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Working with tasks in the central dispatch calendar

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Working with tasks in the central dispatch calendar

Display task and SLA information and use the drag and drop feature to assign, unassign, and reassign tasks in the central dispatch calendar.

Display task information:
  • Point to a task in the calendar to display a tooltip with task information, including the number and short description. For assigned tasks, the initials of the assigned agent are also displayed. The system administrator can configure the information included in task tooltips.
  • Click the task number in the Tasks list or double-click the task in the calendar to open the Work Order Task form on top of central dispatch. This allows the dispatcher to view task details without navigating away from central dispatch.
Assign, unassign, and reassign tasks using drag and drop.
  • Assign a task by clicking the task bar in the task calendar and dragging it to an agent and time slot in the team calendar. After assigning a task, confirm the assignment information in the work order task window, including the agent in the Assigned to field.
    Note: You can also select a task in the Tasks list and click the auto assign icon (Central dispatch task auto assign icon).
  • Unassign an assigned or accepted task by dragging it from the agent calendar to the task calendar. Work in progress tasks cannot be unassigned.
  • If dynamic scheduling is enabled, a dispatcher can drag an unassigned task on top of an already assigned task. This results in the unassigned task taking priority over the assigned task, and dynamic scheduling attempts to re-assign the already assigned task.
  • When dragging a task, a tooltip shows the scheduled start time at the current position in the team calendar. The agent row is also highlighted.

A dispatcher can display SLA indicators for assigned and unassigned tasks by enabling the Show SLA indicator toggle button on the Tasks tab in the Configuration Settings window. These indicators appear as colored horizontal lines below each task bar. The system administrator configures the colors used to display the different task SLAs.

When navigating from a Work Order Task form to central dispatch by clicking Central Dispatch in the task header or the Central Dispatch related link, the content in the Tasks list is filtered to display only that task.