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HBase instance discovery

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HBase instance discovery

Discovery creates or updates a CMDB record when it detects a running instance of HBase on a UNIX server.

In the following table, the HBase Instance@hostname source may contain the information on whether the instance is a master or a slave. The name contains Hmaster if the instance is a master instance. The name contains HRegionServer if the name is a slave instance.

Table 1. Data collected
Label Table Name Field Name Source
Name cmdb_ci_db_hbase_instance name HBase Instance@hostname
Root Directory cmdb_ci_db_hbase_instance root_dir hbase-site.xml
TCP port cmdb_ci_db_hbase_instance tcp_port running process
Site XML cmdb_ci_db_hbase_instance site_xml hbase-site.xml
Version cmdb_ci_db_hbase_instance version HBase shell
HBase Home cmdb_ci_db_hbase_instance hbase_home running process
ZooKeeper Quorum cmdb_ci_db_hbase_instance zookeeper hbase-site.xml