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Test Board

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Test Board

Test Board gives you a comprehensive view of your test plans and enables you to manage test plans more efficiently.

In Test Board, you can:
  • Aggregate all your test plans and view them as cards at a single location. Each card displays key details of your test plan such as the start and end date, percentage of tests that have passed, percentage of tests that have failed, percentage of tests that have been blocked, and number of days left for completion.
  • Search for specific test plans by defining filter conditions such as name, duration, or owner.
  • Track, manage, and complete your test plans from a single interface, which saves you time and effort.
    1. Define how a product or feature must be tested by creating a test plan.
    2. Structure your test plan in the Planning tab. Break down your test plan into test cycles to plan and schedule the phases of testing effort. Further break down your test cycles into test execution sets, schedule the tests, and assign users to run those tests.
    3. Monitor the progress and completion of your test plans.
Figure 1. Aggregated view of test plans in Test BoardTest Board aggregated view of test plans

Planning tasks

You can structure a test plan in the Test Board Planning tab, which provides the following capabilities:

Test plan work item hierarchy

The Test plan work item hierarchy presents a wide variety of test plan information in expandable rows. It provides a quick overview of the test plan, with test cycles and test execution suites nested within the test plan.

In addition, you can:

  • Modify the attributes (such as start and end time) of the test plan, test cycles, and test execution suites rather than opening each form and modifying the field values one by one.
  • Add or delete test cycles and test execution suites, adjust their start and end dates, and then assess the overall progress of the test plan.
  • Configure the columns displayed in the Test plan work item hierarchy.
Gantt chart
The Gantt chart provides a visual representation of the timeline of the test plan and its child tasks using a blue task bar. The length of the task bar pertaining to the test plan increases and decreases depending on the adjustments you make to the duration of its child tasks. You can also manually increase or decrease the duration by dragging the edge of the task bar to the required location.
Figure 2. Test plan work item hierarchy and Gantt chart on the Planning tab
Test plan work item hierarchy and Gantt chart on the Planning tab