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Service Mapping release notes

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Service Mapping release notes

ServiceNow® Service Mapping product enhancements and updates in the Madrid release.

New in the Madrid release

Support for huge payloads
Attention: The method used by the MID Server to prevent out-of-memory errors when handling very large payloads did not perform as well as anticipated. These controls were removed from Madrid Patch 1 for additional development and will be restored later.
Configure the MID Server to temporarily save data used during pattern-based discovery in files on the MID Server instead of in random-access memory (RAM). Once Discovery and Service Mapping finish discovering and identifying the configuration items (CIs), the data used for discovery is saved from the MID Server.
Quick start tests for Service Mapping
Validate that Service Mapping still works after you make any configuration change such as apply an upgrade or develop an application. Copy and customize these quick start tests to pass when using your instance-specific data.

Changed in this release

Quality enhancements
The Madrid release is a quality release for Service Mapping. There are significant performance improvements. For example, service maps refresh quicker to reflect the current service state.

Activation information

Service Mapping is available as a separate subscription and requires activation by ServiceNow personnel.

The following plugins are activated automatically when Service Mapping (com.snc.service-mapping) is activated:
  • Discovery (com.snc.discovery)
  • Pattern Designer (com.snc.pattern.designer)
  • Cloud Management Core (
  • Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Service Mapping (
  • Event Management and Service Mapping Core (com.snc.service-watch)
    Note: The Event Management and Service Mapping Core (com.snc.service-watch) plugin is different from the Event Management plugin (com.glideapp.itom.snac).