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Guided Tour Designer release notes

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Guided Tour Designer release notes

ServiceNow® Guided Tour Designer product enhancements and updates in the London release.

Create a guided tour so that your users can learn how to use a feature.

London upgrade information

The Guided Tour Designer was first introduced in the Jakarta release with support for guided tours on the standard platform UI. For new instances created in Jakarta and beyond, guided tours are active by default. For instances originating from pre-Jakarta, guided tours are inactive by default. See Activate guided tours to enable the feature on your instance.

With the London release, you can also enable guided tours to run on Service Portal pages. When you upgrade your instance to London, the following results occur.
  • For instances that are new in London, the Guided Tours for Service Portal feature is active by default.
  • For pre-London instances that you upgrade to London, the Guided Tours for Service Portal feature is inactive by default.
  • To run guided tours on Service Portal pages, ensure the com.glide.guided_tours.enable and glide.sp.guided_tours.enable properties are both set to True. See Activate guided tours to enable the feature on your instance.

New in the London release

Create guided tours for Service Portal pages
When you activate guided tours for Service Portal pages, you can begin creating your tour. Refer to the what to do next guidelines for Service Portal callouts, pages, and branding.
Create introductions and conclusions for your guided tour steps
Use introductions to help your users understand the task you describe in your instructions. Use conclusions to summarize what they have accomplished or learned by completing the instructions.
Leverage draft and published statuses as you create and revise your tour
Use statuses to support your revision process and control tour visibility. See Edit a guided tour.
Review Guided Tour Designer support
Learn which applications and user interface elements are supported by the Guided Tour Designer.
Review tour tips and examples
See the revised guidelines for planning a guided tour including the new tips for callouts and testing your tours.

Changed in this release

Role change
In the Kingston release, the sn_tourbuilder.tour_admin role was used to administer guided tours. In this release, the guided_tour_admin role is used for this purpose.

Additional requirements

The Guided Tour Designer is only available in UI16. The designer is not compatible with UI15. For more information, see Activate UI16.