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Accessibility information for all London features and products

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Accessibility information for all London features and products

Cumulative release notes summary on accessibility information for London features and products.

Accessibility information

Some products have specific accessibility information or exceptions.
Application or feature Details
Project Portfolio Management

In custom UI pages like Planning Console where Gantt chart is used, few exceptions such as date time picker and timeline task bars are not keyboard accessible.

Service Mapping
Service Mapping supports Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 level A for all tasks performed on service maps in the View and Edit modes. User interface elements have enhancements that make them accessible to screen readers. Service Mapping offers text alternatives for the following UI elements:
  • Map elements
  • Business service list
  • Business service and CI Properties pane
  • The More Options menu
  • The timeline area
  • Pattern Designer elements like step tree
For information on operating Service Mapping using keyboard shortcuts, see Keyboard shortcuts for operating Service Mapping in accessibility mode.