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Work with your coach

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Work with your coach

Use your assessment to work with your coach, including recommended learning and due dates. You can view your assessments and track your results using the Trainee Dashboard.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_coaching.trainee


  1. Navigate to Coaching > Trainee Dashboard.
  2. Select an active Coaching Assessment record from the My Assessment Details list to view feedback from your coach.
  3. View the Notes from your coach for coaching instructions.
  4. Complete any learning content in the Recommended Learnings related list before the Due date.
  5. Add any Notes for your coach that are applicable to your progress or learning status.
  6. To take the trainee survey once the coaching assessment has been resolved, click Submit feedback for Coach.
  7. To assess your survey results and other reports, navigate to Coaching > Trainee Dashboard.

Example: Trainee works on a coaching assessment

Table 1. Coaching Assessment form
Field Value
Assessment of Trainee User 1
Record Incident: INC000055
Opportunity COP0000109
State Resolved
Coach group Coach Group
Assigned to Coach User 1
Due date 2018-10-25 05:18:59
Resolved by Virtual Coach Selected