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Application Portfolio Management release notes

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Application Portfolio Management release notes

ServiceNow® Application Portfolio Management product enhancements and updates in the Madrid release.

Application Portfolio Management enables you to build an application inventory using real-time data. The timeline view of Technology Portfolio Management displays the internal and external life cycle phases of all technologies or software models being used in your organization. These capabilities help provide a useful application roadmap.

New in the Madrid release

Enhancements in Technology Portfolio Management Timeline (TPM)
  • Retrieve the business applications risk data stored in the Business Application Risks [sn_apm_tpm_business_application_risk] table. Risks of all business applications are calculated and the data are stored in the risks table to make optimal use of the risk engine. Since risks are stored and retrieved from the table, their retrieval is faster when loading the Technology Portfolio Management timeline or the Capability Based Planning portal. Execute the Load TPM Risk Parameters and compute Business Service Risks scheduled job daily to obtain the real-time status of risks your business applications are exposed to in a given day. Running this job populates the business risks table.
  • Relate the software models that the suggestions engine picks up to your application service instead of searching for and then mapping them manually. You can easily manage the results of two subsequent runs of the software models suggestions engine by reviewing the new software models suggested by the engine in the latest run.
  • Navigate to Business Application Risk Values in the applications menu to view the risk record of each business application.
  • View the risk scores at the risk parameter level by clicking the risk bubble of the software model in the TPM timeline.
  • Filter business applications based on their risk factor using the business application risk filter.
  • Select the By Product Classification view to dynamically load software models, business applications, and application services in the timeline. All technology categories or product classifications are loaded as the page loads.
Application roadmap
Use the graphical view of the application roadmap that opens in an investment portal, which is exclusive to Application Portfolio Management, to view all the projects and demands that are planned for a business application in a fiscal year.
Application assessment indicators
  • Fetch cost data from the IT Financial Management buckets using the seven cost indicators to assess the performance of business applications in Application Portfolio Management. Know the exact amount that is allocated to a business application from a cost bucket using the preconfigured L2 Costing — Business Applications cost model.
  • Use the APM application indicators to get the count of all incidents that are associated to a business application, and derive the relative weight of the application. The incident indicators gather data at an instance level and then bundle them up at the application level.
Quick start tests for Application Portfolio Management
Validate the continued functionality of Application Portfolio Management after any configuration change such as an upgrade or after developing a new application. All test suites and tests should pass using a default implementation. To validate a custom implementation, copy the automated tests and configure them for your customizations.

Changed in this release

Changes in TPM timeline view
  • The character notation for the life cycle phases on the timeline has been changed to denote the first character of the source name.
  • If there are internal as well as publisher records for a life cycle phase, then the internal record overrides the publisher record in that phase.
  • The timeline view range is not configurable.
Changes in UI labels
  • Label of Business Service Risk Values table has been changed to Application Service Risk Values table.
  • Label of Business Service Software Models table has been changed to Application Service Software Models table.
  • Business Services has been changed to Application Services in the Business Application and Technology Category views of the TPM timeline.
  • By Technology Category view has been renamed to By Product Classification view in the TPM timeline.

Removed in this release

  • End date of a life cycle phase has been removed from the TPM timeline. The start date of a subsequent life cycle phase marks the end date of the prior phase.
  • Preconfigured indicators including Total opex, Total capex, External labor cost, and Cost of support have been removed from Application Portfolio Management.

Activation information

Activate the Application Portfolio Management (com.snc.apm) plugin if you have the admin role.