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View normalization suggestions

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View normalization suggestions

Normalization suggestions are created for discovery models with field values that differ from those in the package or pattern rules. You can accept or reject these suggestions.

Before you begin

Role required: sam_user

About this task

During the weekly normalization process, if there are differences (or updates) identified between the manually normalized value for Publisher, Product, Version, Edition, Platform, and Language, and the corresponding values in the package or pattern, a Normalization Suggestion record is created.

You can evaluate suggestions to normalize discovery models that were manually normalized incorrectly. Suggestions can either be accepted, which updates the Discovery Model with the correct values, or rejected, which does not change the manually normalized values.

The records are contained in the Normalization Suggestions [samp_normalization_suggestions] table.

If you Accept the suggestion:
  • Publisher, Product, Version, Edition, Platform, and Language of the discovery model is updated with the values from the normalization rule.
  • Normalization status changes from Manually Normalized to Normalized.
  • Normalization Suggestion status changes to Accepted
  • Normalization date on the discovery model is updated to when the suggestion was accepted.
If you Reject the suggestion:
  • Discovery Model retains the manually normalized values and remains in Manually Normalized status.
  • Normalization Suggestion status changes to Rejected.


  1. To view a Normalization Suggestion record, navigate to Software Asset > Discovery > Normalization Suggestions (see table for field descriptions).
    Note: Suggested field values that differ from actual field values are indicated by a blue dot.
    Table 1. Normalization Suggestions form
    Field Description
    Discovery model Software discovery model that represents the installed software.
    Suggestion status Suggested status of the normalization process.
    Discovered publisher Discovered publisher of the software.
    Discovered product Discovered name of the software.
    Discovered version Discovered version of the software.
    Suggested Normalization
    Suggested publisher Suggested publisher of the software.
    Suggested product Suggested name of the software.
    Suggested version Suggested version of the software.
    Suggested edition Suggested edition of the software.
    Suggested platform Suggested platform of the software.
    Suggested language Suggested language of the software.
    Publisher Normalized publisher of the software.
    Product Normalized product name of the software.
    Version Normalized version of the software product.
    Edition Normalized edition of the software product.
    Platform Normalized platform of the software product.
    Language Normalized language of the software product.
  2. Click Accept to make the suggested changes to the discovery model, or click Reject to keep the existing settings.