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Basic authentication

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Basic authentication

Enforce basic authentication for web services to require a username and password with a web service request.

To enforce basic authentication for the user associated with the instance for each WSDL or SOAP message request, administrators can set the property glide.basicauth.required to true.

When enabled, each WSDL and SOAP request must contain an "Authorization" header as specified in the Basic Authentication protocol.

Because web services requests are non-interactive, ServiceNow always requires the Authorization header during a request.

Note: Basic Authentication refers to local credentials or LDAP authentication, if configured.

Supplying basic authentication information with every request (whether or not it is required) has the added advantage that ServiceNow can associate web service invocations with the user supplied in the basic authentication credentials. For example, when creating an Incident record, the journal fields lists the user ID contained in the basic authentication header instead of the default Guest user.