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Translate the interface

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Translate the interface

After creating the choice record, translate the interface, including the applications, modules, UI actions, forms, lists, alerts, and choice lists.

About this task

All of these interface items are stored as translatable strings in these translation tables.
  • Translated Name / Field [sys_translated]
  • Messages [sys_ui_message]
  • Field Label [sys_documentation]
  • Choice [sys_choice]
  • Translated Text [sys_translated_text]

By default, these translation tables only contain English strings. To populate these tables with translated strings:


  1. Export the contents of the translation tables into a format (such as Excel) that can be easily manipulated.
  2. Within the exported document, translate the Label, Plural, Hint, and Message columns for each row. Be sure to also change the "Language" column to the two character ISO code of the new language.
  3. Import the translated document back into the instance as an import set.