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SSHCommand probe

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SSHCommand probe

A probe using the ECC queue topic name SSHCommand executes a shell command on the target host, and returns the resulting output to the sensor.

Discovery supports Bourne Shell (sh) and Bourne-again Shell (bash) commands. Enter shell script commands in the probe's ECC queue name field. The shell script can use variables and file operations supported by the target UNIX shell.

  • The SSH engine that is active by default on new instances.
  • Customers on upgraded instances can manually enable ServiceNow SSH for a particular probe by setting the use_snc_ssh parameter to true. Alternatively, enable it for all probes on the MID Server by setting the MID Server parameter mid.ssh.use_snc to true.
Note: To discover network devices, such as routers and switches, use SNMP credentials credentials, not SSH credentials. If you have Orchestration active,