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Enable automatic stop words for a table

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Enable automatic stop words for a table

The system can identify and generate stop words when a search term exceeds an occurrence threshold.

Before you begin

  • Role required: admin
  • Enable text indexing for the table

About this task

By default, the TS Index Stats scheduled job identifies and creates stop words for tables with text indexes on a nightly basis. Automatically adding stop words improves your search results by removing search terms that return too many search results.


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Text Indexes.
  2. Open the text index entry for the table.
  3. Select the Auto stop check box.
  4. In Auto threshold, enter the maximum number of occurrences a search term can have in search results.
    When a search term generates more search results than the threshold, the system automatically creates a stop word for the search term.
    For example, to create stop words for the task table, see the blog post Configuring auto stop words and regenerating text indexes from a ServiceNow employee on the ServiceNow Community.
  5. Click Update.


The job identifies and creates stop words for the table with a Stop mode value of Index but do not Query and inserts a Comment to indicate that the stop word was generated automatically.