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Double-check form submission

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Double-check form submission

When the system determines that a particular field (such as task.number) should not be written to by the current user, the system renders that field in a read-only mode, which is why the number field is not writable on most incidents.

If you set the system to double-check the values of any incoming fields for writability, then the system applies the same set of security rules to the inbound leg of a transaction. When you submit an incident, for example, the system double-checks to determine if the number field can be written to before posting any changes.

If you tell the system not to double-check inbound transactions, then the system allows you to write to a nominally read-only field if that is the transaction the client sends back. In many deployments this is actually a desirable behavior if, for example, you are using client scripts to set nominally read-only fields in response to user selections in other, writable fields.

Property Location Default
Double check security on inbound transactions during form submission (rights are always checked on form generation) System Properties > Security Disabled (no double-checking)