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Agile integration with Project Portfolio Suite

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Agile integration with Project Portfolio Suite

The Project Portfolio Suite leverages the Agile Development application to combine Agile Scrum methodology with project-based IT development.

IT organizations typically work on multiple projects with shorter time schedules. The project planning and tracking is done using Waterfall but the group prefers Agile or Scrum methodologies to carry out their work. It then becomes a challenge to track project status when there is an Agile development phase. This integration facilitates a combination of Waterfall and Agile methods for project management and development.

The Agile integration with Project Portfolio Suite provides the following process flow:
  • Create a group and add group members
  • Create sprints
  • Assign groups to projects from the project workbench
  • Maintain group and project backlogs
  • Perform group sprint planning
  • Create stories, including one-off stories that are not related to projects
  • Track progress in stories, phases, and projects

Multiple projects can be under development and groups can be assigned to multiple projects. Each project and each group has its own backlog. The project backlog includes all stories related to a project. The group backlog includes stories from multiple projects that have been assigned to the group. The group grooms this combined backlog, ranks the stories and assigns points, and adds stories to sprints based on priority.

Agile integration with Project Portfolio Suite is included when you activate the Project Portfolio Suite plugin, which requires Agile Development as a dependency. Newer customers get Agile Development 2.0. Older customers can consider migrating to Agile Development 2.0 by activating that plugin. For more information, see Agile Development.