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Verify that Service Mapping is set up properly

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Verify that Service Mapping is set up properly

Before you start mapping application services, verify that you configured MID Servers to discover application services and provided all the necessary host and application credentials.

Before you begin

Role required: sm_admin

About this task

Service Mapping performs an automatic scan of the following resources and configurations to give you the readiness status:
  • (Mandatory) There are MID Servers with correctly configured IP ranges and the applications and capabilities settings. For more information, see MID Server configuration for Service Mapping.

    If this check does not recognize correctly configured MID Servers, you cannot perform the bulk discovery.

  • (Optional) There are credentials for operating systems and applications as described in Prerequisites for performing top-down discovery using Service Mapping.
  • (Optional) There are at least three load balancers recently discovered during horizontal discovery.
  • (Optional) There are at least 100 hosts discovered by the horizontal discovery in the last 14 days.
  • (Optional) The data collection using Netflow or VPC Flow Logs is configured. This configuration is necessary to enhance the traffic-based discovery in Service Mapping. For more information, see Data collection and discovery using Netflow and Data collection and discovery using VPC Flow Logs.
  • (Optional) Cloud Discovery is activated and configured. This setting is necessary to discover application services based on IaaS.

If an optional resource or configuration is missing, you can still map application services, but it may result in partial discovery of some CIs and connections.


  1. Navigate to Service Mapping > Home.
    The Home page displays only information on application services that Service Mapping can discover or already discovered. This page does not display information on application services that are created manually or using the API.
  2. Verify that Service Mapping is set up and ready for discovery.
    If some obligatory configurations are missing, the error displays at the top of the window.
    1. Click the link in the error or click the Readiness Checklist icon.

      Location of the Service Mapping Readiness Checklist icon
    2. In the Service Mapping Readiness Checklist window, click the link next to the setup category with the error icon (Error icon).
      You cannot perform discovery and mapping unless there are no errors in the Readiness Checklist window.
    3. Perform the necessary action to complete the setup.
      For example, configure missing credentials.
  3. If more than one setup category has an error, return to the Readiness Checklist window and fix any other errors.

What to do next

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