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Assign a single task

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Assign a single task

In some cases, you might need to dispatch an urgent task or reassign one to an alternate agent if the assigned agent is delayed or otherwise unable to perform the task.

Before you begin

Role required: wm_dispatcher, wm_initiator_qualifier_dispatcher

About this task

Only users with the wm_dispatcher or wm_initiator_qualifier_dispatcher role can display their tasks on the dispatch map directly from a task record and see the available agents nearby who have the skills to perform the task. A task cannot be displayed on the dispatch map without a location that has latitude and longitude defined. A task assigned in this manner can be accepted or rejected by the agent.


  1. Navigate to Field Service > Dispatching > My Dispatch Queue.
  2. Open the task you want to dispatch or reassign.
  3. Click the View Task on Map.

    The task is not visible in the Draft, Closed Complete, Closed Incomplete, or Cancelled state. The map that appears displays a red task icon with a black spot for the task, and shows icons for all nearby agents.

  4. Click View Filter.
  5. Select a skill level for the agents to display in the map.
    The default filter selects all agents in the vicinity. The icons in the map indicate agents with these skill combinations:
    • Match all needed skills
    • Match some needed skills
    • Match none of skills
    Figure 1. Single task filter
    Single task filter
  6. Click Apply Filter.

    The system displays the agents on the map who match the skills selection.

  7. Click an agent icon to show the agent's name, skills, and schedule.
  8. Click the icon beside the agent's name to assign the task to that agent.

    If the task can fit within the agent's schedule, the system assigns the task and displays a confirmation message. If the agent's schedule cannot accommodate the task, the system displays a failure message and allows you to select a different agent.