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Get started with Agent Intelligence

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Get started with Agent Intelligence

Implement initial setup and configuration steps for Agent Intelligence to train a machine-learning (ML) algorithm to make predictions based on your past record data.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or ml_admin

About this task

The training process requires sending record data to a training service in the nearest data center and is therefore unavailable to customers who have data sovereignty requirements.


  1. Activate Agent Intelligence on a non-production instance.
  2. From your production instance, export the records that you want your Agent Intelligence solutions to process.
    For example, export 12 months of incident records to a non-production instance.
  3. On a non-production instance, import the records you exported.
  4. On the non-production instance, review the default solution definition records to determine if the filter, input fields, and output field are sufficient to predict your incident or task records. If necessary, create a solution definition for each record set you want to predict.
  5. On the non-production instance, train the solution definition records you want to test.
  6. On the non-production instance, enable the Default Task Based Prediction business rule. If you have created custom solution definition records, update the business rule with the solution definitions you want to enable.
  7. Test the solution predictions by either creating test records or importing more records from production.
  8. Review the prediction reports to determine the accuracy and coverage of your solution and individual classes.
  9. If necessary, update the solution definition filter to include more or different training records.
  10. Retrain and retest any updated solution definition records.
  11. When you are satisfied with the accuracy and coverage of your solutions, activate Agent Intelligence on your production instance.
  12. Recreate any custom solution definition records and business rules to your production instance, and retrain the solutions.