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Pick up an asset

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Pick up an asset

Agents can view a consolidated list, grouped by stockroom, of all their assets that are waiting to be picked up.

About this task

The agents can physically pick up the assets and then record them as delivered. The list contains transfer order lines in the Received or In Transit stage with a work order task that meets the following criteria:
  • Assigned to the agent
  • In the Accepted or Work in Progress state


  1. Navigate to Field Service > Pick Up/Drop Off > My Pick Up List.

    The Transfer Order Lines list is displayed in PickUpList view.

    Figure 1. Pickup list
    WM pickup list
  2. (Optional) Click text in any column to obtain more information about, for example, the transfer order, the transfer order line, or the asset.
  3. After physically picking up the items, select a check box next to the transfer order column, then go to the Actions choice list and select Deliver.
    Figure 2. Pickup list marked as delivered
    Pickup list marked as delivered