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Domain separation in guided tours

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Domain separation in guided tours

Domain separation allows you to separate data, processes, and administrative tasks into logical groupings called domains. You can then control several aspects of this separation, including which users can see and access data. You can create and modify guided tours that apply to specific domains in your instance as well as tours that are available to users globally.

Create domain-separated guided tours

Once you create a guided tour, you can specify a domain to which it applies. You can also copy the tour so that you can modify it for a specific domain.

Before you begin

Role required: guided_tour_admin or admin. To use domain separation in guided tours, Request domain separation.
Note: The Guided Tour Designer requires UI16. For more information, see Activate UI16Activate UI16.


  1. Navigate to Embedded Help > Guided Tour Designer > Guided Tours.
  2. Click the gear icon to personalize list columns and add the Domain and Overrides columns.
    The Domain column indicates the domain to which a tour belongs, either Global, or the domain specified for the tour.
  3. Click the gear icon next to the user name to open System Settings.System settings gear icon
  4. Enable the Show domain picker in header option.Enable Domain Picker option in System Settings
    This option is enabled when the switch appears green and is toggled to the right.
  5. Use the domain picker to select the domain to add the modified tour to.Domain picker choice list
  6. Select the guided tour.
    You can edit the tour here or simply
  7. Click Update to create the domain-specific version of the tour.


In the specified domain, the saved version of the tour overrides the original for users in that domain. You can edit this tour to be specific for that domain. For more information, see Edit a guided tour.