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Create embedded help content records after upgrade

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Create embedded help content records after upgrade

Activate the Embedded Help Downloader feature to create embedded help content records for new instances or out-of-family upgrades. Reduce the downtime of missing embedded help content when pages load for a new instance or upgrade by creating sys_embedded_help_content records from a downloaded zip file.

Before you begin

Role required: embedded_help_admin or admin

About this task

The Embedded Help Downloader feature is active by default.

Download all embedded help content for the family you are upgrading to. This execution is for new instances or out-of-family upgrades only. For example, when upgrading from Jakarta Patch 3 to London Patch 5. This enhancement is not for in-family upgrades, such as Kingston Patch 3 to Kingston Patch 4.

Note: Always download, unzip, and install the file content from the Content Delivery Network (CDN) after an upgrade, not during an upgrade. Executing this feature during an upgrade will stall the process.


  1. Download the from the CDN at http://gumbo.
  2. Unzip the contents and create sys_embedded_help_content records for all the files inside the zip file.
    Create records for all the installed languages on the instance. Different language contents will have the same name (, however, the file path will be different based on the language. For example, expected file paths on gumbo are:
    Note: While creating the content records, skip content where the modifier is not one of the choices in the Modifier field for the Embedded Help [sys_embedded_help_content] table.
  3. Delete the and the unzipped contents folder from the file directory once the processing is done.
  4. To deactivate this feature, vavigate to System Policy > Events > Script Actions.
  5. Search for the record named Embedded Help Downloader and set the Active field to False.