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Capacity planning overview

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Capacity planning overview

Capacity Planning page provides resource managers with a comprehensive view of capacity, allocations, and utilization of resources. As a resource manager, you can use it to review resource capacity and existing allocations and then confirm resources to a demand or project.

Note: The capacity planning page is based on Service Portal which enables you to configure, customize, and extend it per your requirements and organizational workflow. See Service Portal for more information.

The Capacity Planning page is divided into following sections:

Resource Plans
The left pane displays the requested resource plans as cards based on the filter conditions. You can select more than one resource plan to review the capacity of the associated resources.
Resource Forecast

The section enables you to review the resource forecast of the selected resource plans in the following tabs:

  • Overview tab: Displays the following items in the stacked bar chart.
    • the total capacity trend for the resources
    • requested hours (for the selected plan only)
    • confirmed hours (across all projects)
    • the allocated hours (across all projects)

    Pointing to any of the sections on the bar chart shows its details.

  • % Utilization tab: Displays the heat map for the percentage of utilization of resources including both hard and soft allocations and requested hours for the selected resource plans. The heat map helps resource managers understand how committed utilization would look if resources are allocated to resource plans in the requested state. If utilization is greater than 100%, resources are over-allocated. The resource manager must ensure that percentage of utilization of all resources is within 100%.
Figure 1. Capacity Planning page example
Screenshot for Capacity Planning page