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Configure a record producer for an HR service

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Configure a record producer for an HR service

If you have an existing HR service that you want to make available for employee self-service, configure a record producer so that the service appears as an HR catalog item in the HR service catalog. (Do not create a new HR catalog item. Creating an HR catalog item automatically creates a corresponding HR service, and you can avoid creating duplicate services.)

Before you begin

Role required: sn_hr_core.admin

Tip: For best results, do not configure multiple record producers to invoke a single HR service.


  1. Navigate to HR Administration > HR Services > HR Service Configuration.
  2. Open the HR service.
  3. Open the record producer for that service.
    Note: To create a new record producer for the HR service, click the Lookup icon, and then click New.
    Open the record producer for the HR service.
  4. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate.
    Table 1. Record Producer form
    Field Description
    Name Name of the record producer.
    Table name Name of the HR case table that the record producer is associated with.
    Note: Make sure that the HR case table for the record producer matches that of the associated HR service.
    Application This field is automatically set to Human Resources: Service Portal.
    Active Check box to activate the record producer for use.
    Preview link Link to preview how the HR catalog item appears to users in the HR service catalog.
    Expand help for all questions
  5. In the What it will contain, Accessibility, and Generated Record Data related lists, fill in the fields as appropriate. Since you are configuring the record producer from the HR service form, make sure to:
    1. In the What it will contain related list, provide the following script:
      new sn_hr_core.hr_ServicesUtil(current, gs).createCaseFromProducer(producer, cat_item.sys_id);
    2. In the Accessibility related list, set the Catalogs field to Human Resources Catalog.
  6. In the Variables related list, configure the variables for the HR catalog item as appropriate.

    Variables collect information from the user, and are used to ask questions and map answers to fields. You can add as many variables as you need to the HR catalog item. Commonly used variables types include:

    • Checkbox
    • Multiple Choice
    • Reference
    • Select Box
    • Single Line Text

    To learn more about the different types of variables and how to configure them, see Types of service catalog variables.

  7. In the Available For and Not Available For related lists, configure the user criteria to apply to the HR catalog item as appropriate.
    User criteria controls which employees can access and request the HR catalog item in the HR service catalog. To learn more about user criteria and how they are used to control access to HR catalog items, see Set security for items and categories.
    Note: User criteria applied to the HR catalog item is employee-facing only, and has no relation to the HR criteria that is used to control what HR services an HR agent can request for an employee from the Create New Case module. See Configure an HR service for more information.
  8. Click Submit or Update on the record producer form.
  9. Click Update on the HR service form.