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Setting up Coaching and surveys

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Setting up Coaching and surveys

Get coaching started by configuring the Coaching application and setting up surveys.

Setting up Coaching

Configure Coaching to start assessing and coaching trainees.
  • Set up Coaching roles and groups to identify Coaching users, coaches, and admins
  • Define a coaching moment on the Coaching Opportunity form
  • Identify learning content that is provided as part of a recommendation or virtual coaching
  • Configure virtual coaches to add to a coaching opportunity
  • Set up surveys to provide feedback on the coaching experience so you can make improvements

Setting up Surveys

You can obtain feedback for both the coach and the trainee by creating surveys that are accessed from a Coaching Assessment form that has been resolved or closed.
  • Survey for the trainee to provide feedback on the coach
  • Survey for the coach to provide feedback on the trainee

Survey designer for Coaching can be accessed using the Survey > Survey Designer navigation menu.

Coaching Survey definitions can be accessed using the Coaching > Coaching Surveys navigation menu.