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SAFe Board—Portfolio level

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SAFe Board—Portfolio level

As a portfolio manager, you can plan and monitor activities within your portfolio by accessing the Portfolio level on the SAFe Board.

The Portfolio level includes the following tabs:
  • Board
  • Backlog


The Board tab enables you to track all the epics of your portfolio in a single view. Board is built on visual task boards, which transform the navigation of lists and forms into an interactive graphical experience. The visual task board interface provides a graphic-rich environment for managing and collaborating.

In addition, you can move an epic from one lane to another, which in turn updates the state of the epic. To learn more about the actions that can be performed in the board, see visual task boards.

Infographic showing how an epic transits from one stàte to another


The Backlog tab enables you to manage your portfolio backlog, which comprises epics.
Infographic displaying epics in the Portfolio backlog