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Manage notifications from your mobile device

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Manage notifications from your mobile device

Receive push notifications for the records that are most relevant to you by changing the notification settings on your mobile device and in the mobile app.

Before you begin

Role required: none

About this task

Push notifications appear on your device lock screen when they first arrive. You can tap on a push notification to open the corresponding record. A badge also appears on the mobile app icon when you receive notifications.
Push notifications are sent to you when:
  • A record is assigned to you.
  • A record is assigned to your group.
  • A record that you are assigned to or are following is changed.
Note: The notifications setting on your mobile device takes precedence over the notifications setting on the mobile app. If you enable notifications in the mobile app but do not allow push notifications on your mobile device, you cannot receive push notifications.


  1. Navigate to the Notifications tab by tapping the bell icon (Bell icon).
    The Notifications tab
  2. Tap the Enable Notifications switch to enable or disable push notifications.
  3. Clear notifications in one of the following ways:
    Clear individual notifications Swipe left on the individual notifications and tap Clear.
    Clear all notifications Tap Clear All.