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Schedule PTO and suggest cover

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Schedule PTO and suggest cover

You can schedule your own time-off and also suggest a suitable cover from among fellow shift members.

Before you begin

To use this feature, the system administrator must enable the system property Configuration to determine if PTO requests need approval (com.snc.on_call_rotation.pto.approval.required).

Role required: itil


  1. Navigate to On-call Calendar.
  2. From the on-call calendar, select the shift entry for which you want to schedule time-off.
  3. Click Schedule Time Off from the menu.
  4. Enter the following details in the Schedule Time Off pop-up window.
    Schedule time off window
    Table 1. Manage Shift
    Field Description
    Member Select the member for who you are scheduling time-off.
    Starts and Ends Enter the start and end dates to indicate the duration of the time-off.
    Propose cover Select the name of the shift member who you would like to provide cover in your absence.
    All day event Select if the time-off period is a total of one working day.
    Notes Enter additional notes, if any.
  5. Click Schedule to schedule the time-off in the on-call calendar.
    The time-off is tentatively scheduled in your on-call calendar.