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Service scope

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Service scope

Scope is an arbitrary detail that is used to define the limits of a service.

Note: Functionality described here requires the Service Portfolio Management plugin.

Scope items can be of any type or granularity and are used to define what the service can provide (In Scope). The scope items also define what it cannot provide (Out of Scope). Scope allows an administrator to grant or deny specific services that define a more detailed view of a service. For example, Nightly Backups might be In Scope for the Desktop Support service, but Disaster Recovery is Out of Scope.

The In Scope and Out of Scope definitions appear in the service catalog page that end users see when they access the service catalog.

To view the list of scope entries in your system, enter service_scope.list in the navigator filter and press the Enter key.

Applying scope to a service

  1. Navigate to Business Services > Business Services.
  2. Select the Name of a service for which you want to define scope.

    Only a parent service can have scope.

  3. Click New in either list to create a new In Scope or Out of Scope definition or click Edit to add an existing scope definition.

    It can be anything that is pertinent to the service and helps define the limits of the service that is being offered.

  4. Give the scope item a descriptive name and a definition.
    Figure 1. Applying Scope to a service
    Applying Scope to a service
  5. Click Submit.

    The new scope definition appears in the list in which it was created.

    Figure 2. Applying Scope to a service
    Applying Scope to a service