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MID Server ISecuredConfigProvider interface

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MID Server ISecuredConfigProvider interface

Use the methods in this interface to create custom providers that manage secured parameter values in the MID Server config.xml file.

Note: These methods are contained in the snc-automation-api.jar file, located in the MID Server installation folder.


This method initializes the provider with additional configuration parameters and does not return a value.
Table 1. Example
void intialize(java.util.Properties properties,
               IMidServerEncrypter encrypter)
        throws java.lang.Exception
Table 2. Parameters
Parameters Description
properties Initialization properties.
encrypter Encrypter to use if the provider is encryption based.
Table 3. Exception


This method checks to see if the parameter value has been secured or not. This method returns a boolean type value.
Table 4. Example
boolean isParameterValueSecured(java.lang.String paramValue)
Table 5. Parameters
Parameter Description
paramValue The parameter value.
Table 6. Returns
The parameter returns true if the parameter value is secured.


This method secures the parameter value if it has not been secured. This method returns a string type value.
Table 7. Example
java.lang.String secureParameterValue(java.lang.String unsecuredParameterValue)
                               throws java.lang.Exception
Table 8. Parameters
Parameter Description
unsecuredParameterValue The unsecured parameter value.
Table 9. Returns
This method returns the unsecuired parameter value.
Table 10. Exception


This method returns the unsecured value of the parameter. This method returns a string type value.
Table 11. Example
java.lang.String unsecuredParameterValue(java.lang.String parameterName)
                                  throws java.lang.Exception
Table 12. Parameters
Parameter Description
parameterName The parameter name.
Table 13. Returns
This parameter returns the unsecured value.
Table 14. Exception