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Delete a custom table

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Delete a custom table

If you no longer need a custom table, you can delete it after you delete all the records in the table.

  1. Navigate to System Definition > Tables.
  2. Open the table to delete.
  3. Click Delete All Records.

    Deleting all records before deleting the table ensures that the business logic is properly executed (for example, reference cascade rules or other delete business rules). If you do not delete all records from the table first, then you must manually fix any other records or tables that the table deletion impacts.

  4. Click Delete.
  5. In the confirmation dialog box, enter delete and click OK.

    The table and all items that reference the table are deleted, including:

    • Choice list items
    • Forms, form sections, lists, and related lists
    • Reports and Performance Analytics widgets
    • Reference fields that reference the table
    • Access controls