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Help the Help Desk discovery on Windows

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Help the Help Desk discovery on Windows

Help the Help Desk identifies and classifies information about Windows computers.

Supported Windows Operating Systems

  • Windows 2008 and 2012 Server
  • Windows XP and Vista
  • Windows 7, 8, and 10

Data collected

Help the Help Desk stores information about Windows computers in the following tables and fields.
Table 1. Tables and Fields
Field Label Table Name Field Name Source
Operating System cmdb_ci_computer os wmi
OS version cmdb_ci_computer os_version wmi
OS service pack cmdb_ci_computer os_service_pack wmi
Name cmdb_ci_computer name ActiveX
Hostname cmdb_ci_computer host_name ActiveX
OS domain cmdb_ci_computer os_domain wmi
Assigned to cmdb_ci_computer assigned_to wmi
Department cmdb_ci_computer department Internal (User)
Short description cmdb_ci_computer short_description wmi
Manufacturer cmdb_ci_computer manufacturer wmi
Serial number cmdb_ci_computer serial_number wmi
CPU name cmdb_ci_computer cpu_name wmi
CPU manufacturer cmdb_ci_computer cpu_manufacturer wmi
CPU speed (MHz) cmdb_ci_computer cpu_speed wmi
CPU count * cmdb_ci_computer cpu_count wmi
CPU core count * cmdb_ci_computer cpu_core_count wmi
CPU core thread * cmdb_ci_computer cpu_core_thread wmi
Model ID cmdb_ci_computer model_id wmi
RAM (MB) cmdb_ci_computer ram wmi
Disk space (GB) cmdb_ci_computer disk_space wmi
Type cmdb_ci_disk type wmi
Description cmdb_ci_disk short_description wmi
Disk space (GB) cmdb_ci_disk disk_space wmi
Free space (GB) cmdb_ci_disk free_space wmi
Name cmdb_ci_disk name wmi
Volume serial number cmdb_ci_disk volume_serial_number wmi
Name cmdb_ci_network_adapter name wmi
IP address cmdb_ci_network_adapter ip_address wmi
MAC address cmdb_ci_network_adapter mac_address wmi
Netmask cmdb_ci_network_adapter netmask wmi
DHCP enabled cmdb_ci_network_adapter dhcp_enabled wmi
Vendor cmdb_ci_network_adapter vendor wmi
Default gateway default_gateway wmi

* Core counts and threads per core might not be accurate, due to issues with Microsoft reporting. See for details.