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Track your tasks in the Board view

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Track your tasks in the Board view

Use the Board view to track all your tasks and view their transition from one state to another.

Before you begin

  • Role required: scrum_user or scrum_admin
  • You must be a member of an agile group to access the Sprint Board.


  1. Navigate to Agile Development > Agile Board.
  2. Click the Sprint Tracking tab and select the Board view.
  3. You can select a story record (card) and move it to the required lane.

    When the Agile Development — Unified Backlog plugin is installed, records from a triage board are represented by stories on the board. When you move such a record to another lane, the state of the story changes, but the state of the original record remains the same. To change the state of the original record, open the record in the form and use the Open original Record related link.

  4. To add a record to a specific lane in the Board view:
    1. Click Add Task.
    2. Fill in the fields in the form.