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Test a flow

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Test a flow

Before activating a flow so other users can access it, test to make certain it works the way you expect.

Before you begin

Role required: flow_designer or admin. Save the flow.


  1. If necessary, navigate to Flow Designer > Designer, then double click the row for the flow you want to test.
  2. Click Test.
    The system displays the Test flow dialog. The contents of the Test flow dialog depend on the type of trigger: Data or Schedule. If the trigger is a Data trigger, the dialog asks for a record to use for the test.
  3. If the trigger is a Data trigger, select a record to use for the test.
    When you test a flow, the system does not execute the trigger. In other words, for a trigger that fires when a record is added to a particular data, the test does not create a new record. It behaves as if a record was created. By selecting a record on the Test flow dialog, you are asking the system to act as if that record was just created.