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Download the MID Server files

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Download the MID Server files

The MID Server application is downloadable from the ServiceNow instance.

Before you begin


The MID Server installer download process has changed for new instances in the London release. Access to is no longer required for the MID Server host machines in your environment. When you request a MID Server installer, the download is performed by the instance, not the MID Server host. This change does not require any additional configuration. Customer instances hosted in a ServiceNow® datacenter have access to automatically.

About this task

You download the MID Server and then enable Discovery, Orchestration, or any integration that requires the use of the MID Server.


  1. On the ServiceNow instance, navigate to Mid Server > Downloads.
  2. Select and download the MID Server for the appropriate operating system.
    There might be a few seconds delay while the instance processes the request and initiates the download.
    Figure 1. MID Server downloads
    MID Server downloads
  3. Save the download file to a temporary file on the local drive.
  4. Move the file into the designated MID Server folder you create for your operating system and run the installer from that location.