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Create a connector definition

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Create a connector definition

Each connector definition is specific to an event source vendor. The connector definition specifies the MID Server script include that pulls events from the external event source. In addition, the connector definition specifies what connector instance value parameters are needed to connect to the external event source host.

Before you begin

Write custom JavaScript code that accomplishes these actions:
  • Connect to an event monitoring tool.
  • Retrieve events from an event monitoring tool.
  • Send events to the Event [em_event] table using the web service API.
Role required: evt_mgmt_admin or evt_mgmt_operator

About this task

Create a connector definition to support a new external event source from which to receive events. This procedure automatically creates a JavaScript code file using the name that you enter in the Name field as the filename.


  1. Navigate to Event Management > Event Connectors (Pull) > Connector Definitions.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the Name field, type a descriptive name for the connector definition.
  4. In the Script type field, select Javascript.
  5. Right-click the form header and select Save.
  6. The Javascript to run field is automatically populated with the name of the JavaScript template file. You can optionally replace the default JavaScript with your JavaScript code, see Create a custom pull connector. To edit the default JavaScript file, click the exclamation symbol to the right of the JavaScript file name and follow these steps:
    1. Specify the information required for the testConnection function. This function tests the connector definition to verify if the connection to the target is valid.
    2. Specify the information required for the execute function. This function retrieves the information from the external source.
    3. Specify the information required for the retrieveKpi function. This function retrieves the metric data from the external source.
  7. Fill in the fields, as appropriate.
    Table 1. Connector Definition form
    Field Description
    Default schedule The number of seconds between attempts to receive events.
    Bi-directional Specify to enable the external monitoring system to be updated if the alert is changed. There is default implementation for SCOM.
    Alert field identifier Specify the alert field that, if changed manually, causes the external monitoring system to be updated.
    Note: This field only appears if Bi-directional is selected.
    Collect metrics Select to enable the collection of metrics.
    Note: Metrics are collected only for SCOM external event sources.
    Metrics collection default schedule (seconds) Specify the number of seconds of information that must be collected. The default is 10 seconds.
    Note: This field only appears if Collect metrics is selected.
    Connector Parameters Specify the parameters to enable communication with an event server.
    Connector Definition to MID Server Capabilities The MID Server name to process events from the event server. If not specified, an available MID Server is used.
  8. Click Submit.