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Define a coaching moment

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Define a coaching moment

Use the Coaching Opportunity form to define a critical moment in a process on which a user can be coached. A coaching opportunity consists of the relationship between a process that can be improved, and coaches and trainees.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_coaching.admin

About this task

When the coaching moment defined in a coaching opportunity is triggered, an assessment for that trainee is generated. The coaching assessment then gets assigned to a coach for training, or is completed using automated virtual learning content.

You can add recommended learnings and virtual coach items to the related lists, if applicable, to complete the coaching opportunity.

You can create an improvement initiative in the Continual Improvement Management (CIM) application to set up external training tasks, for example, using the Create Improvement Initiative related link.
Note: The Continual Improvement Management (com.sn_cim) plugin must be active to create an improvement initiative. Continual Improvement Management requires a separate subscription and must be activated by ServiceNow personnel.


  1. Navigate to Coaching > Coaching Opportunities and create a record.
  2. Fill in the fields on the Coaching Opportunity form.
    1. Select the table that contains the field for coaching in the Source table field.
    2. Select the Trainee field from the source table.
    3. To limit the trainees for which a coaching assessment is generated, select a specific Trainee group.
    4. Select a group of coaches to assess and provide feedback to trainee assessments generated from this coaching opportunity in Coach group field.
    5. Add the condition for the critical moment in the Coaching moment fields.
      See Common ITSM coaching moments for examples.
  3. Fill in the fields in the Information to Capture tab.
    1. Select the Snapshot fields that contain the values to capture in the coaching assessment when the coaching moment is triggered.
    2. To use an advanced script, check the Advanced check box and add your script.
      See Scripts for more information on scripting.
  4. Fill in the fields in the Coaching Frequency tab.
    1. To limit the number of coaching assessments generated, set the Random sample (%) to a percent of the total number.
      If you reduce the random sample size, you can prevent certain trainees from being excluded by specifying Users who should be coached on every opportunity. For example, you may want new employees to get coached every time.
    2. Specify the Assessment duration after which the coaching assessment is set to Closed Complete state.
      You can disable automatic closure behavior by deactivating the Close assessments after expiration scheduled job.
    3. To Prevent duplicate assessments from being created for a trainee for the same coaching opportunity within a certain time period, select the check box.
      To prevent duplicates, specify the Time period within which duplicate assessments are not created.
  5. Fill in the fields in the Surveys and KPI tab.
    1. To select feedback surveys for trainees and coaches when the coaching assessment is in Resolved state, select a Survey for trainee and a Survey for coach.
    2. Select the primary KPI improved by the coaching opportunity in the Improvement KPI field.
    3. Select the Strategic objective impacted by the coaching opportunity.
      Strategic objectives are set in the Continual Improvement > Strategy Objectives navigation module.

Example: Coaching admin defines a coaching moment

Table 1. Coaching Opportunity form
Field Value
Number COP0000109
Name Incident Process: Coaching on Incident Reassignment
Source table Incident [incident]
Trainee field Assigned to
Coach group Coach Group
Active Selected
Coaching moment Option: Assigned to
Operator: changes
Description Coach user on the reassignment process of an incident, including adding comments, CI, and category.
Table 2. Coaching Opportunity tabs
Field Value
Information to Capture
Snapshot fields Resolution code, Resolution notes, Work notes
Coaching Frequency
Random sample (%) 100
Assessment duration 5 days
Surveys and KPI
Survey for trainee Trainee Assessment Survey (filled by coach)
Survey for coach Coach Effectiveness Survey (filled by trainee)
Improvement KPI Number of reassigned open incidents
Strategic objective Retrofit Staffing to include more global logistics