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Configure preferences for a user group

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Configure preferences for a user group

Specify the preferences for a user group that can be used for its On-Call.

Before you begin

Role required: admin, rota_admin, or rota_manager. For information on roles, see Roles installed with on-call scheduling.


  1. Navigate to On-Call Scheduling > Administration > Group Preferences.
  2. In the form, fill the fields.
    Table 1. On-Call Group Preference form fields
    Field Description
    Group User group for which the On-Call preferences should apply.
    Allow Shift Schedule Overlap Specifies if overlapping schedules are allowed for shifts within the group. When set to Default, the value selected for the Configuration to control whether to allow overlapping Shift schedules (com.snc.on_call_rotation.allow_rota_overlap) property is applied.
    Note: Shift overlap is required to have a hand-off period between shifts. With this, multiple shifts can be on-call for the same duration. On-call members from multiple shifts can be contacted.
    PTO approval preferences Specifies if an On-Call member in the group can create PTO. When set to Default, the value selected for the This property governs if an On-Call user (Not "admin, rota_manager, group manager or rota_admin") is allowed to create PTO (com.snc.on_call_rotation.pto.configuration) property is applied.
    Shift managers Users who can manage the shift in addition to group managers, shift admins, and delegated shift managers. You can also select the current group members.
    Escalation rule on Shift overlap Escalation rule that applies when there is a shift overlap. When set to Default, the value selected for the Escalation rule which applies when Shifts overlap (com.snc.on_call_rotation.escalation_rule_rota_over) property is applied.
  3. To view the On-Call properties, click View Global Settings.
  4. Click Submit.