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Compare to the current version

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Compare to the current version

You can compare a version to the current version for any customizable object that a user has modified, such as a form layout or business rule. You can also compare the local and current pulled version of an object in Team Development. Administrators can suppress versions for specific tables.

About this task

To compare a version to the current version of an object:


  1. Open the Compare to Current page using one of the following methods:
    From a Versions list Right-click the version and select Compare to Current.
    From the Update Versions form Click the Compare to Current related link.
    The Compare to Current page includes a diff/merge tool that highlights the fields that differ.
  2. The Compare to Current page highlights the fields that differ. Review the differences. You have the following options:
    To resolve the differences by choosing the previous version
    • Team Development: Click Revert to Selected Version.
    • For a version of an object: Click Use Local Version to maintain the local record as the current version. The pulled version is added to the version history for the record.
    To resolve the differences by modifying the current version and saving the merged changes
    Note: Some types of record do not support this method. See Limitations on updating records for more information.
    You can either update the setting in the current record or move a setting from the selected version to the current version. To move a change, click the > (Move Right) button for the field in the diff/merge tool. To work with scripts and text fields, click in the field and modify the text as needed. When the records meet your needs, click:
    • Team Development: Click Save Merge to save the changes to the current version.
    • Team Development: Click Use Pulled Version or Use Local Version option to accept or reject all changes, as appropriate.
    • On the upgrade history Compare to Current form, the only option is Revert to Base System