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Create a manual alert group

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Create a manual alert group

After you manually create a manual alert group, you can continue and manually add specific alerts to the group. The resultant manual alert group can contain many alerts and is useful in troubleshooting an incident.

Before you begin

Role required: evt_mgmt_operator

About this task

To initially create a manual alert group, select at least two alerts that do not belong to any alert group. Make one of those alerts the parent of the other alert. The new manual alert group appears in the Alert Console.

After manually creating a manual alert group, the Alert Aggregation Learner learns the group and generates a pattern based on the alerts in the group. Later, if alert aggregation and RCA detects a similar pattern in incoming streams of alerts, then alert aggregation and RCA forms automatic alert group according to the pattern.

Note: At any given time, an alert can belong only to a single alert group. A closed alert cannot be assigned as a parent.


  1. Navigate to Event Management > Alert Console.
  2. Clear the Correlated Alerts toggle. All alerts appear in the list, including open, primary, and secondary alerts.
  3. Note the alert number of an alert that you want to set as the parent in a new alert. Ensure that the alert does not belong to any alert group. This alert is also known as the primary alert.
  4. Click an alert that you want to set as the secondary alert in the new manual alert group. Ensure that the alert does not belong to any alert group.
  5. In the Parent field of the selected alert, enter the alert number of the alert that is being configured as the primary alert.
  6. Click Submit.


When the Alert Console refreshes, the primary alert that was selected, is denoted as being in the manual alert group. The alert, that is a member of the new manual alert group, is denoted as being the secondary alert.

What to do next

In the Alert Console, you can add and remove other alerts to the manual alert group.