (dmn_decision) have only the 'Rejected' state configured as a close state
Project Management PRB1291478 The Planned end date changes for the milestone when the project/task is closed
Project Management PRB1300824 Project tasks with finish start dependencies are not recalculating
Project Management PRB1303035 Project export to Microsoft Project always shows project <start> time in PDT timezone
Project Management PRB1308630 Updating the 'Actual end date' is updating the 'Planned end date' on dependent project tasks
Project Management PRB1294296 MPP import/export issues in the Project Portfolio Suite Application
Project Management PRB1300559 Slowness when creating a project through a template
Project Management PRB1301449 'Update resource capacity' scheduled job has blank end date after processing
Project Management PRB1302460 After the upgrade to Kingston, the Related Links section is missing from the Planning Console view of Project Tasks
Project Management PRB1309946 The state of the stories is changed unexpectedly and cause data corruption
Project Management PRB1316543 Changing the Actual start date in Project populates the Actual end date
Project Management PRB1316449 Using Copy Project, the relation (predecessor and successor's top task) points to the old top task not to a new top task
Project Management PRB1316330 Deselect all on Timeline view of portfolio workbench not working
Project Management PRB1261210 Changing a planned project date to another year displays the wrong project count on the Portfolio Workbench
Project Management PRB1291154 Difference in behavior between Jakarta and Kingston when a project created from a template is set to 'Work in Progress' state
Project Management PRB1292860 Resource plan and Cost plan evaluate demand start date incorrectly
Project Management PRB1293039 Top program field is not set when an .mpp file is imported in existing project that is related to a program
Project Management PRB1296828 Can't close a Program in Kingston if contains a few decisions
Project Management PRB1302426 Drag and drop operation to increase duration of task in client side planning console is inconsistent and is based on the zoom scale
Project Management PRB1303958 Project form accepts negative number in percent complete
Project Management PRB1304412 In Planning Console, double-clicking the dependency field to update date it does not take lag of more than 23 days
Project Management PRB1307088 Issue creating a project in Project Workspace if the template has no "scheduled start date" element
Project Management PRB1307234 Estimated Duration value is not correct when an MPP file is imported
Project Management PRB1307379 Timeline Visualization navigation arrows are not working, and get stuck for the future dates
Project Management PRB1309308 Adding multiple users to the Additional Assignee List from the Planning Console refreshes the page
Project Management PRB1309684 Dates/times in the planning console are not updated when users change their timezone
Project Management PRB1311155 When the Planning console critical path is ON, the wrong highlighted critical paths appear when printed
Project Management PRB1311907 In Internet Explorer, the date format MMM-dd-yyyy auto-populates an invalid Planned End Date in a new project
Project Management PRB1312062 'Planned start date' and 'Planned end date' fields are not set to read-only or disabled when the project task is closed
Project Management PRB1313803 Client-side planning console issues
Project Management PRB1315254 Planning Console: Cannot see Planned Effort until you save the record
Project Management PRB1315678 My Project workspace: There are no colors when using French or Spanish
Project Management PRB1315970 From benefit plan breakdown, clearing the Entered Benefit value does not get rolled up to Total Planned Benefit
Project Management PRB1316162 Error running business rule 'Recalculate' on pm_project_task
Project Management PRB1315902 PPM Project tasks duration rollup issue on Planning Console
Project Management PRB1316768 Planning Console - The getMessage() and unindent task actions do not auto-schedule the old parent when there are relation issues
Project Management PRB1319216 Form loads the incorrect Status Report UI action for users who have 'After Form Loads' set for related list loading
Project Management PRB1321139 Two 'dhtmlxgantt.css' files with same path (/styles/dhtmlx/dhtmlxgantt.css) exist
Project Portfolio Management PRB1242846 List v3: Incorrect count on related list: On the Project form, the Resource Plan related list record counter display the incorrect count
Project Portfolio Management PRB1298867 Non-admin users unable to create reports in the Project Status Portal
Project Portfolio Management PRB1303577 On the investment portal, the new Investment view form shows options in all languages for the category field
Project Portfolio Management PRB1297178 The planned effort field is not imported from the MS project file
Project Portfolio Management PRB1308555 Setting an invalid 'end date' on a resource plan takes nodes OOM
Project Portfolio Management PRB1316755 Project status field icons are not displayed in Investment portal
Project Portfolio Management PRB1316382 Investment portal doesn't load all the reports and is not honoring the pagination
Project Portfolio Management PRB1292999 Planning Console: State of selected tab is not announced
Project Portfolio Management PRB1301426 Project Portfolio Suite with Financials plugin activated reports failure for planned_task_recalculation_exclusions_entries.xml
Project Portfolio Management PRB1301612 Milestone dots in Program Timeline view renders strangely when printing
Project Portfolio Management PRB1303108 Grid UI displays Cost Plan 'Total Planned Cost': 12'000.5 as 1'200.5 incorrectly
Project Portfolio Management PRB1310165 Portal page displays 404 error after adding the "Callout" widget to the index page
Project Portfolio Management PRB1312612 Resource Management - Allocation workbench throws error when trying to create a new board
Project Portfolio Management PRB1315099 Timeline Visualization is stuck on '100%' if a record in roadmap_user_page exist and is defined in a scoped app
Project Portfolio Management PRB1320478 The PPM Investment Portal widgets do not filter demands on teamspaces
Record Watcher PRB1294006 Record Watcher is adding syslog record changes to the evaluation queue undesirably
Record Watcher PRB1286294 Real-time updates on single score report widget do not get up-to-date information when the 'contains' filter condition is used
Related Lists PRB1311959 List edit box on related lists renders at the bottom of the page and form is unusable
Related Lists PRB1252233 Issues loading related lists in the "Switch with routing" view in IP Switches page when loading preference is 'After form loads' or 'On Demand'
Related Lists PRB1304459 Related list filter does not load the 'order by' sort correctly after it was saved
Reporting PRB1269391 The bar report displays the same column data repeatedly
Reporting PRB1291895 The breakdown filter on dashboard resets on switching tabs - NullPointerException
Reporting PRB1275086 Multilevel pivot reports cannot be exported to PDF if the report title contains "&"
Reporting PRB1294377 Using a date filter with "group-by" on the title in column type reports does not display data in bar graphs
Reporting PRB1296480 Report title is rendering "&" as "&amp;"
Reporting PRB1258167 In a multilevel pivot report, the columns header position changes/overlaps depending on the size of the condition builder when it is expanded
Reporting PRB1316337 Map report doesn't aggregate values as defined by Map Source in last level (Latitude/Longitude)
Reporting PRB1279199 Real-time updates should not be allowed for single score report widgets when the report source is a database view
Reporting PRB1291887 In interactive filters, date filter list values are not translated in other languages
Reporting PRB1294262 When executing a Multilevel Pivot export from the report designer or report builder, the filter will not be applied
Reporting PRB1303267 Column and Trend charts fail to load when user sets "Group by" on any time field with display data labels ON
Reporting PRB1247633 'Insert a new row' is displayed twice when the list edit inserts row = true
Reporting PRB1272748 The trend chart displays the max number of groups and other UI elements show, even though it does not support these elements
Reporting PRB1294279 The HTTP 500 error occurs while exporting reports as a PDF
Reporting PRB1294896 For a trend series, if the report is using a database view, the transaction may be in a non-run state for a certain condition
Reporting PRB1296650 Exporting a pie chart report to PDF in Hebrew with grid / data table causes the letters order to be mirrored
Reporting PRB1297835 In non-english languages, an extra column appears for (empty) for Bar type report, even if there is no empty record
Reporting PRB1297917 Asterisk has reversed colors after navigation to a report widget
Reporting PRB1303641 When creating certain labels for a column (e.g Priority field for change_requests), reporting labels are still showing the parent label when using the Additional Group By field.
Reporting PRB1305298 Clicking 'Add to Dashboard' to share a report causes the 'Homepage' tab to display 'Dashboard', 'Tab' fields in error
Reporting PRB1306155 Portal - Report widget shows "Loading report" and does not load reports if 'Show Chart title' is selected as "Always"
Reporting PRB1314783 On-click behavior is not working on the single score report outside of report designer
Reporting PRB831588 The 'Show Other' checkbox is not disabled when 'Remove Other' value is selected
Reporting PRB1267099 Pie/Bar/Column on sc_task returns no data when grouping by "Variables"
Reporting PRB1290342 The dashboard is slow when filters are applied
Reporting PRB1292539 In Donut chart the show total sum of values is displayed incorrectly when it contains negative values
Reporting PRB1293831 Data labels are not displayed correctly on piecharts in right to left languages
Reporting PRB1294963 A list view containing an empty translated HTML 'Description' field results in messy PDF export file
Reporting PRB1303318 Issue running 'Bubble' type report when Step Line with "Display data labels" option is checked
Reporting PRB1304719 The widget performance threshold property is ignored for some users
Reporting PRB1306306 Ordering doesn't work on Line report if a data set is added
Reporting PRB1296659 Filter does not apply on reports after switching dashboards and then tabs
Reporting PRB1297025 Chart reports that group by or stack by on a catalog variable generate error in dashboards and homepages
Reporting PRB1314527 On Multilevel pivot reports where the row and column groups are reference fields, the whole table hierarchies are displayed as the column name.
Reporting PRB1316853 New UI policy in London breaks a previous policy for ACLs
Resource Management PRB1300349 London Resource Workbench update error when the date format is not YYYY-MM-DD in the user profile
Resource Management PRB1241324 Resource Workbench fails to load when the Start and End Dates are far apart (~4 years)
Resource Management PRB1310045 Resource report shows invalid dates if the user in the profile has system date set to: dd-MM-yyyy
Resource Management PRB1314044 The 'Update Resource Aggregates' UI action does not work properly
Resource Management PRB1293152 Resource managers are unable to update the resource plan or earlier dates
Resource Management PRB1303492 Group resource plan is allocating hours to inactive/locked out users
Resource Management PRB1304752 Resource Calendar date/time format cannot be set to 12 hours
Resource Management PRB1243016 "Allocations" resource reports are not correctly filtered when a non-system language is used
Resource Management PRB1292332 Error is displayed when creating an operational resource plan
Resource Management PRB1294089 Resource widget (Allocated Vs Actual) doesn't show correct data for customer's timezone (Asia/Manila)
Resource Management PRB1297829 Resource plan start date and end date are not updating correctly when we change demand/project start date
Resource Management PRB1300161 On upgrade to London, Requested allocations are not created if only the com.snc.project_portfolio_suite plugin is active
Resource Management PRB1300235 Resource Calendar date/time format cannot be set to 12 Hours
Resource Management PRB1302237 Manage UI action in the Resource Plan related list for a project is not working
Resource Management PRB1302492 Monthly resource aggregates are empty for specific months
Resource Management PRB1307030 Significant performance issues occur when confirming resource plans for large groups (> 30 people)
Resource Management PRB1309366 Resource plan can take incorrect date as user input
Resource Management PRB1311303 The resource finder shows user allocated to the project with '0' hours
Resource Management PRB1312256 Resource plan requested allocations round up to nearest hours instead of the nearest multiple of specified minutes
Resource Management PRB1313540 Resource capacity planning is not updated from resource group
Resource Management PRB1292736 On allocation workbench, when the date filter is set to 2019-Jan until 2019-Dec, all the tasks and resource plans in the grid are filtered accordingly, but the grid columns are being shown from 2018-Jan
Resource Management PRB1306543 Issues with the allocation workbench under the Resource Management module
Resource Management PRB1315141 Behaviors of form UI action on the form and grid are different
Resource Management PRB1315417 Cancelling a Resource Plan in the 'Confirmed' state does not remove the cost from Resource Allocated Cost (resource_allocated_cost)
Resource Management PRB1319400 On an upgraded instance from Istanbul (or prior) to Kingston (or later), Confirmed/Allocated Hours on resource allocations and task on aggregates are not populated
Resource Management PRB1320170 Time cards submitted for non-tasks get recorded on operational resource plan dailies
Risk Management PRB1258918 Unable to set default filter for 'Risks' related list on sn_risk_definition records
Risk Management PRB1303352 Error attempting to continue a Vendor Risk Assessment on Vendor Portal when the URL has a "/" at the end
Schedules PRB1295438 Changing system date/time format to "MMM-dd-yyyy" and "hh:mm a," full day event is not created on My Resource calendar
Schedules PRB1243976 Monday event on the calendar always starts from 00:00 irrespective of start time
Schedules PRB1297647 Schedule span record that repeats on 29th of every month has issue on non-leap years
Security PRB1267267 SMTP Authentication (glide.smtp.auth) is deprecated and no longer in use after Geneva
Security PRB1304348 Remove the reporting of 'glide.whitelist.manager.collection_mode.override' as its deprecated
Security PRB1305052 Logic correction needed for 'Authentication > Remove Credentials From Welcome Page'
Security Access Control Lists PRB1300925 When adding a user to a group fails, no error message is shown
Security Access Control Lists PRB1249207 With CSM plugin activated public/external users are not able to see images of knowledge articles in KB which does not have any user criteria
Security Access Control Lists PRB1281073 isMemberOf function returns inconsistent value in domain separated environment
Security Access Control Lists PRB1289591 Create ACL on checklist_template retains, which blocks non-admin users from saving checklist items as template
Security Access Control Lists PRB1297369 ACL problem in list
Security Access Control Lists PRB1297744 Editing an existing custom role name honors the old role name but not the new one
Security Access Control Lists PRB1317991 Warning for ACL on sys_user delete: Expected an assignment or function call and instead saw an expression.
Security Incident Response PRB1251089 Using the "Assign To Me" UI action on a response task causes a blank state field
Security Incident Response PRB1294839 String fields >255 characters may be displayed as textarea boxes after activating 'Security Incident Response'
Security Incident Response PRB720734 The Update Risk Score business rule causes multiple workflow contexts to be triggered
Security Incident Response PRB1269461 User Reported Phishing Inbound Email Action is skipped and does not process
Security Incident Response PRB1290332 Security Incident Cancel button does not cancel workflow and creates new activity
Security Incident Response PRB1295604 "Determine Shell Script by OS" workflow throws case-sensitivity errors on non-standard operating systems
Security Incident Response PRB1295943 SIR: requesting assessment in the Review state does not always generate PIR
Security Incident Response PRB1297929 The URL field of a security scan request can get truncated
Security Incident Response PRB1298715 Security Incident: multiple knowledge articles are created when "Create knowledge article" is selected
Security Incident Response PRB1305247 Taxii integration: Outbound REST call fails from Taxii application but passes test run from REST message
Server Side Scripting PRB1290308 Business rule date fields cannot get correct date because they are not following date format (MM-DD-YYYY) and (DD-MM-YYYY)
Server Side Scripting PRB1285930 After upgrading to Kingston, users can no longer use a script include as a default filter
Server Side Scripting PRB1297269 Scoped application UI page with an array does not return objects within the array
Service Analytics PRB1247056 Connector instance check to validate that the metric extension is running doesn't handle a cluster
Service Catalog PRB1266722 Unable to remove 'SNC External' user criteria from the catalog item 'Not Available For' related list
Service Catalog PRB1296017 "Order Now" button appears when enable_order_now property is true and cart layout is false
Service Catalog PRB1297366 In two-step checkout, using a scripted web service to order an item in a custom cart orders all items in the default cart
Service Catalog PRB1309233 Multi-row variable sets do not work with dates (TZ problem)
Service Catalog PRB1256988 Attachments to an HTML type variable display in the activity stream but not as a record attachment
Service Catalog PRB1292101 Issues with the Set visible UI policy action and client scripts for System Wizards
Service Catalog PRB1303951 Printer-friendly version does not display multi-row variable set
Service Catalog PRB1253712 Slow query pattern on question_answer
Service Catalog PRB1261369 System property "" is not applied on the Service Catalog homepage
Service Catalog PRB1286273 Multi-line text variables set to mandatory or read-only break the printer friendly page
Service Catalog PRB1295519 Service Catalog categories not displaying in the Mobile UI
Service Catalog PRB1300701 Availability settings do not work as expected for variables to show on an order guide in Service Portal
Service Catalog PRB1307395 A simple reference qualifier does not work on Catalog reference variables in non-English languages
Service Catalog PRB1315493 Check box type variable is disabled when accessed from a public page in London
Service Catalog PRB1210839 Issue with translating multiple choice variable records if text field value matches a value field does not match
Service Catalog PRB1290363 OnChange client script to clear/add options to a variable does not change RITM values
Service Catalog PRB1300810 Error occurs when variable mandatory policy is set to true or false on RITM or SCTASK records
Service Catalog PRB1304386 Users with 'Allow Scripting' access are not able to work with scripts
Service Catalog PRB1304403 Create Request UI action is not mapping the caller name value to the generated request
Service Catalog PRB1308323 Automated Test Framework fails to rollback sc_request records when an individual catalog item has 'use cart layout' set to false
Service Catalog PRB1310558 Unable to add a condition using dot-walk in the rule base of an order guide
Service Catalog PRB1269302 DeliveryPlanMatcher script Include doesn't filter for active delivery plans
Service Catalog PRB1274627 Missing table in update set when using the "Unload service portal page" function
Service Catalog PRB1291066 The view specified in the URL of the catalog module is getting translated, and the wrong view is displayed
Service Catalog PRB1292509 User criteria issue with domain separation in Knowledge
Service Catalog PRB1293983 Multiple choice variable does not get checked when set to read-only from a catalog UI policy
Service Catalog PRB1298035 Unable to submit the REST APIs if the set value is not a string
Service Catalog PRB1303168 g_form cannot determine the scope of catalog variables
Service Catalog PRB1307382 The checkbox variable wraps the text after an upgrade to London
Service Catalog PRB1308250 Making a mandatory variable field require the admin role causes an error
Service Catalog PRB1315302 Portal - For non-admin users, the onChange client script populates only the first option
Service Catalog PRB1316010 Checkbox followed by a container split is not rendering correctly
Service Catalog PRB1248987 Editing the order in the shopping cart causes the association to the project task to be lost
Service Catalog PRB1262093 During 508 testing, found issues with color contrast, which impacts 508 standards: 31(b)
Service Catalog PRB1266141 With two-step checkout, requesting an item for a different user does not update the hover text
Service Catalog PRB1279902 View rule on table sc_cat_item is not working
Service Catalog PRB1291921 JavaScript error is generated during onLoad if there is a variable which the current user is not able to read
Service Catalog PRB1293095 Cross-reference issues when adding a new standard change request to RITM
Service Catalog PRB1293146 JavaScript expression in date fields is not evaluated for Automated Test Framework
Service Catalog PRB1293515 Setting a multiple choice field as read only causes an error
Service Catalog PRB1296456 Using Chrome browser navigation, it is possible to subvert platform form validation
Service Catalog PRB1297646 Search results for catalog items are missing information under 'Preview'
Service Catalog PRB1302263 The advanced reference qualifier script does not work in the wizard variable if the wizard variable types are in a specific order
Service Catalog PRB1304437 Creating "Container End" or "Container Split" variables in a variable set takes a long time
Service Catalog PRB1304775 Standard Change items selected from search results are missing Parent URL parameters (CHG created from RL)
Service Catalog PRB1304857 Issue creating a new variable for a record producer
Service Catalog PRB1307246 List collector variable type throws undefined value in log statements
Service Catalog PRB1309031 Adding an option that is already the selected value changes the selected value to the first option available
Service Catalog PRB1309706 Issue with the standard change template not rendering variables on the form
Service Catalog PRB1311200 In London, the OnLoad reverse if false UI policy is not honored
Service Catalog PRB1312730 Additional text is added to check box variables for items in the Service Portal
Service Catalog PRB1313539 [E2E] Unchecking components on sc_layout does not work
Service Catalog PRB1314780 The setVariablesReadOnly method is not working on KP9 and London for catalog task records
Service Catalog PRB1315198 Hover text displays the variable name instead of the question text
Service Catalog PRB1315533 Issue with layout alignment for variables in catalog vs RITM
Service Catalog PRB1288504 Table Variable: Function getRowCount() and getRow() are not allowed in scope
Service Catalog PRB1307479 Write ACL added in London for Additional Comments field on sc_req_item table is not allowing ITIL users to access the field
Service Catalog PRB1319248 Removing an entry from multi-row variable sets causes the screen to freeze when there is another multi-row variable set of lower order that's hidden
Service Catalog PRB1319286 The reference qualifier on a List collector variable which is dependent on another reference variable doesn't work if the reference field is made read-only, even if it has a value in it
Service Catalog PRB1320717 The justification of catalog item descriptions is applied differently in IE11
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1302849 UI policy does not function on checkbox variables if label variable is present
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1304716 Poor performance for the widget "Recent & Popular Items"
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1297159 property is not working as expected with Lookup Multiple Choice variables
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1300966 Labels are not displayed for the checkbox with the label variable created under the order guide
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1304739 Items added to an order guide with rule base do not get removed
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1315239 Catalog UI policy actions running on formatters cause UI policies and client scripts to fail
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1239027 Service portal question_choice items always display in USD ($) currency
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1288750 Multiple choice variable in variable set doesn't work as expected in Service Portal Order Guide "Choose Options"
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1297547 Unable to check out an order guide that contains only record producers
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1298069 Excessive calls made in Service Portal Catalog item
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1314147 Kingston patch 10: Unable to make checkbox variables read-only when a label is configured
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1272372 SC Popular Item does not return any results if the catalog item is included in multiple catalogs
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1296441 Order Guide - Recurring prices do not appear in Select Box variable on Service Portal
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1296838 Title section on Order Guide item is missing in Internet Explorer 11
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1307456 Request item approver name is not displayed on the Service Portal
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1250166 Pricing information for catalog item always shows in $ (dollar) even if item is set to £ (pound)
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1259875 SC Catalog Item widget: Messages from BRs based on sys_attachment are not displayed in the proper window
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1291632 The SC Order Guide widget does not render CSS style in HTML correctly
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1294395 Inactive catalog item variables on Service Portal
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1298331 Catalog items created from Service Creator/Producer Service are not supported in Service Portal UI
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1306969 Price is not displaying on service portal
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1307026 Unable to save new Catalog Task record in Service Portal form due to variable editor widget error
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1309554 Variable reference lookups in service portal generate a different query from reference lookups in the platform
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1316668 Submitting a variable set from the Service Portal using Service Creator/Producer places the variables in random order
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1317317 Unable to hide variable set on Service Portal using the variable set name in g_form.setDisplay('<variable set name>', false);
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1317273 Service Portal [SC Catalog Item (widget-sc-cat-item-v2)]: Images in the catalog item Description field are not sized dynamically
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1292198 Currency sign "CHF" does not appear in the Service Portal if the price is more than 4 digits before the comma
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1294552 Pop-up warning message does not appear after a field of the page was modified
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1294740 the Description font color is not preserved when the item appears in a Service Portal order guide
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1296543 SC Category Page widget does not load if there are multiple content items referencing the same KB article
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1296880 Service Catalog Item page: Quantity selector is not labeled and is repetitive
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1296992 Service Portal, shopping cart v2: Alignment issue for View Cart (Einkaufswagen anzeigen) in German language
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1297881 Incorrect translation of messages in the "Messages" field of a client script
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1302695 Service Catalogs with 100k+ items cause the search source queries to run slowly
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1302881 Adding additional columns in the "Request for" service catalog widget breaks search functionality
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1304213 Unable to attach a file in order guide when the message "View attached Image" has an apostrophe
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1304398 Approval requests for catalog tasks in Service Portal do not display the variable options
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1304997 Improper page title when user navigates to the 'All Categories' page in service portal
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1311191 Record producer variables inside a container are hidden if the user does not have access to a restricted checkbox in the same container
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1312387 "Item has been added to your cart" messages display in Service Portal in error
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1312757 SC Order Guide widget -- variables that are set to null are saved as 'null' when two-step checkout is disabled
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1313908 Filtering using a list type dictionary shows incorrect results on a reference variable
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1314851 Multi-row variable set modal/dialog is not displayed on the Service Portal for snc_external users
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1315087 Execution of variable set UI policies is not determined using variable set order
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1315711 'SC Popular Items' widget does not honor the count of the most popular items
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1316108 Popular Item widget in the portal does not honor the Visible on Guides feature for catalog item
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1302081 ATF: Unable to validate pricing using 'Validate Price and Recurring Price (SP)'
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1307231 If the user cancels the order from order confirmation popup, the popup is getting closed, but the order item widget options are still shown as disabled
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1308258 Widget level instance option 'Hide Delivery Time' is not honored in the Cart & Wishlisted view
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1314533 Varying price labels are missing for Multiple Choice and SelectBox type variables
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1316090 Difference in instance option limit behavior in the Rrecent & Popular Item widget, as well as the SC Popular Item widget
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1318978 The Approvals widget on Service Portal does not show Total Cost when multiple items are ordered when looking at the RITM record
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1318988 The auto_redirect option on the SC Catalog Item widget is not working when two-step checkout is disabled in the portal
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1319630 'No Cart' option does not work for order guides on Service Portal
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1319631 In London, the Catalog Content widget does not show items with the content type KB article
Service Catalog Item Designer PRB1292336 Translation is not working for Item Designer
Service Creator PRB1283102 Clicking Preview on service creator record creates a record if it is canceled
Service Creator PRB1288788 For new record, the assignment group is not saved in service_task
Service Desk Call PRB1296684 Adding new_call record uses number searched in breadcrumbs filter
Service Level Agreement (SLA) PRB1296984 'Achieved' and 'Breached' service offerings SLA results are not calculated in the [service_sla_result] table
Service Level Agreement (SLA) PRB1295983 Floating parent schedule is not factored correctly when calculating business fields on task_sla
Service Level Agreement (SLA) PRB1305315 When a new task SLA is attached to a task, the Business Time Left and Business Elapsed Time fields may be empty
Service Level Agreement (SLA) PRB1292349 Issues with async processing for SLAs
Service Level Agreement (SLA) PRB1301591 EscalationEngine throws a NullPointerException in PAAS and OEM versions of the platform when Domain Separation is installed
Service Level Agreement (SLA) PRB1304119 Create or update on task table(s) throws a warning message during SLA contract add-on activation
Service Mapping PRB1286427 While running Discovery on the IP switch, the pattern does not discover the switches in the stack mode
Service Mapping PRB1198305 Support changes of host IP addresses
Service Mapping PRB1277893 Azure database and website terminate ungracefully
Service Mapping PRB1292740 The most recent service checkpoint can get removed
Service Mapping PRB1274651 Pattern Designer & Discovery: performance issues with conversion to new OS Class format
Service Mapping PRB1308267 Pattern Designer: Debug mode window stuck when server throws exception (2)
Service Mapping PRB1308764 "Contains::Contained by" relation from CI to self causes infinite loop on map view
Service Mapping PRB1274678 Need to add clearer error message in case no inclusion connection is created from CI
Service Mapping PRB1280474 WMI installation problem when MID Server installed in directory with space in its name
Service Mapping PRB1284107 The Solaris server fails due to ChassisSerialNumber 'unknown'
Service Mapping PRB1284247 Recomputation job thread limit scripts for pre-Kingston releases must be removed or deactivated on an upgrade to Kingston
Service Mapping PRB1290379 Hardcoded relation type sys_IDs cause a null pointer exception when running Discovery on a business service
Service Mapping PRB1292562 Executing discovery schedule on large range of IPs when every IP causes errors can result in slow discovery execution
Service Mapping PRB1298952 Need support creation of layer 2 connections in case we have NIC teaming
Service Mapping PRB1309731 Top-down Discovery creates floating DNS cluster when Global DNS is defined
Service Mapping PRB1314992 Process detection failing on Solaris
Service Mapping PRB1268693 A Windows server that is not in the TrustedHosts list causes top down discovery to fail with "Access Denied" error
Service Mapping PRB1269280 [SBS] Field labels in service form are not customizable
Service Mapping PRB1273453 Application service form: Issues when populating particular fields in the modal form
Service Mapping PRB1283300 PD: VeritcalFile parsing strategy creates HashMap instead of List<HashMap> that represents table
Service Mapping PRB1287253 In the Single Service form, the update operation relies on a Change Management UI action and the operation may fail
Service Mapping PRB1289466 The Checkpoint Reaper fails on broken service > layer reference
Service Mapping PRB1292330 Extensions are not executed for patterns with empty metadata_id
Service Mapping PRB1293323 Running debug pattern of connection section calls process detection command
Service Mapping PRB1294108 Discovery: When entering debug mode of IP switch within stack, the slave host name displays instead of the master
Service Mapping PRB1294589 Pattern Oracle DB on the Unix pattern needs improvement
Service Mapping PRB1295442 F5 discovery using SSH causes tables to reach more than 60,000 rows
Service Mapping PRB1295556 Getting error: 'Horizontal Pattern Debug error Host detection failed for IP address'
Service Mapping PRB1298665 The job "Generate entry point candidates from netflow and netstat data" should only be activated if the Service Mapping plugin is active
Service Mapping PRB1302533 install_status is no longer updated on LB patterns
Service Mapping PRB1306187 Pre-execution script "Lightweight Process Info" has a missing parameter when calling the method "getRunningProcess"
Service Mapping PRB1306966 Layer 2 connections from server to switch can be deleted after the switch discovery
Service Mapping PRB1310326 Layer 2: Suggested performance improvement - multiple ports with the same MAC address can be processed only once
Service Mapping PRB1310351 Large service map not shown, StackOverflow exception occurs in browser
Service Mapping PRB1303737 The MID Server script SSHTerminalCommand does not work
Service Mapping PRB1308657 The return value from classification causes the XML of the probe parameter 'cidata' to be corrupted, and the pattern throws an exception
Service Mapping PRB1311651 Pattern Discovery: Device History contains duplicate hosts in case of splitted payload multiple main CI's
Service Mapping PRB1318308 Miselading error message when debugging pattern regarding payload size
ServiceNow Express PRB1313811 Order Status does not show a call transferred to a request in Kingston Patch6
Service Portal PRB1306928 Catalog client script issue when g_form.setValue is followed by g_form.showFieldMsg
Service Portal PRB1203413 Certain Choice Lists cause dirty form warnings when no user change has occurred
Service Portal PRB1246448 Inconsistent and confusing search results with multiple records for typeahead searches
Service Portal PRB741780 on the id=approval page, activity stream should be for the approval vs. the record being approved
Service Portal PRB1288882 Error messages display when using the Typeahead Search widget in Service Portal in non-English languages
Service Portal PRB1034698 number gaps are generated even when a new record is created properly
Service Portal PRB1189561 Approval Info widget: Approved time shows the previous updated time after approval instead of 'just now'
Service Portal PRB717439 In scoped Service portal,$sp object loads javascript errors "$sp is not defined"
Service Portal PRB1254527 Target is not honored for a menu item defined for the Icon Menu List widget
Service Portal PRB1275216 Reference fields are not displayed correctly when the browser window resized below 100%
Service Portal PRB1286296 The text field on the ticket conversation widget does not disappear when the record is closed
Service Portal PRB1316073 Decimal fields format improperly when using a different system locale (like FR)
Service Portal PRB1277834 'simple list' widget still display no data if "always_show" option is set to false
Service Portal PRB1294056 Email field type on Service Portal form shows duplicate field label after navigating from a list with 'enable_filter' option enabled
Service Portal PRB1300452 Double quotes in translated message can cause a syntax error preventing page from loading
Service Portal PRB1300937 In the Service Portal, manually typed invalid dates, such as '02-09-0017', can be saved when the variable is set to Mandatory
Service Portal PRB1302024 dot-walked fields/variables don't show in reference autocomplete
Service Portal PRB1308538 On Service Portal, date validations do not work properly when the date format is set to dd-MMM-yy in Japanese
Service Portal PRB878731 Multi-line text variable value is displayed without line breaks in ticket-fields, Approval, and Approval Record widgets
Service Portal PRB762871 Service Portal Usage Overview reports "Service Portal Catalog Orders" and "Service Portal Catalog Views" are not updated when a user views or orders a catalog item
Service Portal PRB1098132 Inaccessible date/time picker button in Service Portal
Service Portal PRB1253076 Simple List widget displays future dates incorrectly
Service Portal PRB1254335 Using the Branding Editor to change Theme Colors will delete custom CSS variables from the sp_portal record
Service Portal PRB1260256 The clearMessages() method does not work on Service Portal
Service Portal PRB1264750 On the mobile portal view, the header icon in the additional actions menu does not collapse when clicked
Service Portal PRB1282862 Cloning "Header Menu" widget in a custom application throws a Javascript error
Service Portal PRB1289758 Service Portal 2nd level menu item not showing
Service Portal PRB1291290 The "No matches found" message is shown in auto complete for the reference variable in the Service Portal
Service Portal PRB1294136 In Service Portal,"setValue" does not work after "addOption"
Service Portal PRB1296647 setSectionDisplay fails in Service Portal for section using split layout
Service Portal PRB1302440 field messages are wrongly cleared when the value did not change
Service Portal PRB1312353 Knowledge article view count not displayed when it goes above 999 in Service Portal
Service Portal PRB1194839 Date/time picker positioning is off on list form page in right form section. Date/time picker does not display in left form section
Service Portal PRB1235920 TinyMCE Mobile - Cannot insert an image in the existing record
Service Portal PRB1238851 Using $sp.log() on an array or object within a scoped app throws a JavaScript NullPointerException
Service Portal PRB1240260 Inconsistent multi-line field size behavior on Service Portal form widget and page
Service Portal PRB1240431 Date variables populated with a script that gets the value from a reference variable are set one day behind
Service Portal PRB1260102 The "Data Table" widget does not correctly pass the query filter to the condition builder
Service Portal PRB1260199 Cannot set glide_list or list collector using a display value containing a forward slash
Service Portal PRB1262787 GlideSPUserCriteria scriptable methods are not available in scoped widget context
Service Portal PRB1262835 g_form.hideRelatedList does not work in Service Portal if the related list is a defined relationship (sys_relationship)
Service Portal PRB1262997 Picture image/icons do not appear in the type-ahead search box as expected
Service Portal PRB1271158 Yes/No variable is not translated in Ticket Fields widget
Service Portal PRB1272121 "Show Matching" "Filter Out" and clicking direct breadcrumb link do not update "Save Filter Dialog box query"
Service Portal PRB1274413 Service Portal:"Field Name" dictionary, when added to a form, breaks Form widget
Service Portal PRB1292046 Read-only text fields should adjust it to a reasonable height depending on the text
Service Portal PRB1292063 Announcement widget unexpectedly shows both "banner" and "widget" announcements
Service Portal PRB1293869 There are two Read ACLs for sp_log.* with the same permissions
Service Portal PRB1297105 Message in the KB Article Helpful widget does not update: "x% found this helpful"
Service Portal PRB1297168 'Did you mean' suggestions on faceted search doesn't work for 'Knowledge Base' search source
Service Portal PRB1298424 Dot-walked condition in UI Policy evaluates to false in the Service Portal but true in the Platform UI
Service Portal PRB1303252 Using reference field/variable in search does not return results
Service Portal PRB1311408 Service Portal in Safari causes 404 Not Found error
Service Portal PRB870421 Sass variables in style sheets and do not work correctly in widgets
Service Portal PRB954016 need ability to log search to sp_log table for unscripted search source
Service Portal PRB956277 Widget: Ticket conversation: French translation of "Start" (Démarrer) does not fit in the circle
Service Portal PRB933016 Time field value on forms increments by one hour when the form is saved via the Form widget and user is in UTC+1 time zone
Service Portal PRB916138 Widgets are not visible in the SP designer edit mode when column has CSS Class of hidden
Service Portal PRB762335 Accessibility - User Profile - BIO
Service Portal PRB755264 provide option in ticket-conversations widget to omit attachment icon, for example, when embedded in a form
Service Portal PRB729065 Form popup doesn't have 'X' button
Service Portal PRB712332 Glyph icons not showing for some sections
Service Portal PRB1317569 Approval Info widget can unexpectedly update the record after an unrelated update
Service Portal PRB1240932 In Service Portal, g_form.setValue does not set the value for multiple choice
Service Portal PRB1241411 Unexpected behavior in Service Portal's menu header(mobile view) when menu items contain other menu Items
Service Portal PRB1244038 Important instance options are not passed to Data Table widget when "Data Table from instance definition" is used
Service Portal PRB1249747 Setting the sn-record-picker directive values to "display-field=name" and display-fields to another field does not display the name to end users
Service Portal PRB1250078 Close option (x) in long Info message is overlapping in the service portal
Service Portal PRB1259231 User criteria not honored properly in menu items on Service Portal
Service Portal PRB1262155 My Favorite Tags widget sorts community posts by sys_id of the tags instead of the tag name
Service Portal PRB1263492 Viewing service portal on iPad, header menu appears to use the standard web view
Service Portal PRB1270617 Service Portal Designer retina icon fonts wrongly impact pages viewed in Designer
Service Portal PRB1271355 "Did you mean" suggestions do not appear as links in Service Portal
Service Portal PRB1274291 reference field information icon (i) doesn't show target record if archived
Service Portal PRB1277130 On a user's profile in Service Portal, hovering over any item in the Teams widget displays the tooltip 'Team'
Service Portal PRB1283825 Using a login menu item on a public homepage that links to a landing page does not redirect to the correct homepage
Service Portal PRB1286253 Some Menu Item link types don't work unless a Page is specified. Page should be mandatory
Service Portal PRB1289266 End user can update an activity without write access to the record
Service Portal PRB1290819 System Property: glide.ui.attachment.force_download_all_mime_types has no effect in Service Portal
Service Portal PRB1290821 in the form widget, image attachments download with iix file extension and sys_id file name
Service Portal PRB1290858 User Profile widget should order team members and direct reports by name
Service Portal PRB1291299 Approvals widget on Service portal does not show eSignature authentication window when Approval source_table is empty
Service Portal PRB1292039 Tables that are not text indexed should not show Keyword Search input in the Data table Widgets
Service Portal PRB1293557 When a user submits a form with errors in mandatory fields, the form loads indefinitely
Service Portal PRB1293961 Selecting a header widget reference for an sp_instance_menu record can prevent the portal from rendering
Service Portal PRB1293991 After logging into a portal and then updating the URL to navigate to the platform UI, Service Portal UI still displays
Service Portal PRB1294159 Page route maps have unexpected behavior with public / non-public pages
Service Portal PRB1294679 Service Portal does not de-duplicate UI actions on the form based on action name
Service Portal PRB1294923 Reference drop-down may show duplicates
Service Portal PRB1296066 Adding an attachment with the icon in the Ticket Conversation widget header saves the attachment to the wrong place
Service Portal PRB1296335 Invalid list column can break reference field in Service Portal
Service Portal PRB1297599 The showFieldMsg clients script calls with "error" parameter cause unexpected behaviors on date variable types in the Service Portal in London
Service Portal PRB1298707 Incident comments with [CODE] blocks can cause formatting issue
Service Portal PRB1298794 Embedding multiple 'report' widgets does not work when using the sp-widget directive and $sp.getWidget
Service Portal PRB1300850 HTML tinyMCE toolbar text is not translated for simplified/traditional Chinese, French, Hebrew, Korean, Portuguese
Service Portal PRB1301494 UI action - form styles don't work in Service Portal
Service Portal PRB1302241 Dot-walked fields with reference qualifiers do not limit choices in Service Portal
Service Portal PRB1302754 "Tickets are picked up within 4 hours" is not getting translated for any language on Ticket Form widget in Service Portal
Service Portal PRB1303112 Attribute "ref_ac_order_by" only honors a single field in resulting DB query in Service Portal
Service Portal PRB1303962 Approval Info widget shows wrong state if update is aborted by a business rule
Service Portal PRB1304002 Reference variable on an Edge Encrypted table does not work correctly
Service Portal PRB1304012 sp_widget form rendering can break in the Desktop UI when Body HTML template field is read only
Service Portal PRB1304052 'Approval Info' doesn't live update the timestamp at the title bar when "Approve"/"Reject" is clicked
Service Portal PRB1305015 Service Portal info message disappears even if hovered over
Service Portal PRB1305105 Typo in hover text over a date field when using accessibility
Service Portal PRB1305805 Ticket Attachments widget: Show delete and edit icons based on ACLs
Service Portal PRB1307180 Change Password Widget doesn't work on IE 11
Service Portal PRB1307316 Dot-walked HTML fields are broken on the form (tinyMCE)
Service Portal PRB1307371 Creating a single CSS Include in related list produces two include records
Service Portal PRB1307534 Changing the title of a Service Portal from the branding editor does not reflect changes in the preview window
Service Portal PRB1307536 Mobile view of the Ticket Conversations widget with long title causes format issues
Service Portal PRB1308005 Service Portal search page does not honor the secondary display fields order defined in the search source
Service Portal PRB1309621 Knowledge articles do not display on service portal search page if "Is scripted source" is not used in a search source
Service Portal PRB1309806 Data table from URL Definition widget does not set the table parameter in the URL to the record table when configured to show records from a base table
Service Portal PRB1311052 "Remember me" option fails in IE if a default login page is not set for the Service Portal
Service Portal PRB1315633 Issues using eSignature function on the Service Portal
Service Portal PRB1316070 Field attribute 'format=none' for an Integer field is not considered on Service Portal
Service Portal PRB1315416 Date field is not in system date format
Service Portal PRB1315748 onSubmit client scripts are running multiple times in the Service Portal for sc_req_item (RITM) table
Service Portal PRB1317642 During upgrade from London to Madrid, Knowledge Management widgets generate errors (NullPointerException NPE)
Service Portal PRB1318684 Hints for scripted menu items are not showing up in Service Portal after upgrading to London
Service Portfolio Management PRB1303505 Integer values stored in the Name field in the Service Offering table cause a blocking error when trying to add content on the homepage
Service Portfolio Management PRB1304264 Service Availability for last 7 days is showing 8 days in the report and calculation is also based on 8 days
Slushbucket PRB593638 Arrow direction in slushbucket is not right
Software Asset Management Professional PRB1304085 Sensor error when processing Windows - Installed Software. ReferenceError: "related_data" is not defined
Software Asset Management Professional PRB1267472 Installed Software probe fails when there is a mismatch in the data retrieved
Software Asset Management Professional PRB1298211 Reclamation candidate not having savings tied to it due to incomplete entitlement data back port Kingston and London
Software Asset Management Professional PRB1299092 Inconsistent results of GlideRecord.updateMultiple()
Software Asset Management Professional PRB1302995 Normalization UI actions are displayed incorrectly
Software Asset Management Professional PRB1237539 Asset is not created when purchase order line item in ordered and then received
Software Asset Management Professional PRB1263114 "Consumed" is available in the State field for an asset, even when the class is Hardware
Software Asset Management Professional PRB1290865 An exception is thrown when upgrading SCCM 2012 to version 1702
Software Asset Management Professional PRB1302720 Two script includes have the same name 'SubscriptionUtil
Software Asset Management Professional PRB1311353 Create Software Normalization BR on Install table should clear out norm values on install when DM is not properly normalized
Software Asset Management Professional PRB1319697 Subscription pull schedule job normalizes install for all subscription software, but it should only normalize for Microsoft subscription software
Source Control Integration PRB1274689 Worker threads refreshing a GIT source control repository can hang indefinitely if there is an issue communicating with the external GIT repository
Studio PRB1244287 Date/time is updated in the future, and sorting by "updated" returns inconsistent results
Studio PRB1314612 Cannot create favorite to Studio since link contains "javascript:" and that is now being sanitized
Survey Management PRB1297362 Metric type -Assessment- Assessable record 'string value' field is shown as blank
Survey Management PRB1317493 Mandatory error messages are not translated in surveys
Survey Management PRB1292598 The "Assign Survey" UI action allows multiple user selection, but only one assessment instance is created
Survey Management PRB1292889 Survey questions are jumbled after saving when question has "metric_type_group" value
Survey Management PRB1293168 Surveys with long introductions require scrolling back to the top to see all questions
Survey Management PRB1293226 Missing assessment error message in log
Survey Management PRB1296301 Problem with survey "Send Invitations" button when survey is assigned to the same user multiple times
Survey Management PRB1296823 Date/Time datatype field is not populating the time correctly on Survey in Service Portal
Survey Management PRB1301681 For non-public surveys, taking a survey after user's session has expired marks it as updated by "guest"
Survey Management PRB1303784 Data type: Number in survey question is truncated even after selecting the scale as High
System Applications PRB1244452 Issues with global search when table exists in multiple search groups
System Applications PRB1250332 Scoped application installation error: Contains a record that incorrectly triggers collision detection
System Applications PRB1276630 Icons for catalog items do not appear in new Global Search
Table Rotation/Extension PRB1306915 Gateway rotated table does not work with GlideRecord.update()
Tables and Dictionary PRB1262819 Issue when creating a dictionary override for the field "update_actual_effort_from_time_card" on tsp2_project under Preferences
Tables and Dictionary PRB1304509 Offrowing a column on a table with a name >= 22 characters orphans the records in the table
Tables and Dictionary PRB1282124 Dictionary override cannot be removed after TPP
Tables and Dictionary PRB654608 In the form designer, form section is deleted if it has no title
Tables and Dictionary PRB1281099 TableChunkCopier does not escape sys_id in SQL queries, causing queries to fail
Tables and Dictionary PRB1296460 Attribute override not working correctly on configuration item field
Tables and Dictionary PRB1304461 List view text search breaks when using order by on a column from a partition of cmdb
Tables and Dictionary PRB1311127 Similar elements with long names are not shortened properly during table hybridization, and cause failures
Templates PRB1289629 Adding a caret symbol ^ to a template text field adds a new field
Templates PRB1240660 When a template name includes the character "'", it displays it as "/" in the template bar
Templates PRB1311386 HR Response Templates button does not work with when embedded help is disabled
Test Management PRB1305547 Able to assign tests to testers who are outside of the assignment group
Test Management PRB1312381 When test plan is copied, test cases are showing that tests passed even though no tests were executed
Text Search PRB830497 Words containing underscores are broken into separate words during indexing, causing issues when one of the words is a stop word
Text Search PRB1006241 Issue exporting records to Excel if one or more keywords are used in condition builder
Text Search PRB1290528 Generating text index optimizes text index shard using wrong criteria
Text Search PRB1259528 Report type "Line" with [trend by][=] [Activity Due] and [Per] [=] [Date] fails if filtering by keywords
Text Search PRB1272388 Slow query pattern found in TS Index Stats job "getQueries()" method
Text Search PRB1278120 Knowledge category is not searchable in non-English environment
Text Search PRB1289731 Search functionality: Adding Japanese words in Stop Words able (ts_stop) does not work the same as English words
Text Search PRB1289977 Text search stop word function does not respect lexicons in Kingston
Text Search PRB1295352 Text index event process job hangs when stop words have millions of related ts_word_roots records
Text Search PRB1304714 Issues displaying knowledge articles created in English but published in Japanese
Time Card Management PRB1290956 In the Worker Portal, the 'Add unassigned tasks to time sheet' link displays ASCII for some characters
Time Card Management PRB1264146 Timecard/Timesheet approval does not work if user with role "timecard_approver" is delegated to be approver
Time Card Management PRB1303776 In Time Sheet Portal, selecting a day using the calendar drop-down goes back in years
Time Card Management PRB1291506 Handle Approval generates EcmaError when approver_list or approved_by field are null
Time Card Management PRB1301660 Users are able to change the hours value even after submitting the timesheet on worker portal
Time Card Management PRB1312529 TCP: Time Sheet Portal breaks on mobile layout/platform
Timeline Visualization PRB1312092 In a Timeline Visualization query, the records are fetched but the "max items per lane warning" appears
Transaction and Session Management PRB1194232 Null names for sys_status generate bad data
Transaction and Session Management PRB1308111 Errors on instance logs
Transaction and Session Management PRB1292429 Canceling a queued transaction causes error
Transaction and Session Management PRB1307978 Lazy writer throws Unique Key violation on primary error on log and cancellation table
Transaction and Session Management PRB1235830 HTTP session waiter count is not decremented if the message is dropped from the semaphore queue
Transaction and Session Management PRB1304079 flushMessages() API not flushing in London
Transaction and Session Management PRB1312167 Unsafe concurrent access to transaction attributes
UI Action PRB1291878 "Approving" field reference is showing popup on hover after disabling "glide.ui.clickthrough.popup"
UI Action PRB1305728 Read-only Glide list type fields are not updating with live forms
UI Action PRB1298702 LIST UI Action: "Close" list choice UI action doesn't provide an alert
UI Components PRB688111 If view rule is active, the pop-up displayed when hovering over a reference icon doesn't display top section
UI Components PRB1150319 Unable to edit modules or impersonate user after elevating privileges to admin role
UI Components PRB917412 UI16 left-hand navigation does not meet color contrast ratio requirements for WCAG AA normal text to meet Section 508 compliance
UI Components PRB1155644 Knowledge, Search Execution: Search input field is without a label
UI Pages/Macros PRB1271528 Issue occurs when hovering over a reference icon in the GlideDialogWindow
UI Policy/Client Script PRB1297433 Mandatory 'List Collector' type fields are not working as expected on catalog pages
UI Policy/Client Script PRB1246810 Duration field set to read-only through UI policy or client script does not honor changes in values made through client scripts
UI Policy/Client Script PRB1302093 Inconsistent behavior g_form.setValue() between Istanbul and Kingston
UI Policy/Client Script PRB1304674 The client script GlideRecord API addQuery(String query) doesn't work
UI Policy/Client Script PRB1312108 Data policies are shown as UI policy in field watcher, and fail when the URL is clicked
Update Sets PRB1313341 Update set previewing can encounter ConcurrentModificationException
Update Sets PRB1298848 Previewer throws errors for missing sys_portal records even though they are included in the sys_portal_page update
Update Sets PRB1292788 When committing an update set with form sections in both the global and a sub-domain, domain-separated form sections appear in the global domain
Update Sets PRB1269032 Issue deleting a related list in a domain when a global related list has the same name
Update Sets PRB1292051 Unable to delete default update set after deleting a custom scoped application
Update Sets PRB1294302 Update set preview not detecting errors found on commit
Update Sets PRB1312794 Unexpected results when publishing an application to update set with records from coalesced tables
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB1260081 Upgrade monitor not showing progress, but upgrade data is recorded in the log
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB1296679 Translated text (sys_translated_text) is not present when installing an application
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB1278372 Issues encountered during upgrade if node shutdown + startup duration is approximately 5 minutes
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB1289859 Activating plugin "Interactive Analysis" works correctly only on node that performed the plugin activation
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB1304007 Upgrade issue when multiple views are named 'default'
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB1304699 Instances with defined UI and Worker nodes can have an outage during upgrade
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB1286804 Hide the <record_update> tag when resolving conflicts for skipped updates
Usage Analytics PRB1295170 Auto turn off of stats definitions exceeding the threshold with 3 warnings is not working as expected
Usage Analytics PRB1311183 sys IDs are passed instead of plugin ID, causing issues with plugin installation
Usage Analytics PRB1318461 Subscription Manage license erroroneously contains detail records that do not correspond to any existing contract item
Usage Analytics PRB1320249 Running the UA stream block downloader produces warnings in the logs
User Experience Engineering PRB1291259 Security Warning(Session time-out message) is hardcoded in English and does not translate
VA-Publisher PRB1309376 VaRecordCardRenderer crashes when passing it a non-existent field name
VA-Web Client PRB1309900 Instance option to change color of Virtual Agent Service Portal widget does not work
VA-Web Client PRB1300543 Virtual Agent UI is broken in IE11
Vendor Performance Management PRB1270289 Vendor Performance plugin activation does not create default vendor types
Vendor Performance Management PRB1276525 On the vendor scorecard view, if the banner text contains "<" it displays "\u003C"
Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA) PRB1293531 On Vendor Portal, the survey responses are truncated after "&" ampersand sign in String fields
Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA) PRB1292433 Vendor Risk Assessments show an incorrect number of unanswered questions
Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA) PRB1317930 Vendor Risk Assessment responses are not saved when the vendor risk manager tries to change the response (by clicking "view response") after the vendor contact submits the assessment
Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA) PRB1317196 Company (core_company) ACL conflict
Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA) PRB1295447 Vendor responses submitted by the vendor are not visible in Main UI
Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA) PRB1296655 On Vendor Portal, the assessment question responses are corrupted when foreign languages like ( Russian/Chinese/Japanese) are used
Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA) PRB1298191 2017 SIG Lite questionnaire questions missing dependencies on parent questions causes the VDP as unanswered
Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA) PRB1314264 Change password functionality is not working on Vendor Service Portal (Vendor Management Service portal Plugin)
Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA) PRB1305373 Vendor assessment answers are not being saved on submission
Virtual Agent Platform PRB1312023 Virtual agent conversation builder fails to load if the language is set to Traditional Chinese
Visual Task Boards PRB1235441 Marking users with @ inside a VTB comment is not working
Visual Task Boards PRB934074 [VTB] A Guided board created from a Choice / String with choice value of --none-- creates a blank lane and the --none-- lane
Visual Task Boards PRB925240 Data-driven boards don't update with tasks created from forms
Visual Task Boards PRB830770 Trying to create a problem from an incident in a Visual Task board redirects you to the VTB and not the newly created problem
Visual Task Boards PRB1258625 Attempting to create a VTB task using the mobile app (web and native apps) causes an error and gets stuck "Loading..."
Visual Task Boards PRB1277238 VTB filters revert back to previous filter conditions after they are changed
Visual Task Boards PRB1291071 Issue with VTB cards being duplicated when the board is loaded by an active user
Visual Task Boards PRB1293411 Mail script "vtb_task_details" uses internal domain "@servicenow" rather than "@service-now"
Visual Task Boards PRB1094240 Invalid Task ID message when an ESS user updates a task
Visual Task Boards PRB1181332 [Visual Task Boards] When creating a VTB using a different language, the words 'Guided' and 'Freeform' are not translated
Visual Task Boards PRB1240586 Default value on private task activity stream does not change to work notes
Visual Task Boards PRB1246154 VTB: Creating a guided task board with a filter on [Task Type] [=] [Private Task] allows users to see private tasks created by other users
Visual Task Boards PRB1249890 Visual Task Board searches are giving unexpected results when some fields are hidden from field ACLs
Visual Task Boards PRB1253064 Refreshing a Visual Task Board reserves a ticket number for the table the VTB is on
Visual Task Boards PRB1280283 Visual task 'add member' unable to find users using user_name (User Id)
Visual Task Boards PRB1293267 Switching between languages causes issue with moving tasks to other lanes
Visual Task Boards PRB1295156 Add Primary Assignee button on Visual Task Board (VTB) info tab is not working if 'glide.invalid_query.returns_no_rows' is true
Visual Task Boards PRB1308901 Email address user IDs cause issues with Visual Task Boards
Vulnerability Response PRB1295391 The sn_vul.group_commented event can take a long time to process delaying other events from being processed
Vulnerability Response PRB1270527 Unable to "Defer" a vulnerability group if the date format is set as dd-MM-yyyy or MM/dd/yyyy
Vulnerability Response PRB1275212 Relationships/related lists previously created using the Vulnerability Response plugin in an earlier release no longer exist
Vulnerability Response PRB1269004 Vulnerability Group form throws a JavaScript error on the form load
Vulnerability Response PRB1289019 The Vulnerability Analytics ( plugin contains invalid demo data
Vulnerability Response PRB1278304 Processing of the sn_vul.group_state_change event runs slowly due to an inefficient query
Vulnerability Response PRB1280288 Encoded information received from the NVD did not get decoded
Vulnerability Response PRB1292082 Vulnerable item 'Closed' date and 'Closed by' fields are not updated after Kingston upgrade
Vulnerability Response PRB1302623 Qualys Updating VIs created by Host detection instead of Ticket Integration
Vulnerability Response PRB1276876 Open vulnerable items with the fixed substate are exhibiting abnormal behavior
Vulnerability Response PRB1278487 Inconsistent VI Remediation Status and Remediation Target Date
Vulnerability Response PRB1283096 Repeated Qualys Knowledge base import cause SQL unique constraint violation error in log
Vulnerability Response PRB1285573 Bulk Edit UI action for vulnerable item freezes the browser window
Vulnerability Response PRB1298199 When a large number of vulnerability group rules with a filter criteria are created, it slows down processing of vulnerable item inserts
Vulnerability Response PRB1301972 Accessing the "Configure SAM NVD" module sends users to a read-only checkbox
Vulnerability Response PRB1310802 Order of operations for evaluating a filter against a specific record matters and could give different results
Vulnerability Response PRB1311057 "Last Opened" date is not being calculated correctly when date format is MM-dd-yyyy
Vulnerability Response PRB1295573 The job 'CWE Comprehensive 2000 Integration' fails occasionally with the error 'Encountered error running the integration. TypeError: Cannot read property "Weakness_Catalog" from null'
Walk-Up Experience PRB1296862 Walk-up Portal location landing page should lock out non walk-up users
Walk-Up Experience PRB1310819 Walk-up portal pages don't have option to auto-refresh, causing confusion for end users
Walk-Up Experience PRB1310513 Walk-Up Experience: "Online check-in experience" service portal widget appends 'SP' to contextual search results URL
Walk-Up Experience PRB1312440 Multi-clicking "Create Incident" on Walk-up Experience IMS record creates multiple incidents
Walk-Up Experience PRB1312774 Walk-up online checkin widget does not display schedules properly for locations with certain timezones
Web Services PRB1271029 Requesting sys_user WSDL is causing the instance to run out of memory
Web Services PRB1181036 Instance returning 200 OK and invalid payload for soap requests with locked sessions
Web Services PRB1304455 Table REST API not able to populate choice value in CMDB
Web Services PRB1253926 Log errors observed when REST API Explorer is accessed
Web Services PRB1290329 Need advice on accessing WSDL without authentication for incoming WSDL requests
Web Services PRB1290825 APIs not working correctly in setting "GlideDate" field when dateformat is "mm-dd-yyyy"
Web Services PRB1298645 Attachment API - POST /now/attachment/file - Incorrect Response if parameters are missing
Web Services PRB1302882 REST API Pagination does not properly handle escaped query parameters
Web Services PRB1308490 Documentation: REST API roles doc needs clarification about OOB access
Web Services PRB1274303 Multiple stuck default semaphores
Workflow PRB1241790 Multiple workflow timers fail with an error "Cannot find function getGlideDateTime in object"
Workflow PRB1206122 Workflow is getting stuck due to scratchpad value not getting evaluated properly
Workflow PRB1294717 Using "approval script" in "Approval - Group" activity does not set the approval state to 3 or active field to false after approval
Workflow PRB1300163 SLAs created before the London upgrade do not pause their SLA percentage timer activities correctly after the upgrade
Workflow PRB1259826 Mismatch with knowledge article workflow stages between the article and the approval records
Workflow PRB1270188 Published workflows are editable when clicking the icon in the upper left corner of an activity (remove open record button)
Workflow PRB1274517 WF - After upgrade, tables are missing in the Table drop-down when creating a workflow
Workflow PRB1304881 NPE errors occur ' class not found: com.glide.glideobject.Workflow'
Workflow PRB1247042 Doesn't use a correct call for notNil() method
Workflow PRB1252315 Using an apostrophe in a workflow name causes issues when publishing a checked-out workflow version
Workflow PRB1290229 List V3: Clicking 'New' UI action in wf_workflow opens new form record in wf_workflow, instead of wf_workflow_version
Workflow PRB1316673 Approval created with empty approver name
Workflow PRB1239988 Glide elements of type Glide Var that are not properly configured throw null pointer exception
Workflow PRB1240979 Message not translated into German when rejecting a request
Workflow PRB1259486 Change tasks created from Workflow have created_from field set to 'Manual' by default
Workflow PRB1260596 Calling "getDisplayValue()" on any field that is of type "Workflow" may overwrite the values in the GlideRecord object
Workflow PRB1262906 Incorrect calculation of catalog task duration
Workflow PRB1263203 Stage icon display broken when showing stage field from scoped table via a Database View
Workflow PRB1294521 Group approvals are not set back to "Requested" state after the rollback activity
Workflow PRB1303416 Stages from the subflow are not consistent on RITM and List view
Workflow PRB1314678 Issue displaying the correct stage for RITMs
Workflow PRB1315166 The render_gadget_widgetWorkflowRSS no longer works due to deprecation and removal of the google feeds API