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Use a relative duration

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Use a relative duration

When you define an SLA, you can set the Duration type to be a relative duration.

About this task

When using relative durations, you can also use the Relative duration works on field to select to calculate either against the SLA record, or the task record that the SLA record is used for.

This example demonstrates how a relative duration of End of next business day works.


  1. Create an SLA that has a relative duration of End of next business day.
  2. Complete the rest of the fields of this SLA with the values as shown below, also setting a Schedule and a Timezone if you want.
    Relative Duration in an SLA
  3. To show how this Relative Duration works, create a new incident.

    Notice that the SLA is started for this incident. If you look at the Planned End Date field you will notice that the date is the next business day at 5pm (See image below).

    Relative Duration in an Incident
    Note: Pause conditions are not compatible with Relative Durations.