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Zing matches derived words with stemming

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Zing matches derived words with stemming

Convert any multiple-character search keyword to its stem form to find derived versions of the word.

Stemming removes a variety of common word inflections, such as plurals and past tense forms. Zing treats all words with a common stem as synonyms of the original search term. Stemming does not apply to searches involving single-character words such as Chinese and Japanese pictograms.

Zing uses the Porter Stemming Algorithm, which is most effective for English text, but supports stemming in these languages.
  • English
  • French
  • German

The stemming language determines how the system generates indexes of record data. The system only supports one stemming language at a time regardless of how many languages the instance supports. When you change the stemming language, the system creates any new index entries based on the new language stemming rules, but does not regenerate any existing index records. You must manually regenerate indexes for tables you want to use the new stemming language.