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Upload a certificate to an instance

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Upload a certificate to an instance

You can add a certificate to the instance from the Certificates module.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Note: When a certificate is updated on the ADFS server, you also need to upload an updated certificate to the instance.


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Certificates.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the following fields (see table).
    Name Specify a unique name for the certificate.
    Expiration notification [Optional] Select whether you want to send a notification when the certificate is about to expire.
    Active Select whether the instance should use this certificate for secure communications and signing requests.
    Short Description [Optional] Enter a text description of the certificate such as the requester or server name.
    Format Select the certificate format. The instance supports the PEM and DER formats.
    Type Select the certificate container. The instance recognizes certificates from trust stores, Java keystore, and PKCS#12 keystores.
    PEM Certificate Enter the base-64 encoded PEM-formatted text containing the DER certificate. The instance decodes the certificate to populate the Valid from, Expires, Expires in days, Issuer, and Subject fields.
  4. Click Submit.
    During the upload, the module extracts and displays the certificate's read-only properties in these fields:
    • Valid from date
    • Expiration date
    • Issuer
    • Subject of the certificate
  5. Click Validate Stores/Certificates to check if the certificate is correct. If the instance encounters any errors with the certificate or keystore, it displays an error message.