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Add a custom software product

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Add a custom software product

You can add a custom product if a software product does not exist in the Software Library. Custom products enable you to normalize and account for homegrown software, or software that is not yet part of the Software Library.

Before you begin

Role required: sam_admin

About this task

The product and publisher combination is used during discovery model normalization. If the custom product already exists, a message is shown.


Navigate to Software Asset > Administration > Custom Software Products and create a new record (see table for field descriptions).
Table 1. Custom Software Product form
Field Description
Publisher Publisher of the custom software product. If it does not exist, a new one can be created on the Publisher field Companies lookup list.
Product Name of the custom software product.
Subscription software Check box for indicating that the software has a subscription.
Exclude from content service Check box for excluding the custom product details from being transferred to the Software Asset Management content service if opted in.
Product type Product type of the custom software product.
  • Child: A subcomponent of main software (not licensable).
  • Driver: A software product that controls a device.
  • Licensable: A software product that is licensable.
  • Not Licensable: A software product that is not licensable.
  • Patch: A software product designed to update, fix, or improve an existing computer program.
  • Unknown: A software product that is unknown.
Product classification Official UNSPSC classification.
Active Check box for activating the rule.