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Parent and child schedules

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Parent and child schedules

Schedules can have one of two parent-child relationship with other schedules.

  • Parent field: When a schedule record lists a value for the Parent field, schedule entries from the parent schedule apply to both the parent schedule and the child schedule. By default, there are no sample schedules that use the Parent field.
  • Child schedule: When a schedule record has one or more child schedules in the Child Schedules related list, schedule entries from the child schedule apply to the containing schedule. By default, there are several sample schedules that use child schedules. For example, see the 8-5 weekdays excluding holidays schedule that includes the U.S. Holidays schedule.

Parent and child schedules cannot contain conflicting schedule entry types. For example, a schedule containing maintenance schedule entries cannot also contain blackout schedule entries. Nor can a maintenance schedule have a child schedule containing blackout schedule entries.

Parent schedules are not valid if they are only exclusionary. They must have at least one entry that is not of type Excluded.

Note: The Show Schedule related link shows schedule entries from the current schedule and the child schedule record. For example, when showing the 8-5 weekdays excluding holidays schedule, holidays are also shown as excluded because the holiday schedule is a child schedule.