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Service Catalog release notes

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Service Catalog release notes

ServiceNow® Service Catalog product enhancements and updates in the Madrid release.

Service Catalog provides you with a requester view of available services and products that are offered by departments within your organization.

Madrid upgrade information

Before upgrading, you should be aware of changes that were made to the underlying Service Catalog data model. These changes affect the way that you implement multiple service catalogs. For details, see Upgrade to multiple service catalogs. If you are upgrading from a version prior to the Fuji release, see Migrate cart layouts.

New in the Madrid release

Multiple catalog support in Service Portal
Enable requesters to browse and search for items across multiple catalogs by adding these catalogs to the Catalogs related list when configuring a portal.
Portal settings
Define the catalog item behavior in Service Portal using portal settings. You can configure the following settings for a requester:
  • Request method.
  • Display of the quantity and delivery time of the item.
  • Options to add an attachment to the item, or make the attachment mandatory.
  • Options to add the item to the wish list or cart.

When you upgrade to Madrid, if the No cart or No quantity fields are already selected in the Now Platform®, a migration script propagates these settings to the portal settings.

My Requests menu in Service Portal
Enable requesters to view open or closed requests, incidents, and tasks in Service Portal using the My Requests menu. This menu uses the My Requests (my-requests-v2) widget that is based on the filter conditions and display settings defined in the My Request Filter module.
Service Catalog enhancements for Automated Test Framework
  • Write automated end-to-end tests for requester flows to validate the following for Service Catalog:
    • Order guide in Service Portal.
    • Multi-row variable sets of a catalog item in Service Portal.
    • Variable editor in the Now Platform®.
    Note: When you upgrade or modify an instance, run these tests to confirm that the instance still works as designed.
  • All Service Catalog step configurations support parametrized tests.
Mobile experience for a fulfiller
Approve catalog requests, requested items, or change requests using the ServiceNow Agent application.
User Criteria Diagnostics
Debug whether a user can access a catalog item based on the associated user criteria and fix issues without contacting ServiceNow Customer Support.
Regular expressions for variable validations
Use a regular expression (regex) to validate the value that is entered for a Single Line Text or Wide Single Line Text variable.
Request cloning in Service Portal
Clone a submitted request by selecting multiple users in the Also request for list of the Additional Actions section.
Embedded catalog approval request within the Outlook email client
Embed an interactive approval request for service catalog requests and requested items in the email notification sent to a user. The user can accept or reject the approval request from the email client.
Enhanced scoping support
Reference any request item variable from a script in a scoped environment.
Response parameters for methods in Service Catalog REST API
Use the parent_id and parent_table parameters that are added in the response body of the following methods:
  • checkout
  • checkout_guide
  • submit_order
  • submit_producer
  • order_now

Changed in this release

Reparenting of the My Request Filter table
The My Request Filter [request_filter] table has been reparented to the Filter [sys_filter] table. The Short Description field from the My Request Filter table has been migrated to the Title field in the Filter table. The Table Name field from the My Request Filter table has been migrated to the Table field in the Filter table.
Note: If the My Request Filter form is modified, the form still displays the Short Description and Table Name fields that are no longer valid. Delete these invalid fields from the form and add Title and Table fields to the form.
Help information for a variable in Service Portal
The Expand help for all questions field at the catalog item level and the Always Expanded field at the variable level are applicable in Service Portal.
Modifications to variables
  • The g_form.setValue() function is supported for a List Collector variable even if it is not defined as a glide list.
  • The auto-complete feature for a reference variable is applicable in Service Portal.
  • For a group of check box variables, the following scenarios apply:
    • If any check box variable in the group is mandatory, the entire group becomes mandatory even if the check box variable is not visible.
    • If all other check box variables of a mandatory check box group are hidden and not selected, the following scenarios apply:
      • The group remains mandatory as long as there is one check box in the group that is visible and not selected.
      • You must select the last check box of this group to hide it.
Activation of the Flow Designer for Service Catalog
You can now activate the Flow Designer support for the Service Catalog plugin (com.glideapp.servicecatalog.flow_designer) without contacting ServiceNow Customer Support.

Activation information

Active by default.