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MetricBase application

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MetricBase application

Use the MetricBase application to collect, retain, analyze, and visualize time series data on the Now Platform.

Time series data is a collection of values for an item taken at specific time intervals. Time series data is stored in a separate database, called the MetricBase database. An example is collecting CPU usage values for a computer every hour. You can then use the time series data to evaluate system capacity issues.

The MetricBase application is integrated with the Now Platform making it easy to handle time series data for applications on the Now Platform. The MetricBase database saves values as floating-point numbers.

You can create a trigger that is used with Flow Designer to define when a flow is to be run. A MetricBase trigger can be created with the MetricBase application, or from the Flow Designer.

MetricBase data can be accessed through the Performance Analytics and Reporting application. See the Create time series reports from MetricBase data topic to create advanced reports.

A demonstration plugin is available that contains a user created table with metric fields, triggers, a scheduled job to create data, and the Data Explorer that provides a place to experiment with transform APIs. See MetricBase demonstration application for more information.

The MetricBase product is available as a separate subscription. For more information, see Request the MetricBase product.