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Debug Zing

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Debug Zing

Debugging messages create a log of search processes as they occur. These messages may help administrators configure optimal performance settings.

About this task

  • To view debugging messages, navigate to System Diagnostics > Session Debug > Debug Text Search. The search log messages appear at the bottom of the results page for the remainder of your session.
    Figure 1. Debugging Messages
  • To debug text indexing problems, you may want to view text_index events in the system log.
  • In rare cases, you may need to reset the text search caches after regenerating a text index. If text search fails for known words, diagnose and fix this problem:


  1. Enable text search debugging messages.
  2. In any table with search problems, search for the problem text.
  3. In the debug output, note the numbers used for the Stemmed terms.
  4. Enter ts_word.list in the navigation filter.
  5. Locate the stemmed terms and compare the numbers in the list to the debug output (Step 3). If the numbers are different, the UI node's cache is stale.
  6. Navigate to System Definition > Text Indexes.
  7. Click the Reset Text Search Caches related link and click OK.